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  1. Lending System - Anti Scam
  2. Confirmation buttons...
  3. Make an ALBBCNews!!!
  4. Al boring now?
  5. Pet Peeve - view
  6. Old is gold!
  7. may you "please" change the paracelsus gem color or may u edit it?
  8. Restore the building locked necropolis
  9. game play
  10. Add a dislike button
  11. Item degradation
  12. over and over agine
  13. Elites 100% tooth drop rate
  14. How should we play
  15. You want to know why economy has crashed?
  16. Best vanity helm ever no contest
  17. Feedback: everyday patch
  18. Can u guys make it so dc ppl can rejoin
  19. Hey sts i love this game i want some new modifications if possible as given below
  20. Mythic Amulet Recipe- Buy from NPC
  21. Remove old useless conent, maybe less lag.
  22. Free plat for server issues?
  23. [Suggestion] Reveal some of boss' weakness/attack pattern by NPC
  24. Refinement to chat, what has been a good previous chat system now gone.
  25. new lb category
  26. Help STS: Can you make yourself disconnect?
  27. make gems stack please
  28. keyboard error
  29. unfair to platinum purchasserss.:-)
  30. Why is there a report name function if it has no effect?
  31. [Suggestion] Please show what item that was re-rolled
  32. The solution to begger zombies...
  33. The bonus platinum for free offers ie. trialpay/fyber/nativex
  34. Item lock/liquidate all function
  35. Make AL playable via FB
  36. Suggestion for pet variety in pvp
  37. Planar Club
  38. Guild Bann List
  39. the new mythic amulet has no visual effect ?
  40. Vanity Armours
  41. [b]new gem[/b]!
  42. Guild Hall Improvements!
  43. In Future Weekends for AL.
  44. idea about in game casino
  45. remove the feeding pets system or fix it .
  46. suggestion: option to remove pop-up messages [maybe divert to chatlog]
  47. Make the upgraded mythic armor and helm tradeable
  48. Check this out
  49. Rainbow Banners
  50. Glacian egg need upgrade
  51. Do not ever re-release event vanities
  52. Blue & black arlors?
  53. IDEA
  54. Requisition for a Specialty Weapon
  55. [Suggestion] Boss' Essences to be sell-able
  56. [Suggestion] Leisure: Restaurants & more
  57. The Planer Tombs are too Hard
  58. Kindly ask for a buff for imbued mage and rogue helms please
  59. Suggestions for next update iOS!!
  60. Particle effects on Medusa vanity
  61. any effect in planar pendant
  62. Craftable Mythic Recipe
  63. Introduce Guild Fights
  64. As a user of breeze nerf it
  65. Why Breeze Shouldn't get Nerfed
  66. Winter event lb reward are Vanities?
  67. WHY SUPPORT PORTAL don't response?
  68. Regarding recolored vanities (or even armor and helm)
  69. [Feedback] General feedback of arena
  70. My opinion: Too much based on Platinum
  71. [Suggestion] About New Guild Hall
  72. Put auction house in event lobby please!
  73. Bring Back the season 1 vanities or set
  74. mage shield→more effective
  75. Banners suggestion
  76. Stat Checker
  77. Best game i ever had!
  78. What About The Winter Test Server
  79. [Suggestion] change shark type pet's normal attack
  80. New Achievement
  81. Planar Fragment in Planar Arena?
  82. Mages need a new of will armor set.
  83. timed run weekend event.
  84. Up the drop rate of recipe !!!!
  85. Arcane Legends Winter Event 2014 Official Suggestions and Feedback Thread
  86. Suggestions!
  87. Event points/Token gain is unbearable
  88. Suggestion for NEW LB pet rewards!
  89. Spacetime gift cards
  90. Essences
  91. New Allies/Ally
  92. (Energy Event) Would like to buy other class goodies
  93. Please consider having a platinum sale on Christmas.
  94. Winter event ideas! ^-^
  95. Lock All Announcement Threads!
  96. Ice Dragon Scales Suggestion
  97. Event Essence Farming: Endless Map
  98. If Freeze is allowed in pvp now..Give Sorcerers their Freeze skill back in PVP
  99. Please make Lvl 41 mythic amulet tradeable
  100. Frost-Touched Mythic Weapon - Need to add more Proc
  101. Anyine know? About vial undead
  102. Frost-Touched Bow of Potency Needs a Buff!
  103. Xperia Play is dead and outdated - MOGA is the answer
  104. Why I do not enjoy this event. Why I still play.
  105. AL Consignment Shop Feedback
  106. We need more options
  107. Any ideas on buffing Nekro? (Click on me)
  108. CraftingStation Request -Xixitic- :D
  109. I'm not quitting but yeah, I'm frustrated... My view...
  110. changes: beezes ability, catagory from legendary to mythic/arcane
  111. when can we have tradeable 36 myths?
  112. Suggestions-idea for new wep and proc button
  113. Frost Touch Mythic Weapon
  114. Arcane crafting weapon upgrades
  115. Crafting
  116. Essenses
  117. 50k Gold Reward Needs To Return To Crates!
