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  1. New client problem
  2. IPAD Version 4.3 won't work with new client?
  3. new client and facebook
  4. Bring back the old font
  5. new update problem
  6. New Client Version 1.1.0
  7. my game keeps crashing on ios ipad
  8. Damage passive not as what I expected
  9. Can't load main character
  10. Client 1.1.0 [ bugs ]
  11. Main crashes
  12. AL keeps crashing
  13. can't log on with my rogue with new client
  14. New client problems go here
  15. Zoom
  16. A couple things I found
  17. new assets ap
  18. Client 1.1 Known Issues
  19. Still crashing after bug fix update
  20. Chrome AL still stuck on loading dog after bug fix update
  21. Congratulations STS you've done it again!
  22. Client 1.1: game shutdown itself with facebook account
  23. pvp room decreases my dmg alot
  24. isuses wth acrane banner
  25. Shadowlurk working like Scorn?
  26. Crashing When Logging-In
  27. Upgrading no longer works
  28. Disappearing location dots in TDM
  29. Pets dissaperaing from stable
  30. Crafting problem.
  31. [Rogue] PvP Damage Glitch (Not the PvP Nerf)
  32. When i use Ipad or apple all my pets is missing / But in Chrome its showing up
  33. Tribal Abomination glitched red zones
  34. Flawed buff/debuff mechanics.
  35. Forest mobs doing insane damage
  36. what will happen to good pet without damage bonus?
  37. Stats at PVP and PVE
  38. Bonus Damage passive
  39. "Bug fixes" are you sure??
  40. Pirate Slaver in Ancient Mariner Reef
  41. Regarding Rogue damage in PVP
  42. No glow effect on selected slot for crafting
  43. Cannot swap pet when it's sad
  44. Ydra forest
  45. Cant socket new gem
  46. Upgrade bug
  47. WHY [Wild Talisman of Will] DOES NOT the Damage attribute addition ??
  48. WHY [Wild Talisman of Will] DOES NOT add the Damage attribute addition ??
  49. Chrome V31 Needed?
  50. Blurry font now.. come on
  51. Wild talisman adds 1health?
  52. story tokens :/
  53. 2 minimum issues
  54. +1 health?
  55. Title bug!!
  56. Insane health bar glitch!
  57. is that a new glitch or bug ? please check it sts
  58. Complete list of current bugs.
  59. Nox/Fireball dot penetration
  60. Unspent skill points
  61. Chat box on UI is half-empty?
  62. 89.99 + 4.99 purchased canceled but my money wasnt
  63. Online List BUG
  64. Mithyc weapon cant upgrade to lvl 36
  65. 9.99 purchased said canceled but my money wasnt...
  66. Shazot and Klass notification on main screen not working.
  67. omg..plz fix this
  68. Still game crashes!!!
  69. "Moneybags" Title for 100K Achievement is missing
  70. I apologize StS...I just hate waiting days
  71. New bug - can't inspect toons in certain proximities
  72. Scorn
  73. Ironbite don't work
  74. elite ashral heart is glitched
  75. Hey ! Why does my lvl 41 when at pvp the damage goes low in pvp ?! alot lower ,. in
  76. Klass
  77. no link to event map from hauntlet
  78. Where's my AA???
  79. Vanity mage weapons at vendors
  80. Chat bug On Ios?
  81. Pop up portals costing me plats in fights
  82. i can't upgrade my items
  83. Can't Play Due To Terrible Lag.
  84. Can't click on player who is below your chat box
  85. upgrading/socketing bug
  86. cant play it says server is down
  87. Cant log in.. no news here
  88. Upgrade bug
  89. IOS keyboard functionality
  90. Game crashes
  91. Help >>>
  92. i can't login with facebook T_T
  93. Spitfire drop bugged?
  94. Horn of renew bug
  95. Skill usage bug
  96. BUG! I Can Open My AL Client
  97. char gone
  98. Klaas problem
  99. Gold Tier Goblin Ring not stashable
  100. Red Zone Delayed Again
  101. Arlor Guard still here?
  102. Minor Bug
  103. CS Purchase Notices....
  104. trialpay free offers
  105. pet rename
  106. Frame Per Second lag in Clash
  107. Getting this message on all games...
  108. Enabling sound crashes my AL chrome
  109. Joystick bug
  110. Money bags title
  111. Problem of log-in account
  112. Upgraded mythic quest BUG
  113. !!!!!
  114. Cannot Claim Reward Free Offier From Native
  115. cannot connect to server
  116. stats reduce in ctf?
  117. Luck Elixer Glitch?
  118. Guild>Top50 positions
  119. Passive reflect doesn't show up
  120. Gift card issues
  121. samael is bugged in ctf
  122. Stash after update have more items than slots...
  123. Incorrect Damage
  124. Cant use 4th skillslot
  125. Different Damages in town and in pvp GM S MUST SEE THIS!!
  126. Cannot Respec Lower Level Toons
  127. What is that?
  128. The Hungry Pet/AA cooldown Problem
  129. Bugs I have noticed
  130. Chat Problem (StS reply please)
  131. Random codes popping up
  132. Why they say no freeoffer available !
  133. missing gold
  134. Maybe im losing it
  135. Too easy to disconnect
  136. plat purchasing with google play cards.
