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  1. The story about Blue Money + short gold guide

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    How do I get rich? Many people wonder how to get rich now people here is this story that will make you yes you! Smelly rich you get so rich that you will not only get rogue women walking behind you but also thick warriors but if you prefer neither, I ask you to marry and hum a Mage with a flat pancake booty "They do give mana" Okay, okay, let's tell about the truth, and that's 90% in Arlor is poor, but how come?

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  2. Personal PL blog #1: Skellar farming

    Perfect way to make money fast through dungeons, get three people besides yourself, (high level friends of yours), go to Pentacle of Pain in Skellar Krunch, have everyone pick a boss then have them lead all into the boss Sparky's room, seriously it's a ton of fun and you make money fast, plus if you know me well you get to make a lot of inside jokes about Bastard Swords. XD If any of you wanna join me in a run feel free to friend me and send me a message, and we can totally demolish all those skeletons. ...