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  13. what happens when your stuff gets destroyed
  14. tribe defences op?
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  16. What causes other players to attack my land?
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  19. Limited
  20. If my Dragon Hall is only level 4, then why was I attacked by a level 8?
  21. Tribe Wars
  22. Guardian
  23. Suppose resources are only given when attacking the same level or higher DH?
  24. Same Opponents, AGAIN
  25. Zero problems
  26. Match Making System - Ideas
  27. Suggestion: The more you get attacked the less chance of being attacked?
  28. Revenge not working?
  29. Noob Farming for Trophies Example
  30. Is there a wait time period for revenge?
  31. Sometimes a 100% win gives 15 trophies, and sometimes 24 trophies?
  32. Has anyone figured out the math for % recources looted by the attacker?
  33. Smashers Ruining Battle Strategies Since 2013
  34. do you guys like this idea?
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  36. Why have the Sons of Anarchy players been losing intentionally to me all day?
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  42. *Suggestion* Ideas and thoughts on % of farming - By Octavos
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  44. bombers still op, avengers still weak
  45. Reward for successfully defending *suggestion*
  46. Replay Button!!!
  47. What's the point in getting Blasters?
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  50. major flaw in pp system
  51. opinions on pvp system
  52. Why so expensive ?
  53. troops from tribe lodge (Suggestion)
  54. Smashers explained. I debunk the "magic" here!
  55. Doing PvP today, i counted 46 spiral forts, and 7 box grid forts.
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  67. Loot from storage is only about 12%?
  68. Level 4 spitters(defensive) a little overpowered...
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