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  1. Elite Vanities! PL

    So a lot of you have messaged me on PL asking about the new ring vanities that will come out in L81 cap.
    Since we already have the MHOH( Monarch helm of Humania) and the EOE( Eye of Eternity), we still need the next vanity which according to what I have heard will be a vanity armour. The next 2 piece vanity ring to be forged is for those who either have the eye of eternity or the monarch helm ATM and by the time next cap comes out, those who already have any of these two vanities and can ...
  2. Bloginn!!!!

  3. Join ak 47 section 13

    Quote Originally Posted by diiajil View Post
    Guild AK 47 section 13
    Guild master: Diiajilxp [diia]
    Members as of now: 428

    Brief history
    Guild was created originally by mhiakee that changed name
    To Kreahlhee but since then transferred ownership bc of
    Lack of time too busy to me diia
    So I made my mission to put it back on top as a PvP guild
    But since lots members joined that didn't PvP I decided
    To put a pve branch too so everybody feels welcome
    I made it a pretty
  4. What other games do you play?

    [QUOTE=Xxnavysealxx;1629994]i play clash of clans Ahmed
    star legends - Xxnavysealxx
    school of chaos fun run- im zora :D
    mortal combat 4 zero hour - malcom reece
    the respawnables- zora :D
    battle bears gold - imfriendly or pandabear
    star warfare alien invasion . carly .
    pocket legends - secret
    arcane legends - Xxnavysealxx or xXhuggableXx[/QUOTE]
  5. No! To keeping non- dying PVP nor Embassy troops

    Quote Originally Posted by RodneyNorris View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Scan View Post
    The mine notification might be a good idea... altho you already get notifications of having been attacked. You can sort of expect your mines needing replacing.

    Regarding surviving Embassy troops: I fear you get situations where a Level 1 Embassy could store rank 5 jeeps, making it nearly impossible for anyone inside the same level range to attack the base. This would give an unfair advantage of people in high level alliances, over the more "common" folk.