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  1. Welcome to the Bugs and Tech Forum
  2. Facebook integration temporarily disabled
  3. Attack button missing
  4. Some quick feedback from my 30 minute play session
  5. Unable to connect to servers
  6. Lost password
  7. Purchased gear pack from itunes store gives gear for wrong class
  8. Mob Stuck - has no collision
  9. iPad Installation Error
  10. Class skill cannot be assigned to hotkey
  11. Auto Attack -> Canceled when player moves?
  12. Game crash when downloading client001.pak
  13. Account Confirmation Deleted (Junk Folder)P
  14. iPhone Game filters not working
  15. what ports needs to be open?
  16. Severe Lag
  17. Is this a bug?
  18. No Music Option Buggy
  19. Name bug
  20. Can't purchase in-game content.
  21. Incorrect Tiles
  22. Verify Fail
  23. Account Confirmation Problem
  24. Stuck on "Fetching News"
  25. Walking through walls...
  26. Bug with Health Pots...
  27. Frequent Crashes!! (ipod touch)
  28. hit range
  29. In App Purchase bug for Re-roll Stats!
  30. Did not get confirmation e-mail
  31. Not able to buy the extra Dungeon Campaigns/content.
  32. Can't you buy new dungeons? Getting "Sandbox" Error? Here is solution!!
  33. Can't buy items from itunes store
  34. Touble!!!!!!!! Help
  35. Not gaining XP
  36. Can't join online friend in dungeon.
  37. Can't purchase content in the in-game store.
  38. Xbow does not shoot!!
  39. Briefly could not see enemies on Dark Forest: III Money For Nothing?
  40. Level 16 Char showing +XP on Forest Haven I: Trouble In Forest Haven
  41. Leechers!
  42. Can't recover password
  43. not gaining any experiance!! whats the problem?
  44. Stuck after buying dungeon update
  45. How do I make a purchase as a creditcard less Canadian?
  46. Improve the Chat System! Please!! Dx
  47. Unable to finish "Forest Haven - 10: The Road of Bones"
  48. Necromancer's Forest Fire Staff bug?
  49. Please help! Not gaining any xp...still
  50. Didnt recieve last 2 skills (Wa)
  51. Really Dissapointed,
  52. Items Not Equiping
  53. Armour
  54. Can't connect via wifi..help
  55. Intense Battery Drain
  56. Stuck Enemy Glitch
  57. Unable to lvl beyong lvl 13 after purchasing n playing in the new map
  58. Average data transfer size when playing?
  59. account confirmation problem
  60. Won't level up
  61. Need a confirmation to sell button
  62. iPhone is running hot
  63. Unable to Retrieve server status over 3G, works on WIFI.
  64. I dont get a verify mail! HELP!!
  65. I want to play but i need to verify first.
  66. Can't Level Past 13
  67. Long loading times, or not working.
  68. Account not valid through SANDBOX!!
  69. Flippin' Thieves oh my holy power-muffins!!!!!!
  70. Skill allocating
  71. Unable to connect on 1st launch
  72. Can't pass level 23!!
  73. DLed Dark Forest but still no XP at lvl13
  74. Ability to send crash logs
  75. Bug: No sound in game after declining incoming phone call (iPhone)
  76. Long Load or won't load
  77. Create character not working
  78. Lag
  79. Long weapon names break inventory box
  80. Cannot lvl pass 13 after purchase
  81. No item drops in new dungeon.
  82. Lag
  83. Ranged Monster Reset
  84. +XP showing after reaching lvl 25
  85. Joining friends through friend list not working.
  86. Bug's i have noticed
  87. "Attack" button disappeared today.
  88. Running through walls
  89. Re-roll Character Stats Bug
  90. What in the Lawd's name happened with this one????!
  91. Purchase trouble!
  92. Bought update, aint working
  93. Stick to Level 13 - EXP bar won't grow any longer
  94. Graphics Bugs
  95. Loot Problem
  96. Didnt receive my confirmation/wasnt in junk
  97. Can't get exp at lvl 14 or look at iTunes weapons
  98. Next level / Exit level issues
  99. Chat filtering
  100. Problems with lost expidition and with iTunes equipment not showing.
  101. Auto attack button gone
  102. Frozen Monsters That You Can Not Kill
  103. Are you sure you want to liquidate this item purchased from iTunes?
  104. Level drop.
  105. Friends joining pw protected games without entering pw
  106. Minor bug: Description for 1: Trail of Thieves has the word travelers spelled wrong.
  107. Ping Bug - Increments 1000 per second up to 65000
  108. No Exp Gained
  109. I lost my characters and dungeons that i bought!!!!
  110. Forum skin issues
  111. Can't Delete character
  112. cant download iphone002.pak
  113. skill cooldown on new maps is not accurate.
