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  1. Request: Add Effects To The Halloween Banner
  2. More Classes please!
  3. chit chatting addon - we need this !
  4. Arcane Legends Movie
  5. Eggs with Platinum
  6. Need some options
  7. plat from klaas and shazzbot
  8. Idea for Guilds (feedback welcome)
  9. More Emotes!!
  10. Prevent twinks reaching level cap
  11. Make CS and Stash more close for all towns
  12. Deal of the Day
  13. increase initial stash and inventory
  14. Add Reputation points in Game..
  15. Talon Buff
  16. Level process must be change to minimize scam attemps
  17. PVP "Kick" Suggestion and Team Switch Options
  18. Dicing
  19. Suggestion for anti-scamming
  20. make it easier to farm gold at kragg cannons plz sirs
  21. Report issue.
  22. Suggestion: Add an Ignore chat command
  23. New Expansion Idea
  24. Make trades reversable for a short period of time
  25. Suggestion for Christmas Pet
  26. Making gold more easy to trade
  27. Party Yourself
  28. Auction house: shortcut to search for an item in your inventory
  29. Arena Fence
  30. Yet another idea to reduce tricks in trading window, and to enhance CS
  31. Guild / Friend Notifications
  32. Charcter auction
  33. Support pets (New pet suggestions)
  34. limit on mythic hoarding
  35. Suggestion for Christmas pet!!!!!
  36. New Sorc Skill
  37. Upgrade Juggernaut - The Warrior Skill
  38. Improving the Jack helloween Pendant loot reroll
  39. Replace SSS?
  40. An Idea for Christmas Weapon
  41. New Rally Cry
  42. adding locked for zoom
  43. Monitoring System
  44. Last Online Timer - Friends List
  45. Bringing it up again!
  46. No Bug Pets?
  47. Proc of the Arcane Staff
  48. Improve the 'Ignore System' in game
  49. Best sorcerer skill! (Suggestion) New One
  50. When can upgraded lv36 myth helmet and armor be tradeable?
  51. AL secondary class/some skill suggestions
  52. Respec using gold
  53. here's a great idea every one will love and there are no drawbacks
  54. buff up arcane hooks
  55. Please add host option/set password option.
  56. Grimm Improvement
  57. Pets Arcane Abilities
  58. Ukraine
  59. Please abolish 5k and 10k flagging APs
  60. Accidental Clicks
  61. The Switching gear Slot (Suggestion for a better life)
  62. about a new weapon grade Legends :D
  63. Please regen the statues
  64. TDM PVP Improvements Suggestion
  65. Increase maximum number of inventory slots
  66. thnx for listening
  67. Input a Ban for guilds
  68. Make PVE kilsl count in all Elite Maps
  69. Suggestion on K/D Reset
  70. Bard Token neck and items underwhelming for the cost
  71. [Suggestion] feature to liquidate chest and eggs
  72. Ideas for saint patricks day!!
  73. Health Packs Rearrangement!
  74. DEV:any plan for letting story token to be tradeable??
  75. Pet looting
  76. New Weapon Types
  77. anti scam group!
  78. ideas for new years
  79. New loot in Arena
  80. Improve mage lifegiver because its really bad
  81. Guild Hall Expansion
  82. Trade Portion....
  83. Talking with the whole entire Arcane players?
  84. Some New Things to be added on leaderboard (PvP)
  85. Story tokens to open Grand locked Crates
  86. Interesting new idea for AL (Developers, please read!)
  87. Gift Offline Users & Accept
  88. Please find a new location for your adds.
  89. Upgrades Official Feedback Thread
  90. Crafting Official Feedback Thread
  91. short of inventory slots
  92. Make Inventory Management Easier!
  93. Please Remove Reroll Possibility from Essences
  94. My Suggestion
  95. 2 Suggestions after crafting release
  96. Being able to put pets in a specific order
  97. story token respecs
  98. pls make locks rare its value is just 6k in al
  99. Devs move the ads from the menu -.-
  100. Essences
  101. Steps Toward A Better Arcane Legends!
  102. just a couple things
  103. For the Devs: A suggestion for Inventory Slots.
  104. Suggestion For PC Players
  105. Ctf "flagging rooms"
  106. Selling in bundles
  107. New quests> Suggestion
  108. (dev)locked grand crates of the watch!
  109. How do u take in game pictures?
  110. Crafting Timer stuck - Devs plz see
  111. Emotes and Banners
  112. Swapping exceptional gem?
  113. New function
  114. Abundance of locked
  115. Devs, please move the open locked button.
  116. Make one essence not 3 different kinds
  117. snowflakes, snow banner.
