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Thread: Hello, started AL!

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    Default Hello, started AL!

    Hey, so I started AL a few days ago. I used to play PL, but AL seems to be more fun at the moment. Arcane Legends has better graphics and a fantastic PvE. I leveled a sorcerer up to L40, then I decided that I wanted to go with rogue, so I deleted my sorcerer XD. Any way, now my rogue is L40.

    I'm loving this game so far, but both in rogue and sorcerer, I have encountered some obstacles.

    - Rogues need too many mana pots and sorcerer needs too many health potions. Is there any way to sort out the rogue problem at least, since that's what I'm going with now.

    - I've been playing PvE alone for the majority of the time. This is kind of frustrating; with so many players online at the same time, it's still hard to find someone to clear a map with. The maps are easy enough but the lack of players makes it unnecessarily slow and boring.

    - L35+ is difficult to play. The quests end after L40, and even to get those 5 levels from 35 to 40, you need to run countless maps several times - alone.... Both with sorcerer and rogue, I got stuck after L40. I'm not in a hurry to level up, and leveling up shouldn't be easy either, but for me it's either leveling up, making gold, or PvP - and I don't know how to do any of them at this level.

    - Lastly, I haven't got the opportunity to PvP so far, but I have seen some videos. From what I can gather, AL PvP isn't anything special. A team match involves players constantly spamming skills in the middle of the crowd. Kind of like a 3 v 3 pally fight in PL, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. Maybe I've been watching the wrong videos?

    What I would like right now is some guidance either on how to level up from 40, or on how to make gold at this level. Thanks in advance

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    If the maps are difficult, it might be that you need to upgrade your gear. Spend some time finding good gear, jeweling and maybe a better pet as well. Also, consider having both classes at the same time. Sometimes if you are stuck on one, playing on the other helps you play w your original.

    There are daily xp quests in Kraag, kraken, stronghold, and Nordr...

    Star light, star bright...

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    there are also dailies in shuyal and dead city(talk to dimitrius)

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