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  1. Make new skills
  2. Bidding System, Let Buyers Set The Price
  3. free respec or double xp
  4. 10-20 Story Tokens to Rename Pets
  5. Story tokens to increase stash spots
  6. Data used
  7. Moblie App
  8. More particle effect vanities please!
  9. Special Effects on New Vanities of each class
  10. Let us PLAY some WAR. -Clash of the titans-
  11. payment options
  12. Daily Free Potions
  13. Gender of characters
  14. Skip Tutorial
  15. CS price on items
  16. Vanitu
  17. My suggestion is to improve respect for platinum, locked and other.
  18. suggestion - put digital clock in game
  19. Pets name
  20. Add name to friend removal confirm dialogue
  21. Need help guys!!!!
  22. Spacetime Support?
  23. Extend winter update.
  24. Timeframe AP's
  25. Way Points on Maps
  26. Questline for Arcane Weapon Upgrade
  27. Double exp week
  28. drop rates need a increase..
  29. Valentine Update
  30. Runes
  31. Option to disable plat spending
  32. Separate Leaderboards
  33. Ping Location
  34. Dungeon crawlers/unstoppable force
  35. Re-roll elix with lep no locked & get green stuff again? & feedback on other matters
  36. help..! friend get band trade, post if u hav same prob too
  37. [Suggestion] General Suggestions for new year
  38. New mythic weapons
  39. Suggestion for gem recipes to drop from copper/silver/gold chests
  40. Suggestions
  41. Locked grand crate of the watch drop rates..
  42. Gender Options for Characters
  43. new banner and LB suggestion
  44. 5 skill slot suggestion
  45. Lep doesnt work well
  46. Suggestion to fix CTF
  47. Social Tabs Improvement
  48. Suggestion for another Mythic Upgrade
  49. Unlocked Grand Crate Of The Watch
  50. Luck Gem
  51. Guild Halls - Expansion themed
  52. Difference between captain axe and storm sword
  53. Password Protected Stash??
  54. Pets You Can Ride??
  55. Guild Hall pvp room!!!
  56. New class
  57. New class
  58. mark ignored players
  59. Consumable unlocks
  60. Dwarf class
  61. LB SUGGESTION : top player ever and top player this season
  62. Homeless title
  63. level 41 mythics
  64. pets
  65. Dragon Enclave Expansion Official Feedback Thread
  66. [Discussion] New Itemization System Coming in the Next Expansion
  67. Accoun Created -DATE- info
  68. Mage Class Improvements for Jungle Expansion.
  69. The elephant in the room - Those mythic armor AP points
  70. Toggle icons
  71. Suggestion for bard daily quesy
  72. stats after fiinishing map
  73. For my next horrible suggestion....
  74. Story TOkens
  75. Idea for the use of the new skill points we are going to get
  76. Message board for guild.
  77. Option to confirm changes to skill respec before charging plat.
  78. Indicate which boss we need to complete AP
  79. New ideas for Pets in future updates?
  80. A Password Code during trading with someone
  81. Transparent Vainity Armor's
  82. Disable Trade Option similar to Disable party invites
  83. STS can i have a request?
  84. Voice Chat!
  85. Open locked crate for gold?
  86. Make something useful out of Level Banners
  87. Change Flag design
  88. Cant play AL? WebGL? Outdated driver
  89. Is there mythic armor quests?
  90. Ctf- flag style
  91. Improve Isometric terrain
  92. New Expansion's PvP Room: Flagging Only!
  93. Next season's mythics to look different on all classes
  94. 1 Vs 1 PvP System(Gold Challenge included).
  95. Four Skills. (4)
  96. Increase Town Storage via Story Tokens
  97. My Suggestions/ideas.. devs please read :)
  98. Save Camera Distance
  99. New Story Token Pet
  100. Confirmation Button *sigh*
  101. Paysafe payment
  102. Players using more than 4 skills - Developers Please Read! :)
  103. More APs
  104. separate leaderboards
  105. What about this new skills for upcoming expansion?
  106. What about this new skills for upcoming expansion?
  107. Quick chat feature?
  108. Suggestion - separate bosses and mobs in expansion maps
  109. Suggestion - make Elite mobs worth x2 kills
  110. [Suggestion] Special Effect for Egg Drops
  111. [Suggestion] Vanity should be not using inventory slot?
  112. Suggestion - Automatic Gem Crafting
  113. Completing Daily Quests In Elites (Or new Elite Quests)
  114. Add more skill slots to HUD
  115. SUGGESTION - CTF team leader board, games lost/flags dropped counter, timed rooms
  116. [Suggestion] STS, could you make please a 50%luck weekend before Dragon Enclave??
  117. suggesting- re-gemming for 8 hours
  118. more armor for mage please
  119. [Suggestion] Please devalue story token
  120. [Suggestion] Combined friend list
  121. Make All mythic equipments upgradeable and untradeable
  122. Changes to Mages!
  123. Story Tokens for Re-spec and change name?
  124. Guild Post Boards in each Guild Castle
  125. Make Skills "Dodgeable" in PvP.
  126. Kragg Cannon Fire Ap???
  127. New AP I want to see in next expansion
  128. Time limited vanity for capping?
  129. Regarding Heraldics and Criers.
  130. Suggestion: Guild Hall Renovations
  131. [Suggestion] Can u Create New Character
  132. [Suggestions] Can u Create New Character
  133. [Suggestions] Can u Create New Character
  134. [Suggestion] Make Platinum purchased via sms
  135. Pet Breeding
  136. [Suggestion] Guild Banners
  137. a reset map button
  138. Mythic/arcane weapons and armors
  139. Opening crates w/ story tokens.
  140. Armor set bonuses.
  141. suggestion - Greek Banner
  142. Top 50 to Level 41 Everyone Deserves a Chance!
  143. Suggestion Map Rooming System
  144. [Suggestions] Free Veteran Vanity for old Player !!!!!
