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  1. Galen's Maul
  2. Unicorn food recipe not working
  3. Hard to enter to portal gate!
  4. Unicorn food recipe bug .. Can't craft food anymore
  5. [Bugs] Several bugs in this event/latest update
  6. Door from Mines to Grotto is set to elite not normal
  7. Server crash
  8. Black Banner :V
  9. Crate bug - Contents only have one item
  10. Side wings
  11. Missing Elondrian Blood Sash of Might
  12. Bug: Please fix rogues combat medic
  13. Spelling Error
  14. Misty Grotto Elite map showing?
  15. Cant find my cases
  16. Can't craft food again
  17. Energy kits from leaf locked not working for food
  18. Don't see that klass...
  19. Overlapped helm for Mage ( Minor bug )
  20. I dont get it
  21. Fantasma egg :blue shield
  22. Chrome Issue
  23. [BUGGED] Level41 in CTF low level twinks
  24. Toor AA button bug.
  25. Can not collect Klass chest o.0
  26. StS please fix this.
  27. Jord staff bug!
  28. BUG :little bear
  29. Can't collect energy essence
  30. Squeakems n Squish is Glitched!
  31. Eloia's Bow Proc doesn't last 8 seconds
  32. Mobs Stronger Since Update?
  33. Tyrannica vs Fantasma happiness bonus
  34. Eloias bow bug
  35. Found a bug in map
  36. Ren'gol bow glitch
  37. Free offers not awarding plat?
  38. Server down now?
  39. It's been 9 hours+ and still can't play Arcane Legends.. -_-
  40. Why can I NOT trade / sell New slate mythic ? I
  41. [Bug] Returning to Cryogem Mines From Elite Gnomish Ruins
  42. Abuse of auto leveling
  43. Friendlist bug
  44. Finish new MYTHIC HELM and no new quest im made angry @,@
  45. Graphics Issue
  46. [Possible issues] supreme helm/cap/hat has wrong visual?
  47. any way to skip tutorial?
  48. Squirrel Pet bug (new SnS) - PLEASE READ STS
  49. Arena Bug ??
  50. Spikes
  51. STS Shaman Pakuna Still Bug
  52. Tutorial Bug
  53. Garreta second daily
  54. Fantasma Bug
  55. Arcane Legends stopped...
  56. Wt4 bug
  57. Where is my guild!!!!!
  58. Didn't got rutger essences
  59. Pls help can't get any quests from Garetta
  60. Cannot upload multiple images at once to forums.
  61. Gladiator's shield and Ogre Brute's auto-attack
  62. Smart chat on Sony xperia m4
  63. No Xp Gain Text Bug
  64. Orc Shaman Effigy Bug STS Must see and FIX
  65. Not Receiving Platinum
  66. [UI Bug] Unwanted Interface When Collecting From Crafting Slot
  67. Ping issues since Northal event started
  68. has has invited you to a party
  69. Samsung Note 5
  70. Lagg & Ping Spikes
  71. Bug - Getting Extra Damage in Pvp
  72. Lagg & Ping Spikes
  73. Where did our wings go?
  74. elite king loot
  75. The loot bug on king!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. Lag after the Update
  77. Pleased fix or tell me what to do
  78. Straw Hats- I believe also bugged?
  79. App won't open after crash
  80. Stampy AA removes ally pools
  81. elite map bug
  82. Crafter Planar Fragments / Egg Shell Purchase Bugged :-(
  83. Stampy does NOT work on toor AA?
  84. Can't log in with facebook
  85. Shuyal 5 bug boss
  86. [Possible Bug] Bleed Effects Do Not Stack
  87. Google Play Error Code 18
  88. i Get DC when i Change City!
  89. Garetta wood
  90. [Bug] disconnected after opening harvest horn
  91. Locked ren'gol large and reg.
  92. Frozen Forever in every map
  93. Event is over and wood still here @@
  94. Stampy vers. Frostbite
  95. Receiving push notifications, while all notifications disabled.
  96. friendlist bug
  97. Dragkin Teeth bugged?
  98. King northal is not considered as a boss, Intentional?
  99. Vanities and Loadouts
  100. Client 1.3 Bugs
  101. [Duel bugs]
