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  1. [Suggestion] Lv. 56 Elite Dungeon, Nordr Caves
  2. St patties day event.
  3. [Suggestion] Lv. 56 Dungeon, Nordr Caves (Fixed)
  4. [IDEA] Timed capture the flag
  5. [Suggestion] Progression Bars
  6. Rework sorc
  7. [Idea] Make your own chest
  8. New particle animation for new Arcanestaff
  9. Suggestion for StS
  10. Suggestions: "Modify is better option than compromise"
  11. Shield mitigation
  12. Language
  13. Sir spends-alot vanity weapons :)
  14. [Suggestion] Own inventory's count when stashing/giving
  15. [VIDEO] New Acarde Daggers
  16. Players selling nekro and hold for real money
  17. Crate Keys' impact on Elite Chests
  18. Hit counter for Fleet Ship Guild Hall Dummy
  19. suggest to removed 2x orc fang and back to normal
  20. Vanity Molds
  21. [ suggestion ] For Gale Force
  22. new pet idea, the twin wolves
  23. 500 buying potion for health and mana
  24. some vanity ideas
  25. Shame [Feedback]
  26. [Feedback] Rogue Armor
  27. new elite achievs
  28. New more spaces for Craft Jewels and Lock
  29. [Feedback] Separation of crafting materials capacity
  30. [Feedback] About damage increase passive
  31. Elite
  32. (Suggestion) Pve kills
  33. [WEAPON SUGGESTIONS] Rogue Daggers
  34. Help with stole acc
  35. A Really Awesome Pet Idea!
  36. [Suggestion] Cryostar locks to contain pets of previous season
  37. Quick pet change button!!
  38. We totally need this
  39. Fix rogues armor
  40. [Suggestion] World map to retain its scrolled position
  41. [Suggestion] Unlocking towns to works globally in an account
  42. [Suggestion] multiple wave mob arena
  43. [Suggestion] How should elixirs stack their countdown
  44. Suggestion : Hall of Challengers
  45. [SUGGESTION] PvP kdr respec
  46. [Feedback] New Underhaul Set
  47. Coliseum
  48. More Crafting Slots
  49. Deary "bug"???
  50. [SUGGESTION] Old Mythic Set
  51. Reward For LB Underhul Winners
  52. [Suggestion] Notifications
  53. 46 arcane sword nerf/solution
  54. (SUGGESTION) Yellow pools from gnomes
  55. Underhul leaderboard
  56. [Feedback] Please make stampy deserved to be called 'crafted arcane'
  57. jewels/scrap material etc
  58. Lord Rendtail Egg mob XP bug?
  59. Suggestion: Mass delete items
  60. Crate Keys
  61. Gives us rog backs our damage, at least a portion.
  62. [IDEAS] AA and Happiness
  63. Batman Vs Superman
  64. GH Fleet ship instant teleport to kraken mine
  65. Disappointments associated with The Curse Of Cryostar
  66. What's the AA? Environment changing? Wut?
  67. Regarding Flame Forged Blades
  68. [Suggestion] Deathmatch to have similar camera feature like CTF
  69. Some great suggestions.
  70. Make tdm can be close!!!
  71. Need confirmation.
  72. [Feedback] About scaled up normal rengol maps
  73. [Suggestion] Skill cutomization
  74. [Suggestion] About curse.
  75. Very good idea? -April 2016
  76. [Suggestion] Make Porkchop Purchasable with Platinum
  77. Would like to see this change
  78. [Suggestion]Pet, pet aa
  79. Skill Mastery Suggestion
  80. Pet xp share
  81. [Feedback] Please increase reward of glintstone city's daily quests
  82. There is somethig very wrong
  83. The point of view from a beginner perspective, please read
  84. The point of view from a beginner perspective, please read
  85. Jewel scaling inconsistency
  86. Sts please adjust swift aa in pvp
  87. [Suggestion] Please tone down mana cost increase for rogue
  88. [Suggestion] Dragon staff's consecrate damage to have chance to apply the dot
  90. Realms for our character ! Game changing suggestion
  91. [Suggestion] Lv. 56 Elite Dungeon, Hellfire Dragon's Nest
  92. [Suggestion] Option to show dropped loot on minimap
  93. Suggestion:Pls make jewel n loot drop in cry better
  94. Arcane Legends Championship 2016?
  95. The Anti-Scam System
  96. [Suggestion] 2 New Pet for Curse of Cryostar Expansion
  97. [Suggestion] disabled xp gain should not block pve kills
  98. [Suggestion] Give Arlorians A Mailbox!
  99. [Suggestion] David and Goliath Pet
  100. [Suggestion] Twin Towers
  101. Fresh Start!
  102. Pet Stable Re-Organization
  103. Chang Name
  104. [Feedback] About Arcane Deary
  105. [Feedback] Class Balance
  106. I think Arcane Legends should be pay to win
  107. PVP balance proposal
  108. [Feedback] About heretic chest and set amulet
  109. [Feedback] About increased gold drop
  110. [suggestion]: (pvp map- guilt free kill) permanent
  111. Feedback suggestion on the Antignome necklace
  112. [Suggestion] Mixture of Pve and PvP on one map!
