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    Default Call of Champions Update | 11/8/16 | New Champion, Skins, Balance Tweaks!

    Hey folks!

    We're overwhelmed with the support you have shown for the game, and as such are breathing some new life into it.

    New Champion Gobi!

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    Like many lowborns in the Realm of Nature, the ursan Gobi's childhood was an affair of needs. His father was killed shortly after his birth, and as one of seven cubs, he often went to bed hungry. On the eve of his fifth birthday, he left his family hovel in the dead of the night without a word, resolved to free his mother from the burden of feeding another mouth.

    It wasn't long before he took up with the Kodar clan, a rough-and-tumble band of liars and thieves who swore loyalty only to each other. He mastered the arts of sword and shield under the tutelage of the group's leader, a callous old soldier known as Tyco. But as Gobi came of age, the climate shifted in the Kodar clan... outlandish accusations, dissension and paranoia threatened to tear the gang apart, as if someone were plotting to erode the group from the inside out. Shortly before his twelfth birthday, Gobi decided that it was time to move on, strapping all that he owned to his back and setting out to make his fortune as a sword for hire in the distant Fort Blackstone.

    As luck would have it, mercenaries were in high demand at that time. Clandestine forces had snatched up the Elf Queen Eloia's treasured Orbs of Nature, artifacts instrumental to the preservation of balance in the Realm. The contract was completed within the week; it came as no surprise when Gobi was conscripted to lend his sword to more adventures. In the verdant fields of the Realm of Nature, Gobi proved his incredible skill and relentless form with sword and shield, rapidly rising through the ranks and making his name as a famous soldier of fortune. So it was that the lowborn ursan found himself summoned by the eminent Queen Eloia herself...

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    Ability 1: Hamstring
    Gobi slashes to damage an enemy. Adds Decay, reducing enemy armor.

    Ability 2: Shield Bash
    Gobi hits an enemy with a shield bash, interrupting and damaging them. Adds Decay, reducing enemy armor.

    Ability 3: Ursan Roar
    Gobi breaks crowd control, interrupts and damages targets, and gains a shield per target. Adds Decay, reducing enemy armor.

    Ability 4: Ursan Kick
    Gobi kicks an enemy, throwing them backwards. Adds Decay, reducing enemy armor.

    Ability 5: Unstoppable
    Gobi charges forward untargetable, damaging and knocking back enemies. Adds Decay, reducing enemy armor.

    Gobi will be a platinum only purchase for 2 weeks, get him now!

    Skins for Cinder and Seraphina

    Naughty or Nice? We're kicking off a new Skins system with a new look for both Cinder and Seraphina. Get em' while they are hot (or cool).

    Name:  Cinder_skin.JPG
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    Name:  Seraph_skin1.JPG
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    Game Changes/ Tweaks

    + Champions should no longer pause immediately after dashing.
    + Improvements to teleportation behavior.
    + Improved the behavior of talents which apply effects when falling below a certain health threshold.
    + Players are now required to have a Champion at Tier 10 and complete 20 practice matches before being able to play a ranked match.

    Champion Tweaks/ Balance Changes:

    + Ash: Base hp increased to 620 (from 530).
    + Cobal: Increased the model size of Cobal.
    + Khalid (Sands of Time): Reduced heal per second to 30 on allies, 15 on self (from 35 on allies, 16 on self).
    + Jack (Soul Riot): Adjusted base heal from Soul Riot to heal allies for 70, and Jack for 50 (from 60 health to both). Adjusted healing over time to heal Jack for 12 per second, allies for 18 per second (from 15 for both).
    + Magmatus (Molten Charge): Reduced the push distance to 2 (from 5).
    + Shard (Mirage): Shardís Clone is now untargetable for the first second itís alive.
    + Violet (Cooties): Base damage decreased to 27 (from 30). Damage over time decreased to 75 (from 80).
    + Violet (Itsy Bitsy Spidy): Explosion damage decreased to 60 (from 64). Damage over time decreased to 60 (from 66).
    + Violet (Vile Vomit): Base vomit damage reduced to 20 (from 27). Resistance Debuff decreased to 18% (from 20%).
    + Zaar (Frostburn): Corrected an issue which caused ability and talent damage to mismatch. Ability no longer freezes, instead applies a snare for the same duration. Increased ability cast time.

    Finally, here is a pic from a recent Call of Champions tournament at Comicon in Japan:

    Name:  japan.JPG
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    Looks like these guys were having fun

    Hope you are too, we sure are!


    - g
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    Glad to see that there's still love for this game!
    Thanks for listening to the community XD

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    I really appreciate you guys for updating the game!

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    Thank you.
    * thumbs down *

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    I wish i can play there!

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    It would be nice if the level up button is moved above or below the char coz its like an obstacle to some of the small chars like Scorch, Modus, Zaar & Violet which is making them invisible.

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    Gobi is finally out! Darn I loved Violet , good job on the update!
    Hope is Hungry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iilhopeliliil View Post
    Gobi is finally out! Darn I loved Violet , good job on the update!
    Its still good & u can still love it except...

    • Damage overtime nerf of cooties from 80 to 75 respectively decreasing -5
    • Damage overtime nerf of its bitsy spidy from 60 to 66 respectively decreasing -6
    • Vomit base damage nerf from 27 to 20 respectively decreasing -7

    Hard to take down 2 tanks at once now as the damage overtime has been decreased it wont be helpful as curse wont effect much. Running to avoid stuns & death by using the range attacks aint gonna help too as the magical damage is already Low or Medium plus now all the damages has been nerfed it ll be hard for violet if its not tower hugging. Its the only way to survive for now for violets.

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