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Thread: Walie's PvP Fun Filled Guild of Hilarious Stupidity. (<Incoming>)

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    Smile Walie's PvP Fun Filled Guild of Hilarious Stupidity. (<Incoming>)

    Hello all and if you clicked on this, you may be in search of a guild, looking to troll me yet again, or just want to see how much of a fool I make myself into with this. I am glad to tell you that all three are welcome and I becon you to accompany me in this journey down your computer screen.. or phone/tablet/etc. (Whatever you kool kats are using) So sit back, relax, and get ready to have your brain cells murdered.

    The Guild:

    So yes, this is indeed a guild, but not any guild... It's a guild that the great and powerful Oz (Walie) owns, and that means a thing or two.

    <Incoming> Is / Requires:
    • Engame PvP Guild
    • You need a set.... Zam, Wak, Xar, Warat, Arzac, Magor, MAGOR, and more MAGOR (Lv 80 ofc)
    • Be nice to all those who offer you cookies, I don't mind if you rush. Just don't rush people who give you cookies.... Figuratively. (Haven't found a way to gift cookies, let me know if you find it! )

    Now now now you gibbering bunch of buffoons who don't like cookies, you aren't welcome for having such a poor taste in delicacy anyway.

    Special Stuffs!
    For those of you who are new to hearing of a Walie Guild, get ready for a bumpy ride of awesomeness coming your way! In <Incoming>, we cherish everyone in our guild as well as all those who offer us cookies (Can't believe some of you don't like cookies). We celebrate a ENORMOUS range of holidays... Psssst! They are listed below!

    Celebration Dates:
    • New Year
    • Easter
    • Valentine's Day
    • St. Patty's Day
    • 4th of July
    • Halloween
    • Veteran's Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Holiday Season / Christmas

    Many of you may be asking, "But what do you actually do for those days?" Although from each year it varies, I can definitely say that Christmas will always have the annual gift exchange between all those want to participate in the guild regardless of whether they can get a gift for someone else (I typically help ppl with funds for gifts). I can ALSO guarantee that the 4th of July is one big fiesta.... BIG!

    Now for the grand finale... the thing you all have been waiting for... The big long list of names that you won't recognize!

    The Big Long List:
    Guild Master: Walie
    Officer: Gooten
    Officer: Mscasrt
    Officer: Melikebear
    Officer: Mesapotamia
    Officer: Shankaii
    Officer: Transeption
    Officer: Zbm
    Recruiter: Ababioka
    Recruiter: Bounding
    Recruiter: Boxed
    Recruiter: Drfrededdison (He invented..... stuff!)
    Recruiter: Mcast
    Recruiter: Neonzc
    Recruiter: Razourwind
    Recruiter: Rprzent
    Recruiter: Teothelegend
    Recruiter: Veraina
    Member: Aizenz
    Member: Baazaceoa
    Member: Brendendope
    Member: Capitaoigoor
    Member: Dexmsgex
    Member: Ervaloca
    Member: Fuls
    Member: Plues
    Member: Psycotiko
    Member: Vileroi
    Member: Xxiownuxx (He owns you)
    Member: Zdarkmagebr
    Member: Zunb

    "Wow, that is a sexy guild master!.... And that dragon is pretty cute."
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    P.S. I redid the photo so there is an extra there.... Consider it twice the beauty !
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