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  1. We need this

    That is phantom assasin
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  2. Does anyone know distributing mysterious skills

    Does anyone know distributing mysterious skills to lvl 56 pve ?

    For (Sorcere).
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  3. buying

    Voodoo pin lvl 35. Seems like a silly thing to ask but the ones on cs are 300k and nobody will believe that they're overpriced in cs. Also if you happen to have lvl 35 int/dex hallo reply with your price.
  4. "Selling Rare item"

    1. Jester vanity set for Rogue
    2. Fluryy set lvl20 for Rogue
  5. Sell Mage Items

    Selling a few Mage Items w/ prices.
    Kraken Helm-Start At 150k
    Brood Dragon Rifle [Vanity Weapon]-Start At 60k
    Coldscope of Lethality [Lvl 10]-Offer
    Murky Musket Of Lethality [Lvl 15]-Offer
    Radiant Ice Ribs of Assualt [Lvl 15]-Offer

    Just write your offers below and I'll either bump or trade you in game. Hope to see you soon.
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