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Thread: How to Deal with Curse in Somberholt

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    Default How to Deal with Curse in Somberholt

    I think this thread may be a bit too late, but whatever I'm going to post this anyway :P.

    Curse can be annoying in Somberholt and can lead to some insta-deaths, but as a mage there was something that I noticed when using Arcane Shield. When mages in Somberholt use their curse on me while I have my shield active, nothing happens. So why is that? Well the only possible explanation that I have is Arcane Shield's Static Resonance. For those that aren't familiar with this upgrade, this upgrade increases damage reduction of Arcane Shield to 45% (55% if charged) and prevents freeze, stun, and snare effects (and DoT if charged). So which one of these is it?Obviously its DoT because curse doesn't freeze, stun or snare targets, it damages them. So I guess my conclusion to use DoT immunity to
    counter curse in Somberholt.

    Hopefully this was useful!
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    Even mage gale upgrade helps to remove dots nd curse.

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    y u screm and have big lettrs

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