  145. Chinese new year
  146. [Suggestion] Change to skill build
  147. GUI needs improvement
  148. [Suggestion] remake frozen effect from ice puddles
  149. Official Feedback Thread for the New Arcane Pet: Singe
  150. [Suggestions] Makes Bael Vanity Armor and Make Vanity Drops From Monster Like SL !!!!
  151. [suggestion] leech
  152. Option for guild master/officer to see---"Last logged in:"
  153. Sts plats sale pls.
  154. Double platinum offer for nativex
  155. About the Glitched Helm that STS recently fixed.
  156. Pls. Help boss!
  157. [Suggestion] Indicator of getting hit
  158. [Suggestion] Make pet's arcane skill to teleport the pet
  159. [Suggestion] Active Buff Skill should not decrease health/mana
  160. we need a new hauntlet pet
  161. Suggestion dragons enclave
  162. Gems Taking Up Space
  163. [Suggestion] Remake increase armor passive to decrease incoming damage
  164. [Suggestion] Give effect to rally cry AoE size
  165. How to get good items in locked?
  166. sts please make it possible to kick a member on a PvP team
  167. sts please make it possible to kick a member on a PvP team
  168. STS Time to have a serious look at mages
  169. Income System!
  170. Stashing Pets
  171. [Suggestion] Please remove delay/cooldown when using potions
  172. Room Master?
  173. Pvp leaderboards
  174. Stash plats?
  175. We Need a Guild Announcement Options!
  176. [Suggestion] - Unique Vanity
  177. display our mana and health regen speed in the stats page
  178. Art contest.
  179. hazel without plat
  180. Mounts
  181. Free Platinum
  182. [Suggestion] Buff/Debuff status on bosses
  183. [Suggestion] Tired of liquidating each junk item one by one?
  184. [Suggestion] Pet food dscount or lowered
  185. [Suggestion] Make loot easier to find by shining an upward beam of light!
  186. Since they are going to use 5 skills anyway, let us know which ones.
  187. Pet and Vanity Renting Service
  188. [Suggestion] New types of weapon
  189. Free pet feed weekends?
  190. Daily Rewards
  191. Transfer Ping inicator "counter"
  192. Minigame in Arcane legends
  193. More Crafting slots pls :)
  194. [Suggestion] Pet level = Increased Stamina!
  195. New pvp ring:D
  196. Banner for CTF
  197. Breezaga's Arcane Ability - Party Effect Plz!
  198. mage heal whiners no more
  199. Pets- Arcane Ability.
  200. 40% discount on platinum
  201. Suggestion: "Deal of the day" Valentine's heart
  202. Let us keep little love plz
  203. New Gem Upgrades
  204. Present for Our Buddies (Pet).Pet Items such as equipments (armor & amulet) & vanity
  205. Elite golden chests improvements
  206. about platinum
  207. Can we please remove this tornado(aka headache)
  208. LAG
  209. | Notification when SOLD |
  210. Secure account with Facebook
  211. Common and Rare loot -_-
  212. Bael 2 and krunch 2 weekend??
  213. Locking Items and quick change button =)
  214. Raise up the stats of new gear
  215. enable players to enter elite in the middle of elite game
  216. [Suggestion] Purchase Platinum Using MOL POINTS
  217. LOCKING items..solution to accidentally deleting items
  218. [Suggestion]: Gender Symbol Near the Character's Name in the Character Menu.
  219. Suggestion - make the "related topics" on forum show only current threads
  220. [SUGGESTION] Re-Egg'ing
  221. PvP tiers
  222. Lv40 Mythic Pet Skills
  223. Suggestion to grant Elite Cap Vanities with perks in store
  224. Buying crates 12.5k each
  225. Low Damage
  226. Gems in platinum bundles?
  227. Last Online Time
  228. update bard quest loot
  229. rough idea for daily guild quest
  230. something new
  231. List of improvements We'd like to see implemented to Arcane Legends
  232. 13 Great ideas to make Arcane Legends better!
  233. Nerf and Buff
  234. New PvP Idea: Fort Knox
  235. [Sincere Request] Reduce ethyl's arcane ability opacity
  236. restart my plat
  237. [PvP suggestion] Good ol' stuns - NOT
  238. Glacian buff!
  239. offline people in guild
  240. Lepre
  241. One suggestion to sts about plats
  242. pvp battle for all every 8hrs
  243. Suggestion
  244. Suggestions: Option for opening locked using gold :D
  245. Auction House in Guild Hall
  246. separate chests and pets in store
  247. ideas for new vanity, new TYPE of vanity and new weapon for WARRIOR
  248. Way to inform others when you're muted
  249. [Suggestion] Dodge Passive Skills
  250. Unnerf Mage skills in PvP