  118. Concerns Regarding Sorcerer Strength
  119. Chat system fix.
  120. Please have more contacts/communications (devs/developers-mods)
  121. [Suggestion] Make rogue's permafrost helm smaller
  122. We seriously need a new inventory revamp.
  123. STS,please, take a look at newest mythic weapons
  124. Mythic planar relic accidental purchase......
  125. Suggestions.
  126. PUG tiers
  127. Gamepad for ios players too
  128. I am blown away by how well AL runs on iPhone 6!
  129. Winter event lb prize is lacking imo
  130. Stable Suggestions
  131. Making the gold vanity hat and set tradeable
  132. Can a Remove-From-Map button be added
  133. Why Legend Pet (Breeze) Better Than Arcane Pet (Samael,HJ and other)
  134. More pets with healing stat/skills - NEEDED
  135. Which is better? Need help with para soul
  136. What i want in the 1st quater of 2015
  137. MAKE PETS STASHABLE ? pls read
  138. something for the undergeared-like people
  139. Where are the confirm buttons?
  140. spam filter thread making system
  141. Please sts buff nekro
  142. My ideas for future events
  143. Allow more bosses to be pulled by Axe Throw
  144. pl fix aa and pa of pet breez. this pet will kill pvp!
  145. New Content for the Undergeared
  146. NEW Mythic Frost Bow Constructive Feedback.
  147. Guild ideas
  148. Regarding the Dragon Scale set...
  149. Requiring STS Confirmation : Crafting after event
  150. Quitting out of PVP Suggestions and Discussion
  151. Solution to the Forum Spam Problem
  152. Tarlok crafting after winter event.
  153. So...About Breeze
  154. Tradeable keys for locks
  155. Forebearers vanity
  156. Crazy officers mass deleting members!
  157. Pet in stable order changes
  158. Few Suggestion
  159. Create Arcane Legends Birthday Event For This Year
  160. Suggestion for Yeti vanity
  161. Add Vials in Tombs
  162. Breeze
  163. My suggestions for a few skills ^_^
  164. Please Make Plats Can Buy Using Gold
  165. Can STS Create a New Character For This Year .
  166. Pvp twink guilds
  167. [Suggestion]: Impacts of Weather on Gameplay
  168. Can Mages Get a Better Gun Stance!!!
  169. Personal Buffs for all Classes - New skill ideas
  170. Wtf is happening with the lootdrop?
  171. X2 odds? Where? Its rellay???
  172. Suggestions on new skills.
  173. Remove fireworks from arena chests and add to recipe drop
  174. 1-2 Second Invincibility after Reviving
  175. Planar Recipe Pendat Drop Rate (New Mythic Pendant)
  176. Feedback for Imbued Sets
  177. Opinions on Breeze
  178. Password or option fr guild transfer !!
  179. Regarding Guild Halls !
  180. A small guild leaderboard suggestion.
  181. Gems and other Shanagons
  182. about the icescale assault set
  183. Buff Shadow Storm Shot?
  184. What happened to djinn the meridos
  185. Vanities by account age
  186. Make Maridos change his size according to class!
  187. GUILD Suggestions
  188. A "thing" to transform owned pets to eggs again, release GEMS from gear
  189. my ideas....
  190. New mythic pet for expansion
  191. Space Suite and Alien Pet
  192. Fix the Debuff System
  193. Moba
  194. AL seems like a downgrade in certain categories
  195. Proposal To Right-The-Wrong // An SnS Saga
  196. An idea for the new vanitys next lvl cap!
  197. friend request and trade confirmation button
  198. Pets AA Thread
  199. Vials flooding the market!
  200. [Suggestion] Mythic and Arcane Pet's passive should work against bosses
  201. Leaderboard vanities
  202. 15K total AP achievement & title
  203. Pay to win Introducing Epics and Upgrades
  204. User-Blocking from threads?
  205. Elite Wilds Feedback
  206. Pet in Arena Chests
  207. Suggested Stuff
  208. thread that will make people say "what" on reply
  209. new mythic pet
  210. [Suggestion] Things that should be shareable between toon in same account
  211. Suggestions. Chained Quest [PVE]
  212. An item which add effects to your pets or avatar.
  213. Suggestion >> Make New Purchaseable Pet.
  214. Pet Loadout
  215. A method to control our weapon proc
  216. RNG Regulated Raffle House/Gambling
  217. Follow up to "Everything I think is wrong with the game I liked"
  218. Feedback about gauntlet
  219. We want NEW MYTHIC PET
  220. Suggestion to add to with timers
  221. A real "Update"
  222. Goblin Ring.
  223. kindly asking to return The Wilds and tindirim mob leashes to the original form
  224. Lv15 Tournament Discussion
  225. Regarding the Cupid vanities
  226. Should the test server be used for the upcoming expansion?
  227. fix it already! (juggernaut)
  228. This isn't a joke. (For STS)
  229. Different types of Locked Crates based on seasons
  230. New Gems?
  231. Top Player Leaderboard
  232. Make a party Disband option
  233. Devs change the function to make threads
  234. <GUILD HALL> in <ARLOR MAP> !!
  235. [Please] Buff slightly old mythic/arcane pets
  236. post valentines day valentines day event?
  237. New Pet idea (Prob arcane)
  238. Little Suggestions
  240. Minion movie coming soon
  241. Bank System for In-game Currency
  242. Feedback 2-20-2015
  243. [Suggestion] Keep bosses to drop ankh permanently
  244. New emotes ?..
  245. [Suggestion] How I would like pet to move
  246. More cool puns
  247. Buff The brothers whims
  248. The Official Love Crafting Event Feedback and Discussion Thread
  249. [Suggestion] Time Cloak Kit.
  250. Please display the bosses HP bar...