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    Although I have only played the first 2 campaigns it has become clear to me that the energy system hinders our game-play. It does not allow for level grinding, farming for items and pve practice which we fans of the series know all about. I have had difficulty playing this game like I play pocket legends because of not being able to play as much as I want. Another con is that there is no auto attack and the angle of the screen in pvp is bad (makes it very hard to see).Another con is that platinums price has raised the the available vanity clothing availible is highly priced IMO. I also do not like the Click to Do it Quests because it reminds me of math homework with my calculator. The final con is that there are no classes and the only way to be unque is to fill those skill trees but my guess is that eventually everyone will have every tree filled out as the level cap raises. The pros to the game is that the graphics are good and we got promo codes which I enjoyed using the extra weapons (especially the daggers). I also like the power-ups in pvp hat don't over power people but it gets them in combat faster. I also kinda like the subway look to the vampire district here I can fast travel to those dungeon places. Please let me know your opinions.


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    I think its a good change from the dynamic in the other two games.

    I don't mind the change to auto attack.

    But i hear you on the pvp camera.

    I'm sure the premium prices are there to balance the lack of elixirs in the game. Gotta make money somehow. But, i don't like that plat prices are higher AND the gear is more expensive.

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