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Thread: Cycling project

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    Default Cycling project

    Hey guys. I really need some data for my project so I would appreciate it if you answered the questionare. Thank you.
    1) What screen size would you prefer a monitor to have? Choose one. 9cm long, 8cm high 9cm long, 6 cm high 8cm long, 6 cm high More
    2) What is your favourite colour combination? Choose one. If you choose other, describe the colour combination you would prefer. Black and white Green and blue Yellow and red Other
    3) Would you prefer the monitor and camera to run on batteries or charge? Choose one. Why? Battery Charge
    4) Do you own any other bike safety products? If so how many?
    5) How would you prefer for these products to attach to a bike? Choose one. If you choose other, describe the method you would prefer. Magnet Clamp
    6) How often do you cycle during night?

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    1. 9X8 cm
    2. Gold and Silver
    3. Charge (BTW charge devices also runs with battery, only difference froma regular battery is its re-chargable). Because, I hate to buy batteries whenever the camera/monitor would be out of power.
    4. I don't have a bike anymore but I still got my helmet, so 1 safety product.
    5. Nah, I just hang the helmet to the bike.
    6. Never.

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    hi, so:
    1. 9x8 cm bigger is better^^
    2. Black and red
    3. Charge. I don't like to change batteries.
    4. I own only lights at front and back, as far as we can fall in to safety products.
    5. Idk
    6. Never during night.

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    1) 34" 21:9 prob most ideal
    2) I like black with zaffre!
    3) charge!
    4) I do not own a bike
    5) Velcro is great on everything but shoes!
    6) I have never cycled

    I hope I was most helpful

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