  102. Tricksters guise updated?
  103. Rogue dmg is not nerfed in new Duel map
  104. Rengol elite mob buffed?
  105. Something Is Wrong With Skyward Smash
  106. New extreme secret buffs/excruciating number of new bugs
  107. [Bug] Inconsistent number of cannons in end of the hauntlet
  108. tyranica curse affects both players
  109. No Warning Zone???
  110. Frequent Disconnections and Difficulty of Logging In
  111. Your already in a Duell!! Duell Bug
  112. Annoying bugs!!!!
  113. Bug in Planar Tombs 3
  114. Event faces issue with magic mirror
  115. Still Bugged
  116. [issue] melee pets attacking statue in paracelsus boss fight
  117. Spider Crates Visual Drop Bugged
  118. lag resulting in motion blocked
  119. luck class elixir from locked spider
  120. Glinstone bow's proc trigger timer in arena
  121. cant join boogie map anymore
  122. What in all hell?
  123. Chrome Fails to Launch AL
  124. Bug List
  125. Anyone else having ping problem
  126. Showing wrong face
  127. Jack didnt loot token !! pls fix
  128. Load out not working
  129. Skyward smash still bugged.
  130. Help iOS 9.0.2 Facebook can't detect Arcane Legends
  131. Myth set bonus for traps.....
  132. Can't do orcslaying gear quests???
  133. Please remove shaking effect from mythic aegis !
  134. Boogie and Full Inventory
  135. [Bug] Slobber doesn't give 10% movement speed bonus
  136. [Issue] Misspositioning of some weapons
  137. Troubleshooting: A Guide to aid WiFi connectivity issues
  138. Can't buy plats.
  139. auto reject friend requests dosnt work
  140. have a problem installing the chrome version since last update
  141. Spider Queen Wrist Bow Vanity Need Fix
  142. NativeX locking my load up screen.
  143. Aegis Proc Not Functioning Correctly
  144. duel bug
  145. Facebook connection
  146. help please :/
  147. screen hang retrieving completed items from crafting station.
  148. beware to this person not me.bro nice try haha
  149. Summoning Pet Bug Please Sts Fix This
  150. Boss bug in Rengol dungeons
  151. Stampy Report
  152. Error? Certificate not trusted.
  153. Inventory laodout bug
  154. Help Nomerite Helmet questline bug
  155. Friend list bug and request bug.
  156. Arcane legends won't work for me on my new iPad!
  157. Just got the new vanitu bow doesnt work
  158. Warrior skill charge bug
  159. One of my chars got renamed without warning or reason
  160. new clients bring lags, unresponsiveness, etc
  161. From sts and players of arcane legends
  162. Battlegear of glintstone aps
  163. Eloia's bow
  164. No more pet egg crates for story tokens?
  165. [minor issue] inconsistent placement of bow in rogue's arm
  166. Stampy bug
  167. Locked Massive Rengol Spider Bug
  168. We still can craft Spider crate!
  169. Latest Update Error Code -18
  170. latest update isn't compatible with android lollipop 5.0 version
  171. Game is getting Pathetic
  172. new update
  173. I cant acces AL new version
  174. Vamprical Visage
  175. Change The Update Setting!
  176. Stuck in authentecating
  177. PVP bug : +3 higher level toon in team
  178. jewel drop system
  179. 11/10/2015 Update issues still
  180. Locked massive Spider bug
  181. Fix ! Fix !! Fix !!!
  182. Name does not exist but I can't use it
  183. Slobber speed
  184. CONSIDERING (back vanity)Tome availabilty purple and yellow
  185. Shadow Veil (Rogue skill) "bug" in the city
  186. "You are already in a duel"
  187. Rogue Buckler Vanity being Hidden by Hair
  188. Glintstone bow proc
  189. Hope there is an additional column on auction
  190. Vampire face bug
  191. Pet leveled in camp
  192. App bug? Fix pls!
  193. APP is unresponsive
  194. Myth Blund Shield proc Animation Gone
  195. Do they really give platinums for offers? Or they are exploiting us?
  196. app not contacting server no response
  197. Duel Bug
  198. Platinum issue
  199. not connecting to facebook on chrome
  200. How is this possible?
  201. I didn't score platinum from completing dreaded touch and catch offer
  202. Nekros AA bugged when wearing new glintstone set
  203. Arena Countdown in chat is much faster than in pop-up
  204. Why dont these work?!?
  205. [Bug] Shuyal 1 - Kill mob in boss
  206. After log in I get disconnected while loading everytime
  207. [Bug] Right explosives on thumper boss fight doesn't work
  208. I keep getting disconnected can't connect to server
  209. [ANDROID] How To Fix Google Play Error: -18"
  210. [Possible Issue] abnormal raised difficulty in level 10
  211. Banner Glitches
  212. [Glitch] Glintstone Shield - proc works on any weapon
  213. Why devourer bow don't give dmge proc anymore
  214. Unable to connect arcane legends server please check your internet connection
  215. loading issue.
  216. Nightfall vanity "bug" (warrior)
  217. Abnormal Battery Issue
  218. Why are we useless? (warriors)
  219. Glitch for rogues the glint proc
  220. Glint Bow Bugs
  221. Skills target barrels before mobs!!
  222. your google login expired!!
  223. i need urgent help
  224. Warriors Need Glintstone Back - Balance The Game!
  225. HUGE Game Crashing!
  226. Friends list messed up between alts and
  227. ★Game Crash Log★. If you’re currently experiencing crashing/freezing, click here.
  228. Missing jewels from stash
  229. Wasted platinum?
  230. App still crashes!
  231. [Bug] Blue mummy wings color is the same as black one
  232. wtf happened ???????????????
  233. Death (or near death experience) when others enter zone or inspects
  234. Forgot pass
  235. [Please Read STS] Not recieving platinum from offers
  236. Can't seem to chat
  237. Warrior not holding Taunts/Aggro.
  238. Dear STS... theres a glitch
  239. App crashing when countdown starts in Arena
  240. Very high ping!!
  241. Bugs on winter event 2015 [needed devs resp]
  242. Charged Glintstone Blundrerbuss Bullet Suspended On Collision
  243. Banner
  244. Energy essence drop rate
  245. Arcane Legends Laggy On PC
  246. Not letting me get into arcane legends through Chrome
  247. URGENT: Major Errors In Friday 21, 2015 Update
  248. Major event issues!!! Important!!
  249. Guys Please Help!
  250. My vial vanished from auction...