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  1. Have a problem with Offers? Please contact the Offer Provider
  2. Battle Dragons Android System Requirements
  3. How to report an issue.
  4. How to get Help
  5. typing error
  6. Potential Freeze Bug?
  7. AFK
  8. Dragon Defender Achievement Typo
  9. Upgrading and Collecting
  10. What happens when the resource income capacity is met?
  11. Visit Camp Bug
  12. Collecting glitch and blank name pvp glitch
  13. UI Problems
  14. Same Name
  15. Info
  16. Boosts
  17. PvP bug
  18. Dojo Bug
  19. Invisible Dragon
  20. Invisible Dragon
  21. number of troops is not matchin
  22. They turn on me
  23. Thren's Super Defenses (Crashes Game)
  24. Updates & battles
  25. Temple of War upgrade preview screen bug
  26. Basic's Super Defenses
  27. Uh-Oh glitch, I think
  28. Payment Bug (Pearls)
  29. Viewing tribe bug
  30. Guardian problem - going away with revenge
  31. Copper dragon typo
  32. Login?
  33. Looking at my base, crashes my phone..Xperia Play
  34. Game Reset Glitch
  35. font confusion
  36. Dragon Hall Upgrade Preview Error
  37. Server problem?
  38. payments not avaiable
  39. Server problem again?
  40. Cannot abort login
  41. Things disappear when dced
  42. Says being attacked when logging in
  43. Public Chat Bug
  44. Spitters acting as if they have a favorite target
  45. Game appears to update every launch
  46. Sleep mode issue
  47. achievment issue
  48. Crash every open
  49. Typo on 7-22-03 Update
  50. Ask Sensei typos?
  51. Question
  52. Sheep Hiding
  53. Alerts and Notifications are annoying
  54. lost all my progress
  55. Smashers going for single walls
  56. Replay Feature Missing
  57. Can't view stats for people applying to tribe
  58. Slower devices got this bug
  59. Tribe Leaderboard bug
  60. some questions
  61. Google Play Achievements
  62. Can we have a button in settings to disable pearl spending?
  63. New Update
  64. possible trophy glitch
  65. Attack notifications not working ?
  66. Resets
  67. Tribe Lodge
  68. what today update did to ALL kindle users
  69. time lord achievement resets
  70. Log in current account
  71. Problem with "clear the path"
  72. Bomber's second favorite target
  73. noob farming, easy fix
  74. Smashers AI
  75. Tribe Lodge troops and walls
  76. device wakelock
  77. BD not getting further than connecting?
  78. Missing Trophies
  79. Hacker
  80. Native x causing battle dragons to crash
  81. All "Battle-Aktions" kill my game
  82. paypal option?
  83. boundary building and dragon defense bug
  84. Individual player Leader Board messed up?
  85. Having trouble installing or running Battle Dragons on Android? Try the following...
  86. What is wrong with PVP next? Taking very long to load next player
  87. Transfer account?
  88. Please fox this...
  89. Something is wrong
  90. Join tribe - List bugged
  91. Tribe chat wierdness
  92. bd update?
  93. Servers down for maintenance should give Guardian of at least few minutes after
  94. Fire fighter achievement
  95. pearl confirmation
  96. New BD Update--unable to play in kindle fire
  97. Crashing
  98. getting disconnected after pvp or spar
  99. Boosting bugged
  100. Does it work on ipad mini ?
  101. Mines/sheep farms won't collect gold
  102. Disconnecting when trying to pvp
  103. Free Pearls Arent Registering
  104. Cant login, allways being attacked
  105. tribe chat
  106. Achievement Gone Wrong
  107. renew spell and duration
  108. Defense battle log only showing 8 troops/spells used
  109. cannot start game
  110. change in look of destroyed mines and barns
  111. Noob Farming and Possible Hack to Game
  112. requesting troops
  113. replay not working?
  114. achievement messed up
  115. Battle Log And Replay Not Match after update
  116. Sheep corrals disappear after getting destroyed
  117. Attacked twice by same user in 30 minutes
  118. slow loading during log in
  119. Not enough obstacles to remove and claim CLEARING THE PATH
  120. Replay/Revenge not working?
  121. restorung results in new game
  122. attacking/troph messed up
  123. Building timer boost not working
  124. Different trophy amounts
  125. pm in this game
  126. Bug: After i fight match in pvp and win, my new trophy points dont show up in tribe?
  127. Kronos King Achievement
  128. Tribe Lodge, why units disapear after 1 fight, even when they survived?
  129. Acid dragons doing too much damage?
  130. Battles ending abruptly
  131. Need a little help.
  132. Something that should be added to the game.
  133. verify google services error message
  134. Donation bug
  135. BD consumed heavy data traffic
  136. Facebook connect for iOS not working?
  137. Smasher AI vs Spiral / Funnel walls - please fix
  138. Weakling upgrading Ice Dragon
  139. the PvP system and trophy gain
  140. help
  141. Bombers doing more dmg than they should
  142. Attack notifications are too slow
  143. help
  144. Silver dragon bug
  145. Public chat?
  146. contacting server...
  147. "accept" button in Tribe request not working
  148. Heeelllppp! Unblock chat
  149. Can't log in. server is down?
  150. Glitch with upgrading shadow dragon
  151. New feature? Building army while upgrading DOJO
  152. [Problem] Buying pearls
  153. a request to add a feature of personal message in game
  154. I have just wasted 600 pearls upgrading a dojo!
  155. Glitch or bug
  156. I need help!
  157. help.. lost accoumt
  158. $uggession
  159. Donating Glitch
  160. Upgrading Dojo Bug
  161. Background data usage is insane
  162. server problem 22 november 2013
  163. Battle Dragons App keeps Crashing
  164. Unable to accept members as an Officer.
  165. Tribe lodge with more troops than capacity
  166. Crash
  167. BUG[URGENT]: Loot does't show what it should when the player is DH9 and full of gold
  168. a tribe member needs help
  169. BUG: Attack Log produces restart of the application
  170. Are the trophies going to be reset after the season ends?
  171. [BUG] Gold tribe reached biggest integer 2,147,483,647
  172. Temple of War
  173. Battle Dragons...... Dojo Bug
  174. [Suggestion] Share replays with tribe mates
  175. Achievement Healer Harrower not counting
  176. Can not cancel research
  177. please help my brorher! how can i recovery my brother of account ? :(
  178. The PvP System and competitions reviewed
  179. Bug with troops in tribe lodge?
  180. Bug?
  181. Season restart delayed
  182. PvP Matchups, Guardian Not Working
  183. Notification Settings
  184. Loot formula is still broke
  185. You know there's a problem when...
  186. Temple of War "upgrading" issue
  187. (suggestion )
  188. Battle PvP Bug
  189. Bug priorities in my opinion
  190. 2x Army Building Speed Bug
  191. complain
  192. help me plx :P
  193. [Bug] The never ending upgrade
  194. My app keeps crashing
  195. cannot login
  196. No one can do this ....:/
  197. Any way to get my old profile back??
  198. [SUGGESTION] Filter tribe request
  199. How do i recover my old account?
  200. weekly stats not resetting
  201. Dropped boosts
  202. fui hackeada
  203. Bug on tribe lodge convert donated units to lvl1
  204. Doesnt run
  205. Base resetted
  206. how to remove
  207. Sts - need help urgently - unable to start app
  208. Theres a Graphical BUG which concerns the GOBBLER lvl3
  209. My pvp's are showing only. DH10 bases
  210. This bug back again
  211. Bd tribe errors