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  1. suggestion: 1v1 pvp room and spectate mode
  2. New level cap for pets
  3. Confirm Button!
  4. [Suggestion] Increase rally cry range, pls...
  5. Can i go back to lvl23? Im 30 now
  6. About forager armors and supreme helms
  7. Old Mytic (armour and helm)
  8. New pvp map
  9. [Suggestion] Crafting and Crafting Items UI
  10. I think we need a 2x tooth drop event
  11. Squeakems 'n Squish
  12. Ankhs
  13. Please release names
  14. What Arcane gear will be release at lv46 expansion?
  15. Vanity Weapons!!!!
  16. Cs changes please
  17. Can we get mailbox in game?
  18. What about a event lb or event price
  19. [SUGGESTION] Administrators and Moderators.
  20. Suggestion: Can we delete jewels as we did with essences...?
  21. please tone down the elixir button flashing with next client
  22. Suggestion - Remove Jewels dropping from Tombs and Mines
  23. There should be a double confirmation button on tooth vendor
  24. Trade Gold For Plat
  25. improve Dovabear's aa for this ursoth
  26. [Suggestion] Please improve ranged pet's AI/movement pattern
  27. Effect particles of gem paracelsus
  28. Future ideas for AL
  29. Suggestion: Double CTF Flag Week
  30. Drop standard or fortified jewels in elites..
  31. Feedback: I dislike Jewels
  32. Suggestion: Remove Diamond Jewel Drops From Ren'Gol Maps
  33. Suggestion: Stackable Jewels
  34. [Suggestion] Ideas for future gauntlets
  35. Future Gauntlets
  36. Arena Drop Jewels
  37. Deleting jewels for some small amount of gold
  38. For those who have always wanted to play in early seasons but started AL too late
  39. [Feedback] about thumper's (2nd rengol boss) bomb rain
  40. Please give us something to farm/merch
  41. [Feedback] "Upgrade to lvl41" Problem
  42. Some ideas for the Hauntlet shop
  43. [Suggestion] return jarl please
  44. [PVE] Can we have immunity time between two stuns
  45. Ursoth's Assault Event 2015 Feedback Thread
  46. Suggestion: Auction To Ghall
  47. Please introduce an /ignore command
  48. Suggestion: Alleviate the Jewel Pain
  49. [Suggestion] Better guild & chat system
  50. Please modify design of new epic colour bows
  51. [Suggestion] It's high time already to make the inventory cleaner
  52. [Feedback] Please Remove the Following Items from Ren'gol Weapon/Armour Chests
  53. Please Remove the Following Items from Ren'gol Weapon/Armour Chests
  54. Take your time with elite STS
  55. [Suggestion] The return of SnS
  56. SUGGESTION: Remove SnS from the stable of those players who does not have this pet.
  57. [Suggestion] Put Stats of the Blood Sash of Might (Elondria) in the Store
  58. The new SNS pet ( Squirrels)
  59. Energy
  60. [Suggestion] Extend The Crafting Area.
  61. (Warrior & Mage) Call of Champions inspired vanities need improvement
  62. [FEEDBACK] Ursoth Assault - Fantasma
  63. its annoying. Fix idea to StG
  64. New legendary weapons EXTREMELY rare procs
  65. [Suggestion] Buff Toor Please
  66. Vote for country banner
  67. Make wings to have their own slot!
  68. Twist to 1v1 pvp Pom
  69. Beetle pets pls sts :) ty
  70. [Feedback] Mage Heal Upgrade
  71. [Feedback] Crimson Wings
  72. [Suggestion] New slot vanity for wings.
  73. [Feedback] Fixing the Broken Jewel System!
  74. [Feedback] Warriors need a buff
  75. [Suggestion] head vanity to retain face and hair/ear originality
  76. [Feedback] Platinum Tier Reward - Crimson fairy Wings Should be change
  77. Pls STG fix jord staff and new cap gun
  78. [Suggestion] "Lend" option in trade screen
  79. [Feedback] Change price
  80. Forged Energy Kits!
  81. [Suggestion] idea for plat tier reward for next event.
  82. Last Suggestion Before Leaving AL
  83. We NEED more than THREE maps to revitalize the PVE Experience
  84. Ren'gol weapon
  85. Suggestion: How to Make Gold Arcane Eggs Wanted.
  86. Search button..
  87. [Feedback] Blood Sash
  88. Do not launch the level 46 mythics please until the stats are revised.
  89. Banners
  90. [Feedback] I think Sts buff the wrong Skills for warrior
  91. Pets AA Also supports other pt member pets
  92. STUNNED. My GAWD I can't move anymore in Ren'Gol maps!!
  93. [Suggestions] for NEW ELITE and FUTURE ELITE Contents
  94. Don't bring back para gems UNLESS
  95. [Suggestion] Bring Back the Para Gem
  96. UI improvements for better gameplay
  97. Feedback - Unicorn Rescue Suggestion - Future contest
  98. iOS 9 Replaykit - Screen Recording
  99. [Feedback] Concerns Regarding Elite Content
  100. Variety of items (New)
  101. Gender
  102. [Suggestion] Make forced order for elites.
  103. Wings =flying😛
  104. [Suggestion] Bring back Primary Stat Gems
  105. Ability to sell pets
  106. My suggestion Ultimate Raid Battles
  107. How about bringing back Mines of Nordia?
  108. 5 skill slot
  109. Dummy users will rise!
  110. Pvp testing!
  111. [Feedback] New Elite Maps is Unfair for Mage Class
  112. Elite Rengol Drops
  113. [Feedback] Wings! Should they be a Banner, have their own Slot, or stay as they are?
  114. Warrior wings
  115. Lvl 36 Mythic Set
  116. Warrior PvE Enhancement: Rally Cry Buff
  117. 😎Sts can u make this vanity for coming hallowen?.
