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    Default Sin Patty's Envy Vanity

    Anyway you could recolor or replace Sin Patty's Outfit?
    I bought platinum to buy it to support this game but it's not very appealing to wear
    People are made fun of for wearing it..
    I think Spring Crusader would have been a better choice for 750 platinum its much nicer

    Could you introduce a green ghost pet since theres already a ghost pet

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    Got an improvement incoming that adds particles and a vibrant "eye glow," that looks pretty awesome :-)

    Also... the Green Ghost idea is a good one. Thanks!
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    Great in years! Way to put dark legends back on the map.

    Might be nice to have a little speed boost on the sin patty outfit to commemorate a great event (much like the solstice gem did).
    Either way we appreciate the effort you've put into the game!

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