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  1. Questions for your Mage build...
  2. Why should you choose [MAGE]?
  3. Mage Time Shift
  4. Mage Lightning skill
  5. Basic Mage Builds
  6. What is the Mage?
  7. Heal v Arcane Shield
  8. All INT mage
  9. Sorcerers FTW
  10. Just a little Sorcerer guide
  11. Ice or Curse?
  12. Promo Codes For Sorcerors
  13. Fireball - Impact vs Scorch
  14. led legendary pack
  15. Is Protective Current's 75% dodge additive or multiplicative?
  16. Use for "useless" skills?
  17. Selling Level 15 Legendary sorcerer weapon (Clever Wymbone staff of fatality)
  18. Why is heal necessary?
  19. Gala force bug?
  20. Health or damage ?
  21. coming from a sorcerer...
  22. What pet do you prefer and why?
  23. Best staff for L16
  24. Arcane shield questions
  25. Check out my Speedo
  26. Need help for building my mage
  27. Dark pact heal
  28. Speccing into crit
  29. Top Tier Sorc DPS Rotation
  30. Nature grip of brutality
  31. Alternative Builds
  32. Newbie sorc questions.
  33. Sorry for asking but...what's the best equipment for lvl 16?
  34. Mighty Flamestrike of Assault vs. Clever Flamestrike of Force
  35. New mage help
  36. Best End Game Sorcerer Gear?
  37. Stat and Skills help!
  38. Where to hunt flamestrike rod (clever)?
  39. cc?
  40. Best skill build for full int?
  41. Weapon or good pet?
  42. My Sorcerer Stat
  43. Fireball VS Frost Bolt
  44. Time Shift - Freeze Time
  45. Pure Int Sorc stats
  46. is it just me
  47. ok this is the skill i have
  48. what will u spend ur passive skills on
  49. Sorcerer Hauntlet Build [Aggressor]
  50. what is your 4th skill
  51. sorcerror freeze skill
  52. Survivability Build
  53. Sorcerer Tank?
  54. Gale Force applying area
  55. S) lvl 20 winter wonderland robe of security
  56. Speeding up mana regeneration.
  57. with the new update, which build is better now?
  58. shouldnt all the old people who played before lvl cap should get 15k deducted
  59. IrishSinner Sorercer Stats
  60. What to Respec? New, sorry.
  61. can u so me a favour if u have good stats
  62. [Elite Sorcerer] / [Dungeon Sorcerer]
  63. Sorc skill lvling
  64. How to increase damage?
  65. Saber's Stats <- Worth looking ^^
  66. Is this a good built?
  67. Best Sorcerer Build since update
  68. rifle
  69. Healer/ Support mage?
  70. Time shift=Rookie mistake
  71. PvP Skills
  72. Energizeric's Stats
  73. Biggest HIT!
  74. (IRCHII) Master Magical Banner : TOP SORCERER Season 1 ( IRCHII)
  75. Questions about Value of Curse
  76. GANDALF's stats! (Worth checking out)
  77. Killwithfire max mage
  78. why charward items are more expensive than clever ones?
  79. The Argument For/Against Heal
  80. charward vs flamestrike
  81. Best Mage itens
  82. Newbie here need help with build and skill
  83. Need help in Sorcerer stats and skills pls
  84. My build
  85. Yuri's build
  86. Linkincena's build- what do u suggest for better?
  87. Sorcerer dps calculator
  88. List Your Effective Sorcerer Build Here!
  89. A very flexible and useful build
  90. For those of u who wanna show of ur mage
  91. Wat is your favorite pet?!?!?!
  92. Demonlord Armor
  93. Question about Time Shift skill
  94. Sorcerer start help
  95. Why should a MAGE lead the pack in Elite Jarl Run
  96. PvP Builds
  97. Skills effect in CTF
  98. Sorc who are doing well in PvP
  99. Kasilumati the Badass Naked Mage
  100. pvp
  101. Colton
  102. Show your Twink
  103. Freeze in pve stopped working after update 25-01-13
  104. Do you always hve to respec when u change from pve to pvp vice versa?
  105. Can pvp build be used in PvE for sorcerers?
  106. What build do you use for CTF?
  107. Best build for both PvP and PvE?
  108. Could any good mages tell me how to fight warriors in pvp.
  109. Questtion about choice between gun and staff
  110. Frost or lightning active skill better??
  111. Frost or lightning active skill better??
  112. Best Armor Helm and Weapon for sorcerer lvl 21?
  113. In PVP:Can rogues and warriors fast attacks inside of timeshift sphere?
  114. Which skill is better,rage or juggernaut?
  115. What's the best staff for lvl 20-21 that's affordable?
  116. Best pvp build for mage
  117. The most important skill for a mage
  118. Is a build centered around crit viable?
  119. Damage vs. DPS
  120. Your wish list for more fun in PvE/PvP?
  121. Ultimate sorcerer "pve" build
  122. I'll make it simple... Easy Way To Beat Warrior In PVP (Brobearz)
  123. Level 21
  124. Hmm.. Easy yet complicated way to cancel rogue 1 hit KO.. Right... --" (Brobearz)
  125. why us sorcs stay this weak?
