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    Ppl really don't read carefully it's not about dis-balance or something like that at all, it's a different aspect that gone *wuuuhhuuash* above head, nvm if I need to explain, ima make a long thread instead.

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    Space Time Studios Did This All For Reason To Make Money And How The Gonna MAke Money DING DING DING .......Taking Away The PvP Restrictions= Chances That People Will Spend Money On Plat Elixrs Or Xp Packs To Cap Quicker Because A Very Long Grind Without 3x combo .......
    BUT.....I TOTALLY AGREE WITH CINCO Even Though I loved Back When Twink Pvp And 35 Wasnt So Hectic And More Active And Although This Update Did Ruin Low Level Pvping You Do Always Have The Choice To Host A Game Hence Why Cinco Also Added The Host Stays Host Addon Or Even Better Yet If You Gonna Cry About It So Much You Can Always Make Locked Games Lol Not Trying To Diss The Twinks But Waug IS Right All You Do In Twink Is Spam Very Little Skills :3

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