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  1. **give us back our wings!!!***
  2. Insane plat prices
  3. PVE/PVP Gears.
  4. Tombs Suggestion: Different rooms
  5. [Suggestion] my thoughts about gears and staggering releases
  6. This one needs buff for sure!
  7. mythic upgrade
  8. [Suggestion] Queue System for crafting
  9. Red Cupid Wings Tradeable
  10. Add a PvE Section to the Forums
  11. Disappointed with cupids portal
  12. Shady & Surge
  13. Plz make this whit a counter
  14. Sts make a vote to kick option-,-
  15. Trade in system for Golden Wings
  16. ONE DAY EXCLUSIVE tradeable golden winged vanities?
  17. about the hugthulu wings..
  18. [Suggestion] future upgraded gears to retain its gems
  19. (Suggestions)
  20. Stashable PLATINUM suggestion
  21. Very satisfied with the love event & vanities!
  22. Trade 10 Hugthulus of one class for 1 Golden Cupid Wing of same Class
  23. Size of Warrior's Hugthulu wing vanity.
  24. Guild perks and party perks (reward as guild mature/level up)
  25. Remove Lockeds from elite zones...
  26. Frustration with the "new" CS
  27. As a Player, I'm Definitely NOT Feeling The Love Right Now
  28. 2x recipe odd weekends
  29. 2x recipe odd weekends
  30. Need Larger a Guild Hall
  31. Can we have custom controls for the computer?
  32. Add Wish List in the auction
  33. Idea :D
  34. Lock update
  35. Some Dark Ideas...
  36. Please make Planar tomb 1 reward to 3 fragments
  37. Add a sixth gear slot
  38. Gem-abled vanity sets.
  39. [Suggestion] Account Nickname
  40. [Suggestion] Ranked PvP
  41. making sir spendslot vanity tradeable or sumthing
  42. [Request] Please don't release anymore untradeable vanities :D
  43. New Earnable Vanities/Pets Idea(Please Comment)
  44. [Suggestion] Make horton egg.
  45. Add special stat to vanities
  46. Make the goblin ring stashable
  47. Like Button ^_^
  48. Quick Transfer of items between Chars
  49. View event points
  50. [suggestion] improve on-hit proc chance
  51. New Event Idea
  52. True perspective
  53. Testing servers
  54. PVP Suggestion - Invisible Names and Guild Titles
  55. Suggestion to inventory energy at the bottom
  56. Suggestion: FIX THE LVL 40 DARK CRYSTAL BUG
  57. Request-STS should make flag for India also
  58. STS, You Forgot This!
  59. Incorrect Price[Fix it]
  60. Dark Watch Swords and expansion
  61. Vanity Set & Weapon Idea w/drawing
  62. Give the farmers a bone !!!!
  63. [Suggestion] Please reduce the time to re-socket gems
  64. Guild Mesaage
  65. Migrating reward for AL moving to CallOfCha...
  66. Hmm, +10/20% luck weekend?
  67. These spams are getting ridiculous.
  68. whats the use of buying platinum if i simply loot nothing
  69. Dear STS, please let us.. uh.. "liberate" pets we don't want :)
  70. Original Jester what set it apart from 3 jester sets?
  71. new platinums offers
  72. [Suggestion] Commands for Pet Dismiss/Summon
  73. Reward Active Platinum Users
  74. Suggestion : Party Finder NPC
  75. HTC One m8
  76. sts dev reply! Clarify n fix pls?
  77. [Suggestion] Fireworks for Red Eggs
  78. Suggestion: Particle Effect for Myth Ring
  79. Time in AL
  80. Add Some Effects to the new Mythic Ring When XP and Luck Proc Please!
  81. [Suggestion] Please consider changing the new mythic ring to be generic
  82. [SUGGESTION] Shady and Surge
  83. [Suggestion] the new mythic ring will be perfect if...
  84. Suggestion For Inventory
  85. Buff Mythic Egg Band proc chance for Warrior or....
  86. Suggestion - Different colors for damage done and taken.
  87. Suggestions to Improve AL
  88. Suggestion: Cooldown Timers Visible When Pet Gets Hungry.
  89. Suggestions to improve the AL experience.
  90. Pet and Stable ideas
  91. How about a PvP zone without Pets :)
  92. PvP Private Room.
  93. 2x chance for mythic and arcane items from locked.