  118. Please release porkchop or allow L41+ players to buy L41 pack...
  119. idea for holloween arcane weapons
  120. SUGGESTION upcoming halloween event
  121. [suggestions] for future events...
  122. Nomerite Quest Line Should Not Be Limited By Time...
  123. [suggestion] several ideas to make elite rengol harder...
  124. Harder work - Concept
  125. Alternative pvp event suggestion
  126. Epic belt equipment for everyone below 43.
  127. Almost there guys...
  128. Garetta Orc Invasion ?
  129. Event Lock Crafting Suggestion
  130. Pots
  131. [suggestion] add more longer potion cooldown and remove ankh kit
  132. Hallow vanity thoughts
  133. [SUGGESTION] Leprechaun Scamming - Action should be taken by STS
  134. [ Suggestion ] - Rename CtF to "Flag"
  135. read STS idea about new pets class!
  136. Original Vanity Pets and Weapon STS Proposal
  137. Posting gold amount in auction!
  138. Additional "load out" buttons
  139. Respec skill
  140. [suggestion] additional ranks in the guild
  141. Remove 2 orcs in Rengol 1 Elite
  142. Quest drops to MailBox??? [suggestion]
  143. PvP Respect points in additiin to kdr
  144. [Suggestion] Guild improvement + Guild event
  145. (SUGGESTION) Warrior's Brotherhood
  146. Para's and eye's
  147. Arctic Shatter needs improvement
  148. Dummies in auction.....
  149. [feedback] too many rengol enemies immune to banish
  150. Jewel Converter NPC
  151. [Rants] Saddening difficulties of elite rengol
  152. [Sugestion] Please make pet power booster 41 available to buy.
  153. [SUGGESTION] Four of em', read me!
  154. [Suggestion] give decent gold payout for elite daily: planar tombs pls
  155. [request] sincerely ask to return elite rengol difficulties
  156. [Suggestion] pet transfer system!!!
  157. "buff warriors"
  158. What I find good in Arlor and what I think needs improvement
  159. Suggestion: Skill Wheel
  160. Suggestions for new arcanes
  161. Legendary Event Guns Instead of staffs
  162. [Feedback] Announcements
  163. [Suggestion] Remove "Upgrade Items" Alert
  164. Pet level boost pack
  165. Jewels from elites ..
  166. Reconsider Cornucopia Harvest Horn as tradeable.
  167. We need fancy black wings!
  168. invent shoes system when halloween
  169. [Feedback] Recent Events and Pets
  170. (Suggestions) On King
  171. Additional Function Of Ignore
  172. Big love 2013
  173. [Suggestion] Showing pets' stats in auction
  174. AL needs a skill/class overhaul
  175. PVE kills
  176. *Intact orc fang*
  177. Major collection inventory problem
  178. load out suggestion
  179. Suggestions for new arcane pets
  180. [suggestion] mages' straw hat to show their ear
  181. Nerf Grimnr.
  182. Free for all PVP
  183. SNS as a crate token pet.
  184. Add SnS to Token Vendor
  185. Vanity suggesion for hallowen
  186. Inventory, satchel
  187. Larger Inventory
  188. Auction House
  189. Enchanted Eye & Para Gems Dilemma
  190. Can STS make a option to hide all these effects ?
  191. Nowdays mage can't kill warr & rog on lv 5 - 14 pvp
  192. Mr Stampy Proper
  193. Suggestion for Crates
  194. Ride option for pets
  195. Please. PLEASE fix the crate loot!!!!
  196. 2x time grand gem chance weekend......
  197. Free respect weekend?
  198. We have x2 chance grand gem weekend...what about jewels?
  199. [Suggestion] Remove boss pre-fight camera overflight
  200. Better event
  201. Burning Bone Vanity slight alteration.
  202. Devil vanities
  203. suggestion(refreshing spot)
  204. Idea to help limit the amount of spam.
  205. A Best Community in Arcane Legends
  206. Arcane Legends Official Duel Arena Feedback Thread
  207. Idea for back equipment slot
  208. throwback server idea
  209. New class option
  210. Question
  211. Pet: Full Health for Every Level Up
  212. Changes to UI
  213. an idea and a rant.
  214. New vampire face
  215. Elite garetta over buffed
  216. Enemies List in TDM
  217. [Suggestion] Revert back to the old client until you fix the new one
  218. "If it aint broke, don't fix it"
  219. Vampire face package as tradeable.
  220. [suggestion for accounts]
  221. Energy Drop
  222. Slobber's ability and passive, not a good combo.
  223. NPC to change Ursoth Event legendary weapons into vanity weapons?
  224. Platinum
  225. [Feedback] Disappointed with AL Halloween
  226. [Suggestion] Give points to boogie, please
  227. Enchanted Eye/Paracelsus Stone Dilemma
  228. [Suggestion] weapon vanity to change projectile visual
  229. Account type transfer
  230. No Banner for My country..Please Someone answer
  231. Warrior - Mythic weapon armor
  232. Suggestions on how to buff warriors new mythic weapon.
  233. I think the new event bosses are ubalanced
  234. Feedback : Halloween Event
  235. winter event pet idea
  236. Boogie
  237. Craftable pet from Squash eggs and candy bars
  238. More Skills Possibly?
  239. [Suggestion] Option to add more crafting stations
  240. [Feed] Wings
  241. Extractable Paracelsus Gem?
  242. Arcane belt idea
  243. Flashback event!
  244. Improve AL: Ideas
  245. How about...coloured names????
  246. How to kill paracelsus boss?
  247. Bring back the old gems!!!!
  248. Upgraded Mythics (Uller, Vili, Himingleva)
  249. Suggestion - Pet Removal Option
  250. My thoughts on Tank buffs