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  1. Platinum Disappeared! Need Help
  2. Is the screen supposed to be cut off?
  3. ChatBox
  4. Different account sign in bug.
  5. AL Suggestions and Feedback Forum Broken
  6. Arcane Legends Error
  7. T-mobile and Three in UK - keeps 'Connection Lost' state or pings
  8. Game client cannot access proxy internet over Wi-Fi
  9. not supported in google chrome
  10. authentication failure
  11. I didnt receive the 600 platinum i bought
  12. Mythic Bow proc bug...
  13. Chrome Freezing/Crashing On Menu Screen: Mostly CS
  14. New Elite Bosses in Normal Maps: Drop Rate too High
  15. Jarl in the Aegir island.
  16. Bug in my character
  17. Wrathjaw stats
  18. Reporting bug
  19. Bael part 2
  20. Invisible mob
  21. platinium problem
  22. sorc skill "time shift" not rooting minions
  23. doesnt receive my platinum
  24. Cant trade, dont know why
  25. AL no sound
  26. problem, yes
  27. Getting 1 shotted without being in the red area
  28. Nordr & Kraken Enemies got harder?
  29. trading suspended due to suspected illegal trading.
  30. rogue shadow piercer puts all other skills on cooldown.
  31. Unlock locked maps with elite mode
  32. Can't get power of gleipnir quest
  33. Story tokens
  34. Buy Platium
  35. I'm not able to access my account
  36. /t chat mode in pvp doesn't work
  37. Help
  38. suddenly my leprechaun amulet is gone.
  39. Ping problem on 1 char but not on second
  40. unable to join for Elite: Bael
  41. 60m Combo Elixir Bug
  42. Map Bug (pic included)
  43. shark bouncer achievement..
  44. UI bug when joining from world map
  45. cant trade/purchase items
  46. Cant login google+ problem
  47. Bugg!
  48. Gleniphir Amulet Liquidated Help..
  49. Problem with XP
  50. In-Map Store Purchases for Mana Pots Buys HP Pots Instead
  51. Power of gleipnir bug
  52. AH Complete Sale bug?
  53. Server down maintenance/update?
  54. Failing to run timed runs
  55. i buy 900 plat 49.99$ but dont work my promo code !? ( invalid )
  56. Bael hunting bug?
  57. misty's arcane ability range is too short
  58. Name chang
  59. Weapon bug or am I missin sth?
  60. Colton acrane ability range too short for mages
  61. Shark Bouncer AP
  62. Arena Loot - Distance and receiving anything
  63. I know what his doing is against AL policy. Krisppy trying to hack
  64. platinum purchase problem
  65. Purchasing Platinum with ITunes Card
  66. On flash version in browser UP-LEFT does not work with charging and firing a bow
  67. Grand crate gave only gold
  68. ingame lies.. are more decimals at work?
  69. how to enable my trading ?
  70. I get +1 death when i leave pvp arena
  71. Screen just a small box
  72. Mage shield
  73. Layout: joing elite map while in party
  74. Suspected Hacked Account
  75. Would it be possible for STS to get back my Glacian Egg as "EGG"?
  76. Shuyal Arena
  77. Plat problems
  78. accidentally sold nordr jewel fatality in inventory
  79. How can I change my account's email or password?
  80. problem facebook account
  81. Hauntlet angled wrong, can't play from PC properly.
  82. Error in Warrior Blood Barbarian Vanity set
  83. Error in lvlcaps for accessing elite maps
  84. Ok so you know when you first download game you have to download all updates
  85. recover old character on new device.
  86. Problem with Facebook Login
  87. Issue with chrome
  88. Klaas & Shazbot giving empty chests
  89. How do I transfer my (sign in with google) account from old phone to new phone?
  90. ! Cannot join friends (who are alone) OR party members in regular maps for Bael II !
  91. Won't let me trade or gift
  92. Hammerjaw stat bug.
  93. i got banned for 7 days for saying
  94. False realm record notification
  95. Dear STS
  96. I have a problem with some of the rogue skill attacks.
  97. Private Message Alerts Not Working
  98. .Problem with w3i?
  99. How to get my Gleipnr back
  100. amulet name change...
  101. Terrible Lag and my joystick not working afterwards
  102. Shuyal Arena Knockback Instant Death
  103. bloodhammer elite bug
  104. Facebook Login Question
  105. game resets when ever somone calls my phone
  106. help!!! trade disabled :(
  107. Can't Login Facebook
  108. Urgent.. Its a bad bug.. Slag debuffs Curse
  109. Transfer from guest account to registered account?
  110. reroll issues
  111. help my acc is lose
  112. Sorcerer issue
  113. uberman spawn issue
  114. pve barrels and crates issue...
  115. Plat Buying
  116. Invisible Murky Gun
  117. Google chrome
  118. Pet's stats not applied?
  119. Bug plat..
  120. Lord Mardrom Bug
  121. Arena Bug is it just me?????????
  122. why i get bann device plese help
  123. Guild Hall Music
  124. Personal best?
  125. Why is the app redirecting me to an ad?
  126. account problem
  127. Need help for my account!!!
  128. Elite Bael / Krunch /partyinvite 000 and joining
  129. 180 INT for mage = 6.6 damage? Is this a bug?