  94. Al on iternet explorer?
  95. [Suggestion] Mythic Set To Vanity
  96. Double odds chests
  97. Increasing Stash slots?
  98. Loadouts
  99. Push notifacation for consigment store/ fast junk delete/ stash slot issue
  100. Re-Egging system.
  101. Welcome to the Arcane Legends Suggestions and Feedback Forum!
  102. Need little more restore of my account
  103. Expansion Suggestion [Selling/Trading Hotspot]
  104. [SUGGESTION] Anti-Necroing
  105. when mage buff come? pl add more dmg for curse mage
  106. Plat Farming - My opinion...
  107. New Title for 15k Aps
  108. Guild Leaderboard banners.
  109. feauture for guild hall
  110. effect on planar pendant
  111. Hot Keys for Loadouts
  112. My own Suggestions for better game experience.
  113. Banners for Guild Halls
  114. for PVP KDR
  115. Suggestion for Violet...
  116. Platinum subscription
  117. Why not try this
  118. Nerf nekro thread
  119. [Suggestion] change how uncharged gale is aimed
  120. Orange with Envy(Mythic Deary)
  121. Mass booting
  122. Adding small changes to PVP KDR
  123. waiting place for shuyal arena
  124. STS Please ADD CINEMATICS to the new expansion........
  125. Arrange pets alphabetically
  126. Stable Organization Idea
  127. Made Some Weapons
  128. Bring back the para stone gem event pls
  129. there should be new catagory in leaderboard
  130. idea to keep people busy until the expansion
  131. Greater levels!!!
  132. AL Pet Idea Windy & Bubbles
  133. In need for a major change
  134. Bigger stash or more inventory slots
  135. Influencing AL with PL
  136. Banner
  137. [Suggestion] Increase the range of getting boss' loot
  138. New Arcane Pet
  139. just imagine
  140. suggestion for futuristic expansion part 1
  141. Put pet's we don't own AA in description in stable
  142. Rogues (nerf?) suggestion
  143. Warrior Aggro Control Suggestion
  144. No ill wishing meant but i feel it needs to be brought up.
  145. Ideas
  146. Resurrection Of AL(Read this Once)
  147. fix aimed shot upgrade "deadly focus"
  148. New Emotes Please!
  149. You have been MUTED!!
  150. new event pets
  151. Terrain Fade
  152. [Suggestion] For future similar events
  153. Item Lock
  154. Concerns About Certain Controversial Issues...
  155. relbog remove curse skill. class mage become food in pvp
  156. Transferring items from one toon to another!
  157. Goblin Event: the good and the bad
  158. Customer Service
  159. [Suggestion] Goodbye gems event?
  160. suggestion for pvp
  161. Arcane Legends - Goblin Event 2015 Videos!
  162. How come there is't a father day's banner?
  163. [Suggestion] Improve nilbog's stats please
  164. [Complaints] how come 2015 goblin event's vanity is untradeable?
  165. Ursoths Event
  166. India Banner Please!!
  167. Suggestion for Next Halloween
  168. Add these feature please
  169. suggestion for weapons power gap(endgame)
  170. Next gauntled event part iii
  171. Silly.
  172. STS, we need another Para gem event...
  173. Hi please help me I m old player
  174. Please let us "play" with other players' pets
  175. Platsale! Platsale! When is the next platsale? :3
  176. Belt upgrades, referenced from the new sneak peak
  177. [Suggestion] Goodbye lockeds and gems event?
  178. goblin gas mask
  179. weekly mega boss!!!
  180. pls make elon weapons avail. for tokens in ursoth event
  181. for events
  182. planar pendant for rogues
  183. How to eventually balance pvp.
  184. Automatically Lock Old Threads!
  185. 180 sec
  186. Skills idea
  187. Special Vanity with Gem Socket
  188. Status of players who damaged more in runs
  189. [Suggestion] buff goblin weapon slightly please
  190. Re-egging Button
  191. suggestion for achievements
  192. talk to you trash when u reply back threat u will be banned
  193. [Suggestion] Search System for Friend List, Guild, Ignore List, Stable
  194. [feedback] about gloom
  195. Kill & Flag Farming
  196. Survival Mode
  197. PVP Map Setting for next expansion. Dead Ciy | Brackenridge
  198. The mobile advantage
  199. [Suggestion] Change gale's forward dash to slow+push/pull immunity
  200. Test Server Vendor Suggestion
  201. al on windows phone
  202. My wish for AL on next future.
  203. Proposal of New AP for Ignores in Game
  204. Test Server
  205. PvP Suggestion
  206. Suggestion for pets
  207. Guild Bank
  208. More Diversity in Enemy Attacks
  209. can we see our own rank in lb?
  210. Suggestion: Muted Title
  211. Help meee !!!!
  212. Suggestion: Farmable Ren'gol Crate Keys
  213. Elondrian Native Hood Figure
  214. Suggestion for Elite PvE
  215. Elite Hauntlet [The concept of Raids]
  216. [Suggestion] Make our favourite sets from past and present into vanity items!
  217. Belts: Couldn't they also expand the inventory?
  218. dragonkin fragments
  219. [Suggestion] PvE only skillset toggle button
  220. Tokens drop on boss and rengol lock
  221. Suggestion: Companion Elixir?
  222. Increase Gold Cap Please!
  223. i need help
  224. Organizing Stable
  225. Suggestion: PvP Lobby
  226. Make the level up a scroll
  227. The new or I guess old chat system
  228. Belts for everyone below 41
  229. My Concerns regarding Jewel System
  230. Suggestion: Imbued armors!
  231. STS, can you update the store with new items?
  232. Water/Nature Jewel Drop too often?
  233. Remove leashes off brutes
  234. HP/Mana Jewels?
  235. make porkchop available for collectors!
  236. [Feedback] Toor/Gold Toor In Desperate Need For A Buff...
  237. Hey sts!
  238. Fail jewels farming
  239. PLEASE do something to put Forged Energy at he bottom of Inventory list
  240. New craft section to make things less horrid when crafting
  241. Suggestion to help class diversity in Ren'gol levels
  242. Message of the day needs more place !
  243. chat
  244. Love birds pet
  245. Guilds
  246. Chat
  247. Let Axe Throw be able to pull all bosses
  248. [Suggestion] add gold rewarding dailies to rengol maps please
  249. Suggestion
  250. Bring back Blood/Glacial/Fire Essences