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Thread: Recent radical increase in disconnects, lag spikes

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    Default Recent radical increase in disconnects, lag spikes

    I'm not entirely sure how recent the issue is as I only came back about a week ago, however since today morning, I have been disconnected multiple times from various servers, maps. Furthermore, I have heard from other players and experienced first hand, a large amount of ping spikes lasting rather long. I was wondering, did STS recently downsize allocated servers to Pocket Legends, or is this merely a temporary issue?

    PS.: I have constantly checked for connection issues on my side, but there have been no discrepancies in connectivity to any other server that I found.

    Edit: Turns out I was wrong, the disconnects are regional in my area due to ISP server reach-ability issues, which they are aware of and working on.
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    I never lagged on PC, but recently I've gotten to the point where ping no longer shows up, and at max, have 2 sec delays with responisive skills, auto attacking, typing and everyuthing else in general. screen also lags. *lag spike*
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