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  1. What's up with member XKOAX is that player a person or prog Administrative Developer?

    I try to friend that player No Response i try to tell player something player Vanishes or player Doesn't Exist ? Looks like A Developer programmed Ghost that has no friends and no ties spies are not cool on my Star Legends the Blackstar Chronicles i pay in don't need illusion players. I Question someone on this post we need updates n festival holiday prize vanitys as well as promo codes ? Yours Truly Jedibombom.
  2. Star Legends the Blackstar Chronicles needs updates?

    Whats up with updates and Promo Codes you Game administrators forgot about us the New games not only one who need updates and Promo Codes Come on been about 2 Years?
  3. cabinet apointments and nomination KNICKERS!

    Quote Originally Posted by Terminhater View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by konafez View Post
    Your all hired!

    I have changed my mind president sir,

    Towards the west mountainous regions lay the wasted cryostar, no worries it's stuck in a room. BUT towards East is King Northal, who has gathered his armies and heads this way, SIR! Let me be chief in command of King Northals intermediary cyclic killer elite rogue subdivision - K.N.I.C.K.E.R.S to you and everyone else sir.

    That's right! Arlorian history shall testify that King
  4. Buy arc ring 1 para

    Quote Originally Posted by zotro View Post
    Buy arc ring 1 para cheap
  5. Selling Medium 3rd Birthday Cakes (250x-300x)

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