  126. Overall well rounded Level-21 Sorcerer (for PVE and PVP)
  127. The most underpowered class
  128. best skill for sorcerer
  129. Charge or spam
  130. Whats your story?
  131. Sorcerer build
  132. More dps
  133. Best. Weapon. Ever.
  134. Trobule with good sorcerer build
  135. Molten weapon or watch rifle?
  136. Sorcerer pvp build
  137. Help me! My stats have problem
  138. The Ultimate Sorc PvP Guide
  139. Opinion on Lightning Upgrades
  140. pets for Sorcerer
  141. Which Sorcerer Helm is better?
  142. Best lvl 26 sorcerer build
  143. S>colton egg!! Rush!!
  144. Best Damage Weapon?
  145. lifegiver aggro
  146. Post you Sorcerer's screenie development.
  147. What's your highest fireball Dmg?
  148. DPS vs Damage - a detailed comparison
  149. Balance between str and int
  150. Sorcerer pve skill build
  151. lifegiver upgrades
  152. passive skills: dmg or crit?
  153. Respec for New Elite Map needed? Share your thoughts!
  154. skills
  155. PvP Builds!
  156. PvP Sorc Builds Here
  157. What determines strength of Lifegiver skill?
  158. curse questions
  159. Sealord or Clever demonologist
  160. Best build for elite maps?
  161. new respect
  162. whats the best pvp pet now?
  163. New bonus dam for Sorcerers
  164. Time Shift
  165. Dex on sorcerers
  166. Gun differences
  167. ice aoe?
  168. Best PvE Skills
  169. Questio about Sorceres Stats/Builds and Skills Distribution
  170. Damage contribution from Dex/Int point
  171. Please make Lightning work better
  172. Why is our armor so bad?
  173. Pvp skill build for lv16
  174. Best PVE pet?
  175. Auto talker ?
  176. Molten Gun Weapon Chest?
  177. Last day of respec. Thoughts of skill build?
  178. Which is the best build for sorceror lvl 25
  179. The thunderdome spec.
  180. 400+ DPS!!! Insanity!
  181. Mage skill improvment
  182. Need a good PVE build please. Thanks
  183. Pop culture refrences in Arcane Legends!
  184. New pet! What do u think? :D
  185. heal and shield broken
  186. Sorcerers UP
  187. Opinion on Time shift over frost on pvp?
  188. Best sorcerer equipement for each level
  189. Clyde or Colton?
  190. Rod vs gun?
  191. New skill?
  192. Which staff is better?
  193. Soloing wt4
  194. My brave hero...
  195. Skill point allocation question - PvE Elite
  196. What are these blue pools?
  197. Which skills to get?
  198. The new electric gun worth to buy?
  199. Sorcerer Build Survey
  200. Need help on a twink,
  201. Sorc Changes
  202. Time Shift Miss?
  203. Whats with my dmg??
  204. biggest heal
  205. Best PvE Build?
  206. farming for firesquid...
  207. Shield vs Lifegiver
  208. Since New Update, What to Upgrade for Sorcerer
  209. Shield
  210. How much do damage over time actually damage? (And heal over time too for level 26+)
  211. Esteban Viable.
  212. guys need help for sorcerer stats.
  213. Passive Dex vs. Damage
  214. Orion
  215. A proposal for all Sorcerers
  216. Amulets...
  217. level 30-31 socerer gear
  218. Slag or Colon Or?
  219. nordr jewel vs foresquid
  220. help with level13
  221. What are the bests places to merch gold?
  222. Mage Ability: Curse
  223. Sorcerer looking for an active elite guild.
  224. I'm looking for good players who are VERY active and want to farm elites.
  225. PvE Build
  226. are we sorc always babysit other class? LOL
  227. any sorcs use wolf?
  228. Arcane Shield - How it works as of 5/7/13
  229. elite alpha wolf reflect
  230. Best PvE/PvP all purpose skill build
  231. Please post your unused skills and subskills of sorcerers
  232. Allway's getting shoved around by other classes!
  233. Damage and Shield behaviour - How they work...(For my sorcerer friends)
  234. Gleipnir or Infused Brooch of Assault?
  235. mage mythic gun proc
  236. support
  237. hello im new here im a sorcerer please help me
  238. Please help lv9 twink
  239. Level by Level Skill Guide
  240. Gale force: knock down/stun
  241. Best armor,helmet,weapon for sorcerer lvl 31?
  242. Charging Skills
  243. Sorcerer's official song!
  244. need help with overall pvp build
  245. I need a PVP BUILD PLEASE!
  246. ideas for (better)sorcerer weapons
  247. ice vs thunder in pvp
  248. Is my PvP and PvE build ok?Pls help.
  249. whats the hearts shape vanity toons have?
  250. Pet Kelvin