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  1. must needed :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Alhuntrazeck View Post
    If its on a weekend, dart and hazel will cost upward of 500k I'm sure, since they're the only pets a non-plat user can buy to get beastmaster. Still, good idea!
    actually ! Through free platinum offers we can unlock them but most of them wrongly spend on elixirs becoz there is no confirmation button . :'(
  2. Best PVE skills

    Quote Originally Posted by sillyplayerx View Post
    I used to respec alot so i can find decent skills and these are so far best Skills i used
    1)shadow pierce 2/5 (absorbtion)
    2)Veil 4/5 (No explosion)
    3)Aimed shot 5/5
    4)Noxious bolt 5/
    For passives i think most will agree on
    1)Might 5/5
    2)Int 5/5
    3)Dex 5/5
    4)Crit 5/5
    This build can help you survive in many possible situation (glad arena,Elite maps ,etc......)
    Any Tips or advices to make this build even better? 😊
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  3. Lets Set Some Prices

    [QUOTE=angellord20;1624944]They say that the x-ray is 5.8-6m and what is the real price of custom titan set.
  4. Who is the best L30 Mage?

    Who is the best L30 mage?

    Updated 05-04-2014 at 05:17 AM by Kanewas

  5. PL2? *shifty eyes*

    Quote Originally Posted by Suentous PO View Post
    If you don't poke around in other stg forums you wouldn't have seen this
    Z made a thread about being hesitant to play another game after PL's lack of development.
    G is responding to a bunch of comments, and then, in response to Tearacan saying-"I sure wouldn't mind a PL2", G responds with "*shifty eyes*".

    Now I have NO idea what that means, but I can't remember G ever *shifty eye* for no reason.