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  1. PVP Suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by Dolloway View Post
    The invulnerability orb applied to revives when it was implemented years ago. The developer team said they could not get it to only apply to spawns.

    Additionally, the gate idea has been suggested numerous times. Justg stated that the team cannot implement the gate because it is too complicated of a coding process and the game would need an overhaul to make it like AL.
    For anyone curious about this, I found Dolloway's explanation to be the most thorough. Sts simply ...
  2. Where do i go :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Trollingtrolo View Post
    So i just wanted to make a thread where people share there favorite spots to farm items or where some set items drop. I'm hoping people expand this idea and make it grow because farming has become stale for me and i want new places to farm . Ty!!
    Quick blog:

    For anyone who may be reading this, this question comes up a lot and wanted to put an answer where many people could see it ! I suggest sandstone caves- the magic rocks for beginners. Once you feel like you ...
  3. Selling dragon hunter blades all slot awaken

    Quote Originally Posted by Kughanlegend View Post
    Name:  Screenshot (35).png
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Size:  129.3 KBName:  Screenshot (35).png
Views: 44
Size:  129.3 KB

    bid starts from 700k

    pm me here
  4. Update rumors false

    Quote Originally Posted by Cinco View Post
    I was in Sanctuary over the weekend and let my devoted thrall know that future updates are in the works... but no specifics can be divulged at this time.

    There is no truth to the item-related rumors you mention.

    Vampires, as I've stated now at least twice, are vicious liars. Don't let their evil intentions ruin your stats ;-)
  5. buy venom haste dex type 4.2m fix

    Quote Originally Posted by Sepehrius View Post
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