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  1. Common Suggestions by Other Players and Me

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenxpro View Post
    Suggestions by Other Players:
    1)Since that the new cap was Released, players were expecting that the next arbiter will come out.
    2)New armors and the new looks.
    3)New vanity drops
    4)New skills and added slot for map skills.
    5)The new looks for Hair and Faces.
    6) New class? Lawl.
    7)More Emotes
    Suggestion by Zenxpro:
    Since the next huge update is Star Legends, i highly recommend to put this things on game
    1)Put some %
  2. Winners: Star Legends-Galaxy Greetings Contest

    Quote Originally Posted by Delphina View Post
    Congratulations to the following people for winning the Star Legends-Galaxy Greetings Contest! We decided to award prizes to everyone! Winners 3-9 all got 50 Platinum!
    150 Platinum

    1. Zenxpro (Zenxpro)

    100 Platinum

    1. Hellcurse (Hellcurse)

    50 Platinum

    1. Boyinblue (Boyinblues)
    2. Beastkeeper (Zbalt)
    3. Afterglow (Afterglow)
    4. Deliberations (Deliberations)
    5. Att (Attention)
    6. Churjya (Prachurya)
    7. joey361 (Oesacaud)
  3. How to Avoid Scam(s).

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenxpro View Post
    What types of scam are out there?

    Banking, credit card and online account scams these scams aim to get you to hand over your banking and personal information by sending you emails, often saying they are from your bank, asking you to verify your account details, including your password.

    The quick click snatch item - In trade, the person removes their items right as you're about to hit the check. Then you confirm without looking over, you have nothing and they have
  4. How to get Napalm!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenxpro View Post
    As many of you wanted to get a Napalm, Here it is!
    and before we start, I also wanted to let you know that i wanted to make this thread short and simple, Enjoy.

    How To Get Different Kinds Of Napalm

    Why Didnt Zenxpro looted Napalm?
    Well, probably its just a Demo version of it.

    What can I do to loot a Napalm?
    As you can see in the Video, You will just kill all mobs. Opening
  5. <Hybrid>

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenxpro View Post

    Greetings Players of SL,
    I would like to introduce you the guild <HyBriD>
    Hybrid Guild is the combination of Phoenix, The Community Guild, Extreme Boss Slayer, LoA , Vengeance , Sparkling Pwnies , Rampage , Mythic , FFA. Our Goal is to be the most helpful,cheerful,most active Guild in the history of SL. Every members will be special because its really hard to join Hybrid and there are the one