  137. Wont let me log in, FB expired??? -_-
  138. Can't log-in with facebook(android)
  139. my facebook information is expired help plss cnt log-in
  140. Motorola RAZR I
  141. didnt receive stash slots from token purchase
  142. Massive server-side lag spikes?
  143. Unable to upgrade mythic helm
  144. Whats this?
  145. No Replay Message From STS
  146. Big patch size
  147. You should warn that damage bonus from passive doesn't stack with pet bonus
  148. Pm bug
  149. my mobile banded
  150. Possible glitch with Ursoth bosses token amount
  151. Helena
  152. Ursoth Assault Quest Bug
  153. Energy timer not counting down
  154. Crafting Energy
  155. Elondrian Grammar
  156. about chrome
  157. dova bears stun has a issue
  158. Character name changed to default please help
  159. Event Leprechaun's Pendant Issue
  160. Annoying bug.
  161. Windows Chrome Client Movement/Navigation Bug!
  162. free offer for nativex never gets completed for people living in india why?
  163. elondrian ward not working
  164. Energy cooldown bug?
  165. AL crashes on ipad
  166. Accidental purchase of tokens! PLEASE READ!!!!
  167. Scaling bug in Ancient gear
  168. Double Pm / Chat flashes
  169. No Damage Buff from pet in pvp for Rogues
  170. Stormy Seas quest adds (and re-adds) itself
  171. klaas and shazbot notification bug?
  172. One item only in Elondrian locked
  173. Arcane Legends Map Bug
  174. Text glitch in myth bow lvl 41(Low priority)
  175. Ursoth Quest Issue...
  176. Cannot claim money reward!!
  177. rules
  178. Shazbot bug
  179. Loss of damage in PvP
  180. Does anyone of you met the problem that suddenly the joystick itself determines the
  181. What's up with this?
  182. Bug?
  183. Xperia Play movement issue
  184. A detail forgotten
  185. Cant connect server?
  186. Game crash
  187. Frozen vine mobs cannot be attacked
  188. Bug w/ the new ring (hidden armor bonus)
  189. Nativex game of war fire age offer 84 platinum doesnt work
  190. Crafting freeze bug
  191. New event bosses
  192. Spacetime studios support???
  193. Mythic bow proc damage - no numbers
  194. PUG level range
  195. Bug or What?
  196. Offer
  197. STS support , closed cases???
  198. [Possible Tech Issue] Failed to connect to AL game servers?
  199. [Guide] Not Receiving your NativeX Platinum? See this Thread/Guide
  200. I can't connect and log in. The log in images are not showing
  201. not receiving my 100 plat after the contest
  202. sorry letter
  203. Unable to buy platinum ingame
  204. Cannot login via Facebook!!
  205. Sale removing first time buyer bonus
  206. Game took my money, didn't give me my platinum?
  207. Remiem [relevant] report
  208. Help!!!
  209. Can't buy plat.its always said reach limit days purchase
  210. Fail add pic on forum
  211. Help!!! Arabel ripped me off for 70 story tokens!!!
  212. Game hangs after crafting is completed
  213. NativeX: Offers Don't Redirect Me To App Store / Blank Offer History
  214. george +5% damage not working
  215. Issue with Spawn Shields in CTF
  216. now i cant play on my PC! AWESOME! -.-
  217. New Mythic Bow Gives Xp on proc xD
  218. How to purchase plat through web store with facebook login?
  219. Little Bear AA only giving 5% armour boost
  220. Game hangs when leaving Boulder
  221. Shady & Surge Glitch
  222. wow can't download it from chrome web store rockin awseome
  223. Chat Box Help!
  224. Shady N Surge does no good.
  225. think carefully before buying plat
  226. UPDATED Driver Still wont initialize graphics (Arcane Legends)
  227. Delayed typing on iPad mini and disappearing PMs
  228. Another Shady & Surge Glitch
  229. Grafical Failure on Mythic Warrior Armor
  230. App crashes on load on iPad
  231. Temporary FIX for loading problem in Chrome
  232. Useless Elondrian Token Rewrads. Pls Remove.
  233. [Possible Issue] More lag in elite maps
  234. Mythic helm upgrade didn't work
  235. New Update
  236. Arcane Legends Servers
  237. Silent Slag Nerf?
  238. Floamestrike + gem does not work?
  239. Laptop Compatibility
  240. Eggs from locked crates not in inventory
  241. Ridiculous BUG in ctf
  242. App crashes in kelsys
  243. Cant log in al with facebook? again..
  244. Someone scam my acc
  245. I cant connect on servers...
  246. My account doesn't work!
  247. I need help .how can I change email.
  248. Is it lag, some bad guys effect or exclusive Dust Bunny Vanity
  249. Screen lag or exclusive "Dust Bunny" Vanity
  250. Elixers working in CTF