  113. Modify the look of the Cryomodified weapons!!
  114. Can india too have a flag In al?
  115. [Feedback] About Chest Contents UI
  116. [Feedback] About new Hate/Aggro system
  117. [Suggestion] Proposal on how enemies should be scaled up
  118. Some Changes Really Required
  119. Add Private mode button to Option!
  120. Hunter's Set
  121. [Suggestion] Please release balanced version of antignome belt, ring, and amulet
  122. Deary Portal Enter Confirmation Window
  123. I think Sorcerers Are Useless in PvE...
  124. L51 Flameforged Blades Review
  125. SET necklace, helm and belt droprate
  126. [SUGGESTION] Instant search ( AC price )
  127. [Suggestion] Faerie pets? :)
  128. [SUGGESTION] 'Team Player Death Note'
  129. [Suggestion] Buff Warriors
  130. Help me out.....
  131. Anyone know how to fix the AL economy?
  132. Can STS do an option of convert Forged Flame weapons lv 47 in (G) coins again? Please
  133. [Feedback] Health and Mana Regen
  134. [Suggestion] Lock items u wont delete.
  135. [Suggestion] Cryoworm Brooch Recipe and Elite Gold Heretic Chests
  136. Rogues damage at twink lvls
  137. Personal thoughts on new pvp set up
  138. My Opinion about New PVP System
  139. my thoughts on twink pvp
  140. Dramatic pvp swipe
  141. Why the PP is still better than the Arcane Pendant...
  142. [Feedback] About gold elite runners chest
  143. NERF ROGUE DODGE pls!!
  144. [Suggestion] It's high time to buff unpopular skills
  145. [Suggestion] Vanity Auras!
  146. [Feedback] About global nerf of healing power in pvp
  147. Suggestion - Fix rogue Smash Hands posture
  148. Flame Forge Dagger FIX IT PLEASE.
  149. [Suggestion] A feature to turn on/off proc
  150. Forum,Twink Market Suggestion
  151. New pet system, RE EGG PLS!
  152. [Suggestion] About level 51 Glintforged staff proc!
  153. Arabian Banar for the Middle East Nation
  154. Bring Back the Public Test Server
  155. Regarding jewel drops
  156. Bring Back old arcane pets
  157. More equipment loadouts
  158. Suggestion: Pet Cooldown Time Info
  159. Suggestion: item lock options
  160. Suggestion : quick item set switching HUD
  161. suggestion
  162. The Arlor's Carnival Event.
  163. [Suggestion] Feature to cancel jewel crafting
  164. everything
  165. [Suggestion] Remove dynamic difficulty
  166. [Feedback] About Elite Underhul
  167. This is just getting rediculous
  168. Fast switch gear and skill loadout
  169. [suggestion] luck jewels?
  170. goblin event feedback, mods what you think?
  171. Visual request
  172. [Suggetion] Introduction of Borrow window
  173. Bring craftmania back!!
  174. [Suggestion] Graphic Options
  175. Farm ballance
  176. Arlor Researcher's Lab
  177. [Suggestion] Old Arcane and Mythic Pets
  178. About that Dragon infused Helmet
  179. Guild Enhancements Brainstorming Thread
  180. Mailbox for housing system!
  181. [Feedback] About Cryostar Crafted Legendary Weapons
  182. Korruption and mana nerfs in PvP...
  183. Trading permission is tuff
  184. Stats and effects suggestion
  185. Another Promo
  186. unleashed modes in pve maps
  187. [Suggestion] More Loadout Slots
  188. Elite Cryostar Coins
  189. Make Glintforged Amulets lvl47 convertible
  190. Suggestion on a way to stop macro users
  191. [Suggestion] Please make stuns from fireball and gale stacks
  192. Suggestion : PVP Mini Event
  193. Suggestion : Tutorial Contest
  194. Suggestion: GvG & zone capturing
  195. [Suggestion] Ability to see available crafting recipes even if slot is full
  196. New Convenience store isnt really convenient + more
  197. Please makehouses not as reliant on Plat
  198. Housing Inventory
  199. [Suggestion] NEW EXPANSION
  200. UI feedback and use case request
  201. coolest rogue armor ever
  202. Housing issues and ideas
  203. [Feedback] About l56 legendary gears
  204. [Suggestion] - Vanity Pets
  205. Housing Feedback
  206. New furniture ideas
  207. plat sale!
  208. Extra inventory slot for elixirs and buff
  209. Exercise and Dancing as new emote
  210. Nerf korruption!
  211. Courage as an egg
  212. [Housing System Suggestions] (+ some more :P)
  213. B)lvl6 para item (rogue)
  214. Flame Forged hammers suggestion[HOT]
  215. New Vanity Weapons Ideas
  216. [Suggestion] Cryostar Golem Pet
  217. Having Mailboxes around towns
  218. HOUSING: Join feedback
  219. Platinum is account shared so crate tokens should be also
  220. Muhammad Ali Arcane pets : In Memory
  221. System messages
  222. Clicking through finished crafting screen and chests to skip
  223. New system for warriors N rogues
  224. Please add or replace the vanitys in store section
  225. Another One!
  226. F. B. I.
  227. My suggestions
  228. [Feedback] Overly immune mobs
  229. Ideas for stash
  230. HOMES in Arlor
  231. Daily pvp quest [suggestion]
  232. Can we do exclusive items in shazbot and klaas
  233. Tax on items in ac should be paid after item is sold.
  234. feedback about weapon ballance
  235. Ankhs cost more than arcane items
  236. Munch Mouth
  237. Arcane Shard
  238. [Suggestion] Jewel Conversions
  239. [Sugg] Furniture Preview in Auction
  240. Hunter elixir
  241. A List of Things That's Wrong with Housing System
  242. suggestion : warrior skywardsmash animation
  243. Limit the amount of members Officers can kick from a guild.
  244. Pls Make Arc Loot In Normal Cry lock
  245. [Feedback] About item rarity
  246. Damage Refinement for Rogue Vs Rogue
  247. Global Messages
  248. Guild Alliance.
  249. Shared loot
  250. Valentine vanity