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  1. Email account not working.. Email account not working.
  2. NPC Chat Text Bug
  3. Bow Issue
  4. Bard Token Pricing Bug
  5. Elite Wraith Heart is bugged once again
  6. Arena pug bug
  7. Old bard quest missing
  8. I can't go back in game after i receive a phone call
  9. Arena bug
  10. Servers having problems?
  11. I need help!
  12. glorious helmet fill the wrong slot
  13. Sorcerers Mythic Gun Glitch. .. Pl fix it devs..
  14. Loot table broken.
  15. Cool UPGRADE Bug
  16. Guild Missing
  17. UI bug when liquidating items
  18. Is the loot table bugged or what
  19. Consignment Store Bug
  20. Sorcerer nerf?
  21. No AP for elusive four
  22. Platinum purchase upgrade.
  23. Unusual character problem.
  24. Controls delay
  25. Heal bug?
  26. Helm pieces problem
  27. My game closing by itself
  28. Buying not getting
  29. Better, faster, stronger!?
  30. Drop variety changed after the latest patch (drop rate fix patch)
  31. trying to buy plat
  32. Always patching Help please!
  33. Bypassed timer...? And Froze Timer...? On Upgrade...?
  34. Mobogenie the free plat offer
  35. No locked description
  36. Crafting a gem text bug
  37. upgrading time are all frozen....pretty sure this is a bug
  38. GLITCH/BUG In The Dead City
  39. Wraith Heart bug, First Mate Ashen bug?
  40. ulfang uberman maps have pve kill count again
  41. Auto Trade Cancel
  42. Problem with Nativex offer
  43. Essence in tdm
  44. never recieve items from plat
  45. Mythic Ring Stats Bug
  46. Mage shield bug
  47. keep loggin out after tryna start a game?
  48. Typo in Crafting upgrade notice!
  49. Inventory selling/opening
  50. Weird problem...
  51. Ashral/elite wraith heart, frostr and maneater
  52. erm i cant get my gold from my other char?!
  53. Is there any talk of using TapJoy again?
  54. passive for armor and damage doesnt work
  55. always patching !! HELP plss ?
  56. Can't tell if an item is usable when using give feature.
  57. pets dont take up chest
  58. AL technical error
  59. Stuck at Authenticating on IOS7 and Chrome.
  60. Shazbot still gives 1 story token as reward
  61. Armor that glitches and shows another armor behind it
  62. Cannot get the free platinum even after completing the offer.
  63. BUG: Story Token Inventory Slots not showing up
  64. The story of how I died...*Once. Help me STS!
  65. haze bugged
  66. eight legged quest
  67. Sorcerer's fireball miss too much?
  68. crafting bug
  69. Loading slow again????
  70. Loading..........
  71. Lag issues
  72. Invisible Frostir
  73. why my trade is banned?
  74. ticaret'im kapandı engellen di Nasıl düzel te Bilirim
  76. Inventory Slots with story token
  77. Lvl 36 mage cannot kill mobs in brackenridge wih curse skill
  78. Johan needs to be burried!
  79. Party members freezing / getting stuck in maps and can't move
  80. Elusive Four Skratch
  81. Issue about extra grant of Archon ring
  82. Elite shuyal dimensional arena "frostir bug"
  83. Accidentally opened a grimms egg
  84. NativeX down for the Week?
  85. Combo Elixir button on the elite map screen!!!
  86. Daily chest from shazbot
  87. Night Ocean Ripple of Warfare bug (or intentional )
  88. Posting Pic
  89. Playing on PC vs Playing on Phone/tablet (PVP)
  90. Small mobs on elite lost cove map makes me panic
  91. Wrong Click Make Me Waste 50 Platinums!!!
  92. Upgraded MYTHIC ARMOR
  93. Hotkeys - For PC users
  94. ghastly scythe of force
  95. facebook account not accesible!!!
  96. My Mythic Armor level didnt upgraded
  97. I dont receive my Platinum!
  98. windows 8?
  99. Wrathjaw broken?
  100. Elite bugs shuyal bugs!! :(
  101. Bought 10 plat now cant play
  102. technical issue. Android: 4.0
  103. battery is sucked up even after quit arcane legend since last week's update
  104. Dead lanterns quest in elite shuyal
  105. What the heck happened?!
  106. Nativex response time
  107. Oops! Your graphics have failed to initialize! You probably need to update your video
  108. 0 Plat completion for 16k days Upgrading.
  109. Kobo - I don't receive my platinum
  110. dead city glitch
  111. sts seems to be missing and....
  112. Forum Signature Image Quality
  113. Shuyal Gladiator Arena - Bugged?
  114. The hell!!!
  115. Story token bug
  116. Brothers Whim - display glitch
  117. Nonstop disconnect after update
  118. Reverse the Curse Quest is Bugged
  119. Auction House is Irritating
  120. I never got my platinum.
  121. does breezaga really drop?
