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  1. What other games do you play?

    [QUOTE=Xxnavysealxx;1629994]i play clash of clans Ahmed
    star legends - Xxnavysealxx
    school of chaos fun run- im zora :D
    mortal combat 4 zero hour - malcom reece
    the respawnables- zora :D
    battle bears gold - imfriendly or pandabear
    star warfare alien invasion . carly .
    pocket legends - secret
    arcane legends - Xxnavysealxx or xXhuggableXx[/QUOTE]
  2. No! To keeping non- dying PVP nor Embassy troops

    Quote Originally Posted by RodneyNorris View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Scan View Post
    The mine notification might be a good idea... altho you already get notifications of having been attacked. You can sort of expect your mines needing replacing.

    Regarding surviving Embassy troops: I fear you get situations where a Level 1 Embassy could store rank 5 jeeps, making it nearly impossible for anyone inside the same level range to attack the base. This would give an unfair advantage of people in high level alliances, over the more "common" folk.
  3. must needed :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Alhuntrazeck View Post
    If its on a weekend, dart and hazel will cost upward of 500k I'm sure, since they're the only pets a non-plat user can buy to get beastmaster. Still, good idea!
    actually ! Through free platinum offers we can unlock them but most of them wrongly spend on elixirs becoz there is no confirmation button . :'(
  4. Best PVE skills

    Quote Originally Posted by sillyplayerx View Post
    I used to respec alot so i can find decent skills and these are so far best Skills i used
    1)shadow pierce 2/5 (absorbtion)
    2)Veil 4/5 (No explosion)
    3)Aimed shot 5/5
    4)Noxious bolt 5/
    For passives i think most will agree on
    1)Might 5/5
    2)Int 5/5
    3)Dex 5/5
    4)Crit 5/5
    This build can help you survive in many possible situation (glad arena,Elite maps ,etc......)
    Any Tips or advices to make this build even better? 😊
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  5. Lets Set Some Prices

    [QUOTE=angellord20;1624944]They say that the x-ray is 5.8-6m and what is the real price of custom titan set.