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  1. Pocket Legends Januari 2017 update in a level 15 perspective

    Weve had our biggest update in a long time and this update changed a lot of stuffs. In this post, I will summarise my thoughts of it and share my experiences from level 15 PVP.

    Everything is tradable

    Yup, everything is now tradable. It is a bit boring due the fact Ive spent a lot of time and money to get my vanities in order to obtain the perfect look (in my opinion). Now everyone could look like me with almost no effort. Overall, I think this is a good update for ...
    Pocket Legends
  2. i hope arcane legends the movie :))

    I hope sts make a film about the arcane legends the movie
  3. This might be the end of level 15 Warriors

    Quote Originally Posted by Cinco View Post
    Nerfing the damage is good for PvP in general - especially given the changes to the regeneration rates, dodge, hit and crit changes across the board.
    Also, it's true: my focus is on endgame PvP and I will continue in this respect until I feel satisfied that things have been improved.

    Consider leveling-up.
    This is what Cinco said over at this post. The nerf of dodge has been needed for endgame for a while and "finally" it's taking care of. Great in a ...
  4. Pocket Legends: Alterra at War Episode 7: Endgame Chapter 3: The War Is Over

    Quote Originally Posted by RushalotPL View Post
    This is it, the final episode and chapter of Pocket Legends: Alterra At War. I hope you comrades enjoy this series of fan fiction.

    This first book was inspired by Call of Duty: World At War.
  5. New Idea?!

    Quote Originally Posted by sebbyc View Post
    Okay. So I've played many other online multi-player games that have had community bosses or like big group bosses. I'm not talking about like the bosses we have in pl. I was thinking about like bosses that need groups of more than 5 people. Like 10-15 people but have the bosses at different levels for not just people at cap (but this may only work at cap due to inactivity of other levels.) These bosses should do more damage than any boss we have had (nothing insane) and it should have more health
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