  122. Chrome PC Version Issue..?
  123. problem with the winter content
  124. Tarlok lair joining bug (?)
  125. Is Savior of Frozen Hope Bugged?
  126. Nordr zone displaying wrong locked text
  127. AL on Android : PAK downloads every time
  128. crafting issue
  129. Something wrong about warrior skills.
  130. new position of leave guild button
  131. Frozen Chest doesn't give item according to level
  132. Golden Frozen Chest Bugged?
  133. Plat Join in Tarlok Lair get Bugged?
  134. Lost my items after update?
  135. Breezaga arcane skill bugged?
  136. Epic guns of sorcerers are truely epic?
  137. Free Platinum offers bug
  138. Winter Rings animation
  139. Unable to move anymore after lag
  140. Does Reroll Work On Lair Bosses?
  141. Lag is bad between maps
  142. lag when using my lv30 sorc
  143. Im always disconected!!!
  144. Southern seas problem
  145. NO private msg option in settings tab
  146. dc very ofter....
  147. Tarlok the ice queen!
  148. Winterfest coins - Purchased items level
  149. 15 second invulnerability
  150. Connection issues
  151. Fireball On Sorcerer
  152. To sts... New winter content... What do we keep on inventory or lose?
  153. 50k+ping
  154. winter rage armor vanity plus original mythic dags
  155. Prance pet doesn't do damage in most maps.
  156. Convert Guest Account
  157. Scammer alert
  158. Arcane Ability on The Brothers Whimm
  159. Arena bug happened again :(
  160. password recovery not working
  161. After liquidating items, wrong item info is being displayed
  162. Can a mod help me please?
  163. Breezaga Pet
  164. Can I know the reason why fb login doesn't save email and password
  165. Loadout equipment feature bugs
  166. Can't buy platinum 0.o (IOS)
  167. Buy Tarlok entry get FREE entry to goblin?
  168. Typo alert in Christmas NPC
  169. Rogue Tarlok helm
  170. thought I didn't get condense essense for mythic upgrade
  171. after new update winter pets are gone.. and.. whats this???
  172. Re-spec and lost all passive Points
  173. Consignment Stand - listing order bug
  174. Movement Issue on Windows
  175. Erm...Tarlok glitch.
  176. Spelling- Benadikt/Benadykt
  177. skratch boss ...bug??
  178. the chance of portal to tarlok lair in ss has been reduced lots, is it a bug?
  179. why there is no tarlok at lv16 to 19?
  180. Story token pets
  181. Cant login my main account... AGAIN.
  182. UI/Screen Bug on Gemmed Items?
  183. In-app purchase disabled
  184. Savior of Frozen hope..Bug?
  185. My fireball CONSTANTLY misses. Please help sts :(
  186. google chrome not showing everything
  187. Breezaga's arcane skill always misses me
  188. Quest savior frozen hope
  189. Server problem?
  190. I'm really sick of frostir
  191. Server problem? Need help please..
  192. App continues to crash when logging in
  193. Missing effects in preview screen
  194. iPad Connection and Ping problems 60K+ (video)
  195. Error in helmet color fill mythic roge!
  196. Error in helmet color fill mythic roge!
  197. Accident spending platinum
  198. Crafting timer bug
  199. Issues with party system when accessing paid tarlok dungeon
  200. Admins or Developers. need help
  201. Platinum offers question.
  202. gems bug? or what?
  203. Huge lag/freeze
  204. Mythic armor upgrade problem.
  205. Color mismatch for Tarlok Potency (rogue)
  206. Shadow piecer bug
  207. Every Hours Patch Update Every Hours Patch Update
  208. forever like this?
  209. Changing my password
  210. App won't launch
  211. Issue on Tarloks Lair Portal.
  212. I can't play AL anymore
  213. Horn's protective shield still got immunity at PvE
  214. Capt. Bloodhammer regen glitch in Skulls Cove
  215. /guildl or /guildleave
  216. Exlair button on bottom screen.
  217. Stuck charged skill
  218. Is that some kind of a glitch?
  219. % dmg
  220. GoDaddy offer not working
  221. Locked out of my main account. :(
  222. Loading problem
  223. Bugged Arena
  224. Anything that can be done?
  225. Its some kind of a bug ?!?!
  226. I'm SO RICH!!!
  227. nid help, about my mythics helm upgrade quest T_T
  228. Crafting Bug
  229. Stat bug with Epic & Rare Sorcerer Guns
  230. I can't sign in
  231. Account not found on Ipad version.
  232. Snowy egg is epic
  233. mythic quest for helm
  234. platinums offer
  235. Get Hacked
  236. Undim Fields - Flashing Subliminal Speech Bubbles
  237. violating problem
  238. Map Zone bug
  239. Is this possible???
  240. Cant Install The Chrome Arcane App
  241. Chrome Arcane Legends App Question on Installing
  242. App crashing on Android
  243. Why The Server Keep Maintenance on this computer?
  244. need help on modifying account
  245. NativeX Won't Open Glitch.
  246. Playing on Chrome gets me disconnected every time the ping spikes
  247. No daily reset
  248. Shadow piecer bug
  249. Both PC and ipad 2 version sutck on loading
  250. Is this possible?...