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    Quote Originally Posted by Hail View Post
    I use that image because I was a winner of the original set... I would find the thread that announced the winners ages ago but I have already wasted enough time on you..

    P.S If you wanna find it, the ign I used in the contest was 'Rumourhasit'

    EDIT: I did you a favour!
    U see u win for contest this ori jester pathetic poor kids! I bought all my setts almost 300 mill i had time for u bu ur parents dont like u Gold life ! U mad Bro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kriticality View Post
    I'm assuming y'all did this to get my attention. How much attention y'all want? Who care about the forums? You know I'm the oracle of all so let me know how far you wanna take this. I'm sure you can find a way to pm me or keep talking. The things I know and hVe seen and saved man... you got me now whoever you are. But consult your guild before you press me in the forums. I'll let you hold this W but you will always lose to me in the long run. Ask for a tournament or try your luck with what I know of members of your guild.
    How much attention do you want? Forums are no place for bullying, and this thread is #sad.
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