  114. Hitting friendly party members
  115. spawning outside of the map
  116. loot
  117. 2 bugs:Preview of items, changes from Attributes are not reflected. Armour is buggy
  118. Joining Friends
  119. Keyboard orentation
  120. Gold Bug
  121. Warrior Debuff Skills not working?
  122. Can't enter min and max level
  123. Improve Auto Target by Targeting Nearest Enemy, Then Nearest Object
  124. Attack button disappeared and can't attack anymore
  125. Archers Break Armour not working?
  126. Slight bug with HP bars since the Text Update
  127. Wall Glitch
  128. walking over air
  129. Did not get my stat bonuses after growing a level...
  130. Bought the extra character slot 2 times, only got 1.
  131. Incoming Call -> Loss of In-Game Sound
  132. Can't move in game (after death)
  133. Intentional PVP hack
  134. Bug: Start new level surrounded by mobs.
  135. Cold days and colder knights bug.
  136. Sandbox error fixed but....
  137. Broken Arrow
  138. AoE when autofollowing a target
  139. Im Sorry Guys But I Have To Tell Them
  140. Rage
  141. Thorn Root and Thorn Wall have no thorns
  142. Bug: Add Name does not work when that name is offline
  143. Archer Blast Shot not working properly?
  144. Fire sword glitch
  145. Health regeneration bug with Avians
  146. Problem Paying For Level 13 +.
  147. Paid but not downloaded
  148. Not getting my drops!
  149. DPS Calculation Inaccurate
  150. Not gaining XP or Gold!
  151. "sell" button placement/no "are u sure" button
  152. Agreeing to ToS crashes app.
  153. Problem When Buying Something On Pocket Legends (with iTunes real money).
  154. A couple of small bugs/annoyances
  155. this is really wierd!! my strength and attribute points keep going down...
  156. Main attack button, gone!!!
  157. Unresponsive (aaargh frustrating) skills buttons in quick select book
  158. +Ranks of Repulse shot do no additional kickback(and other +rank bugs)
  159. Locked out of my own game during "Go To Next Level"!
  160. Buying Campaigns HELP
  161. Problem with skill points please help me.
  162. Can't conect to PL server :(
  163. Auto-targeting doesn't target the closest mob
  164. Problem
  165. Spawning at the end of the dungeon
  166. Still fighting mob after "Level Complete!" dialogue
  167. Duplicate bug in Stash version 1.1
  168. Havent recieved my registration email.
  169. Low frame rates with 1.1 update
  170. In App Purchase Disabled
  171. I have not recived my varification e mail
  172. Ping Issues
  173. save. me I'm lost
  174. Exiting Balefort Castle - Magic Castle causes game to freeze
  175. Anyone elses crossbows brown/beige
  176. Repulse shot spell icon "recharging" with Focus spell icon
  177. You have recieved/found item xxxx colors not correct
  178. bug: boot target_name...displayed on screen after typing / into chat
  179. PL crashes when updating content
  180. It is time to advance to Fathom Crypt! or not...
  181. Help! my Help icon is blocking me!
  182. Latest update
  183. "untradeable weapons"
  184. Cant level character even though i have purchased the upgrades
  185. Ping Yellow / Red Can Anything Be Done?
  186. Fnford character disappeared after update...
  187. Couple of minor things i noticed..
  188. Snipers battle x-bow
  189. Played with a level 31?!
  190. Stuck at lvl 13 warrior
  191. serious bug with warrior
  192. Minor Bug: Focus Cooldown Icon
  193. can not give some weapons!! why?
  194. Continiously disconnections
  195. Archer respawn issue
  196. Scrolling damge/heal text too slow to keep up?
  197. Thorn Root Bug
  198. Wrapped text
  199. Archer bugs
  200. harpo speed
  201. Stash Issues
  202. Aggro Range for mobs
  203. The New Chat Box is awesome, but glitched!
  204. BUG: Merchant only selling Enchantress Armour and Helmet categories (no weapons etc!)
  205. Problem with Insta-Crashing
  206. Itunes store not showing?
  207. No Attack button!??? Where did it go??
  208. Cant connect to alterra
  209. Help Please
  210. Item drop glitch
  211. Skills Not Working at (re)Spawns
  212. iPhone 3g lag
  213. I want my Deaths counter back
  215. Attributes Bug
  216. Pocket Legends for iPad "Create Account" Bug/Failure
  217. Low hits not going to weapon standard
  218. Same item, different damage?
  219. Bugs with stash
  220. Updating Problems (need help ASAP)
  221. Bad Ping/Connection Seriously Aggravated
  222. Account not verifed
  223. Updates bug
  224. Crashout after incomplete update..
  225. Cant get into game.
  226. Stat change doesn't work...
  227. Stash interface issue
  228. Update bug
  229. Can't get into game
  230. Potions no longer drop?
  231. Named boss not dropping loot
  232. I purchased a campaing ( -10p ) but I cant play it!!
  233. Bug: Incorrect number of baddies on 1: Trouble in Forest Haven
  234. PL Net Traffic
  235. AoE Agro Effect
  236. Disappearing Warrior?
  237. Swamp, NOT GAINING EXP :(
  238. Reverse leveling
  239. Super MEGA Battery drain, and extreme Ping..
  240. Game selection screen glitches
  241. Cant purchase platinum
  242. Swamps unplayable on 3G iPhone
  243. Archer dmg Bug
  244. Items Disappearing
  245. I need to validate my account but was not sent an email
  246. Zombie's Voodoo Fire Staff
  247. What the... dmg bugs...
  248. Ursan Sword of Darkness (Platinum store) Bugged:
  249. archer bug
  250. Laggy