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  1. Goblin event...

    ...through the eyes of a casual player.

    A few new additions to the event system that were appreciated, first of all was the "Fight the Goblin Threat" tab at the bottom of the world map. Not only did that let me know the event was live (even if I failed to notice that in the patch notes or rotating banner), but it allowed for instant access to the new town.

    A few was slightly exaggerated; however, that concludes the list of positives I have created... We now ...

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    Arcane Legneds
  2. The Goblin Event is LIVE! Log-in the Fight The Goblin Threat!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sephiroth143 View Post
    Feedback guyz, we dont want assault event to b the same as tis event, tis is a test event whether people like it or not, if u hate or love it, post back ur feedbacks so the next real event would not turn out the way it is now. Remember real event lasts for 3 wks. Come on, post in more!
  3. Reputation.. !!

    [QUOTE=ibighunk;1658193]Can anyone tell how to earn reputation that green dots in forums.
  4. Mythic Ring

    Quote Originally Posted by Steamero View Post
    Selling Perfect Blood Ruby (+15str)
  5. PVE Tips for mages 2. (LVL41)


    Elite: Fire, ice 2.3, timeshift, shield 1.3.4, lightning 1.3; passives: int, dex, str, crit: 5/5

    explanation: lightning aoe rarely happens on elite maps, timeshift better full for maximum aoe damage. I find the last upgrade on
    fireball very usefull vs archers, they do miss a lot after they wake up from knock down. Your fireball grabs a tons of aggro, use this upgrade, it is more useful than it seems.
    Since we have a lot ...

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