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  1. The story about Blue Money + short gold guide

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    How do I get rich? Many people wonder how to get rich now people here is this story that will make you yes you! Smelly rich you get so rich that you will not only get rogue women walking behind you but also thick warriors but if you prefer neither, I ask you to marry and hum a Mage with a flat pancake booty "They do give mana" Okay, okay, let's tell about the truth, and that's 90% in Arlor is poor, but how come?

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  2. Official chaosss guild rules officerlisting

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    This is my current Player Verses Environment build or better known as PvE build..this build is strictly for PvE ...I'll show u my current gear and my skill builds.. Remember always put your 360 points into strength ...right off the bat then apply this build.. Take note of my gears I use ..
  3. I gemers

  4. PL UPDATE - "The Ok'Tal Odyssey" Level 100 is LIVE!

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    Here are the Highlights:
    - NEW LEVEL CAP - 100!
    - NEW MAX SKILL RANK - 10!
    - Awesome Achievement Rewards for Level 90 and Level 95!
    - Special Level 100 Achievement Pet (can be evolved to XTREME greatness!!!)!
    - Epic 3-Part "Ok'Tal Odyssey" Campaign! Loaded with quests, XP drops, new loot and crafts!

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  5. Several Ways to Consider Getting Golds

    Hi there, I'd like to say this is not a guide but just an information to all of arlorians out there that there are many ways to get golds, I know we had many guides, videos, etc. about getting rich. But how about I sum up all of those. These are the ways to consider getting golds.

    Instead of merching stuffs (in my own knowledge, buying low, selling high is what merch means) there are also many possible ways to get golds. It is called FARMING!

    1. DAILY QUESTS, I know ...
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