  118. Make maps more adventurous
  119. Last seen status
  120. Dark Watch Sword Overpowered Why?
  121. Chat System Improvement - Tabs
  122. Suggestions
  123. GM Event
  124. Can we have a statistic about the percentage of dmg each players deal to the boss
  125. Male rogue
  126. BIG pet ideas
  127. Add an option to Unsocket Gems
  128. Awaw!
  129. Gem "What If" Preview Stats
  130. Guild hall --- Option --- ANNOYING
  131. Remove Disconnection Deaths
  132. Consider reducing re-socketing time to 8 to 10 hours
  133. Have level 36 PvP only
  134. Will there be an option to send off-line msg in the future?
  135. [Suggestion] Price of things purchased by story tokens
  136. [Suggestion] More skill information
  137. 'Selling' in inventory
  138. only 1-13gold? -_-
  139. About pvp
  140. a sincere request
  141. Suggestion new class ( in devolpment)
  142. Suggestion Skill Group
  143. Extra purchasable slots for Quick Load-outs, instead of four?
  144. A few U.I. Suggestions..
  145. PVE Map + some
  146. My favorite collection of Suggestions
  147. Pls consider this suggestions
  148. Suggestion: Put the number of players waiting for elite games on the world map
  149. Accessories for pets
  150. All pets are same level as your character!
  151. Must have!
  152. Class specific AP
  153. warrior speed kill skill needed
  154. Improvements to trade tab needed imo
  155. Christmas themed Guild Hall
  156. Suggestion: Hard PvE map with waves
  157. While I love the idea of a bonus plat offer weekend...
  158. SUGGESTION: BLOODY Effect for Players wearing "ALL" SUPER GEARS
  160. One simple CONFIRM button wouldn't hurt
  161. Playing on PC vs. playing on Phone/tablet ( PVP )
  162. Targeting & Plat Elix Update For Pets
  163. Do you think its time to add another skill slot?
  164. Packed(Unused) and tradeable Elixir from Locked Crate
  165. CONSIGNMENT Shop: Notification Alert
  166. Hotkeys for PC users
  167. Change of name suggestion..in regards to what happened to purple
  168. There should be a camera in AL.
  169. Suggestions to modify essences.
  170. Stable stat button
  171. make confirmation button when purchasing something using plat
  172. Suggestion: pet behaviour option
  173. Dear Santa I sincerely wish..
  174. Suggestions for game.
  175. Remort and Tiers - End Game is not a Dead End
  176. How to fix Lifegiver
  177. weapon, armor, and accessory smelting!
  178. Dead city quest.....
  179. Auction in Guild hall
  180. we need a bubble shield around flagger in ctf
  181. Suggestion on the old Christmas vanities
  182. possible new daily reward system?
  183. Old player rewards
  184. Slag
  185. Balance it....
  186. Coin Chest
  187. Request date joined/created for character.
  188. The single most annoying part of AL, that absolutely HAS to be changed...
  189. Auction Changes
  190. Pooker
  191. An ability to talk while dead!
  192. Tarlok's Wrath Winter Event Official Feedback Thread
  193. winter event feedback thread is locked
  194. Website Store
  195. Guild Improvments
  196. CS feedback and suggestion
  197. researching on cs
  198. [suggestion] Gamepad support for mobile user
  199. Suggestion for the crafting/upgrading
  200. Prance adjustment
  201. Max/Min Price Tab
  202. Character Rename Price..
  203. Suggestion: Arcane faces
  204. Opitional Loot
  205. Suggestion for Devs... (More money for STS wahoo!)
  206. Official Feedback: Regarding Rift Spawn Rates
  207. Arcane Legends and MOGA
  208. Suggestion to allow sorcerers to change their face / body color with the use of story
  209. List of Improvements
  210. Characters should have story lines
  211. General Character Thread
  212. Suggestion For Auction Slots/Inventory
  213. Selling trash items faster
  214. Disable loot pick-up option with common and rare category
  215. STS random number generator
  216. New Guild Hall Design
  217. Infected spawn rate
  218. Twink level Tarlok Boss
  219. Signature limit
  220. new vanity and pets
  221. Friendly suggestion! (tarlok event!!)
  222. Different appearance of Tarlok gem on icon of items
  223. Pet + Gem Suggestion
  224. Leader Board Of Fun....
  225. MP regen for The Brothers Whim
  226. More banners
  227. Enable Chat While Viewing CS
  228. More Face and Hair designs for each class..
  229. Countdown Timer for the wandering minstrels
  230. Cruxz The Weapon Keeper
  231. Regarding christmas
  232. Plats in many ways?
  233. guilds!!!
  234. Information about person, who invited someone to guild.
  235. My idea for warrior vanity!
  236. Need More Classes
  237. donate gold and stuff
  238. Happy hour
  239. Message from black dragon guild
  240. Something to do with common items..
  241. Platinum offers...
  242. Add a dueling system?
  243. Suggestion: The gift thief (Super rare boss) Winter exclusive
  244. OMG! Legendary is mythic?
  245. Challenge another player to a duel (1-on-1 PvP)
  246. Enrage mode
  247. fool in Arcane legends
  248. Inventory management
  249. pin your pet
  250. Suggestion For Arcane legends staff