  130. purchase fail, but still charge me and double charge!!!
  131. Update on every start
  132. Sign in error
  133. Time Shift
  134. Flagging In PvP
  135. Disabled
  136. Graphics on iPad
  137. Plats disappeared
  138. Logged in into a changed name
  139. Bad luck are is locked messed up?
  140. PVP Deaths Bug
  141. Game is not proceeding after loading today (23-08-13; 12:58 pm IST)
  142. LB glitch (IOS devicde)
  143. Heal failing?
  144. Is the Troll of TDM bugged?
  145. Chrome "Loading" issue strikes again
  146. My trading is off for no reason
  147. My trading is disabled for no reason
  148. Why my trading disabled helppppppppp
  149. Pvp pet happiness bug
  150. Banned because of registering?
  151. Bloodhammer arena,shark bouncer
  152. 2013-08-25 - Arcane Legends is back up
  153. Orions Arcane Ability
  154. Slag=Misty?
  155. boss not showed up(daily story token)
  156. upper hauntlet glitch( wall side get transparent)
  157. XP Glitch
  158. What is there to play???
  159. Shadow Veil anyone?
  160. Warrior Damage Bug?
  161. Separate Game Servers for Mobile + Chrome Play
  162. glitch on elite tower of maldrom
  163. Guild Tab Issue (After Update - Same client)
  164. log in help
  165. guild bug
  166. Problem with new client !Help!
  167. cant trade , buy ,sell :(
  168. New client version bug
  169. How to change Facebook Login to Email Login
  170. Stuck at 94% loading.
  171. Acheivments in Expansion
  172. Log in helppp
  173. My ping is going crazy!!! Plz help!!!
  174. Unable to sign in with google?
  175. My trade option got banned need help!
  176. Hello
  177. Platinum and account email
  178. glitched glephinor quest
  179. I Found Elite Heart
  180. Selling items
  181. [android] game crashes when trying to click on offers
  182. shadow plain boss glitches
  183. bug with sorcerers arhitecture helm and armor
  184. can't get the ap for finding" the hermit"
  185. Need to cancel an order placed through apple ios help
  186. Help please, bug?
  187. Captain Krom
  188. cannot log on..either server is down or connection lost?
  189. even after patch hermit doesn't give ap and elite heart doesn't either
  190. When i go to open the app, it loads and says the servers are down when theyre not?
  191. Bows shooting from behind.
  192. Killing wolves at Camp Boulder does not grant pve kills?
  193. Architect daggers not attacking
  194. Captain Krom "sleeping on the job'
  195. Still no achievement for talking to Hermit
  196. Passive Skill For damage Doesn't work???
  197. Eror
  198. My Trade Has been Disabled
  199. Take a look.. Is this a bug or cheat?
  200. My stats bugged?
  201. Shade Mail of Will and Shade Helm of Will displaying incorrectly
  202. Charged spells not working
  203. Upgraded Mythic Helm for Sorc
  204. The Astral Heart [Elite] not granting achievement
  205. Any issues about this? Signing in with Google
  206. Fix shadow plain boss elite
  207. help pls my trade disabled
  208. Shuyal Elite times not appearing on Leaderboard
  209. Graphics confused on some level 35/36 items
  210. Catastrophic bug found
  211. Night ocean ripple int version has lower damage
  212. Elite Forest Breach
  213. Leveling Up Backwards
  214. Bug in mythic armor quest
  215. suspiciouse behaviour
  216. 35 skill points achievement is not unlocked
  217. Some avatar preview bug :)
  218. Valkin glitch
  219. Shade Helm of Will shows armor instead of helm.
  220. Banned for suspicious behavior -_-
  221. Don't think overgrowth is supposed to move, although...
  222. No stash in Kelys
  223. An officer account hacked !!! Unknown person empty guild !!
  224. LAGGGGG after new expansion pack
  225. Bug Report: Wraith Heart
  226. Invisible robe glitch?
  227. PvE kills stucked
  228. Vengeful blood not working properly
  229. Shuyal arena drops are TO good.
  230. Weapon Stats
  231. Help! Paid Offer Did Not Go Through
  232. Elite level entry requirement bug
  233. Annoying Pumpkin glitch in arena
  234. Bug Report: Valkin's Stats / Arcane buff
  235. Epic Guns damage stats not working properly
  236. big bug on upgrading mythic armor and helm
  237. No elite achievement for Ferrix
  238. i cant use my ipad to play...
  239. Glitch in the wall of the City of Kelys
  240. Bug report: Ashral heart
  241. Mythic sorc helm didnt upgrade
  242. Arena: Pumpkin Trap Bug
  243. BUG REPORTS ~ Shuyal Expansion in overall
  244. Inan'hesh invunlerability bug
  245. Devour Maul Bug
  246. Guild Size adds to lag?
  247. NativeX bug
  248. Wrath of Bael of Potency
  249. Help please, game not recognizing I've completed objective
  250. Vanities don't work right.