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  1. wow stg hittin it hard : )
  2. Battle Command Limited Release - Android players, we want your feedback!
  3. what's BC about?
  4. Nice STG!
  5. Android only?
  6. New game!
  7. Battle Command FAQ - WIP
  8. Is Battle Command Out On Apple
  9. AI bases in the game? Please!?
  10. GuArDiAnZ
  11. <commanders>
  12. My personal opinion and first impression of Battle Command
  13. Suggestion - "Prevent moving walls" option
  14. PvP Matching System
  15. Black and white names. What's the difference?
  16. Suggesting : To Give glow effect
  17. Suggestions on war games
  18. My opinions and suggestions
  19. This is going to be a "great game"
  20. Choose: Battle Dragons? Or Battle Command?
  21. Tanks are too cheap
  22. Share replays
  23. suggestions
  24. Suggestion - extra achievements
  25. To IU (Lost my data.)
  26. BC for iOS! - Initial Thoughts
  27. New Unit Proposal *The General*
  28. iOS: Playing on multiple devices?
  29. 5th Mission....
  30. BC Base Setup!
  31. Looking for an alliance...
  32. Would like an Opt-Out pvp option. Both Battle Dragons and Battle Command
  33. pvp matching....
  34. Can you ADD german language ?!
  35. Can you add finland flag?
  36. Add a feature to allow us to gift crystals to allies
  37. Junnyor
  38. Battle Command
  39. Suggestion
  40. Suggestion
  41. Elite II - Recruit
  42. introduzione della lingua italiana
  43. Suggestion for guardians * after % of resources gets raided*
  44. Faces of the Commanders!
  45. Devil's rejects now recruiting! !
  46. How do I Upgrade Troops?
  47. Alianza Latina recruta!
  48. Can we get "remember traps" and "restore traps" buttons?
  49. Sattelite Strike
  50. Kripkeys Mercs now recruiting
  51. Kripkey’s Beginner Strategy Guide
  52. [req] add malaysia flag
  53. update?
  54. What difference does war college make on troops
  55. Calling all adults
  56. Patriot
  57. Suggestions
  58. What Do are your Like And Dislike The Most about The Games
  59. Blunderbuss
  60. How can I save steel and oil to upgrade?
  61. Tanks, 4 Tile Range and only 10 Housing Space?
  62. New feature to help allies
  63. Defending troops in Embassy disappears even if they don't die after an enemy attack.
  64. Sync Android Phone with Android Tablet
  65. Foul play....
  66. Please remember the text I type when requesting troops
  67. List of Improvements We'd like to see Implemented to Battle Command
  68. Air Strike Bug
  69. building units suggestion
  70. war games improvment sugestion
  71. How do I attack a player with a lower level than me?
  72. ***** alliance cheating !!!!!!!!
  73. Need Help Building your base? Check out our website!
  74. Random Rants, Balance Issues and Theories about Battle Command
  75. A few suggestions 1/2/14
  76. What happens when you cancel an upgrade?
  77. Help !
  78. Help Battle-Command!
  79. Suggestion
  80. Polish Flag
  81. Suggestion: Disable PvP
  82. Suggestion - War Games - Against Fellow Alliance Members
  83. Suggestion - Incorporate Faction Events - Destroy Compition (Modern War)
  84. reply function gone
  85. Fix the unbalanced battles please
  86. A whole bunch of suggestions to improve the game experience + video clip
  87. why am I being attacked??
  88. Trophy Count Question
  89. Accidentally used a whole bunch of crystals (I.e. >500)
  90. IronLung is retiring
  91. pearls to crystals ????
  92. No way to progress anymore...
  93. PvP update not working?
  94. Multiple Accounts
  95. Don't waste money or resources on defense
  96. Any sense in trophy drop?
  97. Recruiting!
  98. battle command officer
  99. Frustrations
  100. Amount of resources available to raid
  101. M.E.D.I.C. debate
  102. No weak opponents all of the sudden?
  103. Change to pvp rules
  104. Game critics and suggestions part 2 (15 Min Video)
  105. Current State of Battle Command
  106. Battle Command replacement?
  107. BC Economy
  108. Battle Command PVP Matching System SOLUTION!
  109. Loot ratios
  110. [guide] Bikes vs Tanks
  111. No more steel to farm
  112. stagnant gameplay
  113. Give me all your funny bases...
  114. PvP Matchmaking Discussion Thread
  115. How is this Possible?!
  116. New Client Update.
  117. significant update today...
  118. Apologies
  119. We are battle command addicts!!!! New im provements to rock yeah!!!!!
  120. 5-minute boosts
  121. Defensive Battles
  122. Debate : Resource bank \ alliance bank needed!!!!!
  123. Pvp changes needed for the sake of this rockin game!!!!!!!!
  124. what is factored in to amount of trophies won/lost?
  125. Texas flag please!! and more missions
  126. Feature Request: Resource sharing
  127. Capture the flag for alliances
  128. Question about best way to protect HQ
  129. Coalition of alliances!!!!!
  130. Training Center
  131. New post needed in an alliance!!!
  132. Alliance War Games
  133. Noob question: Who should I attack?
  134. Looking for critique / thoughts
  135. Question about base attacks while AFK
  136. Spawn in the middle of base when attacking?
  137. Matching is COMPLETE BULL!!! Impossible to get ahead!
  138. How can I PVP with other bases that have a highier resource count...?
  139. Why do I keep gettin matched up with bases [PVP] that are so dam WEAK!
  140. level one nano vs level three nano
  141. Suggestion to: Giving and Getting Troops
  142. Upgradablle engineers
  143. Drone damage to structures
  144. Multiple Accounts?
  145. New Update attacked before i can return
  146. My thoughts about this New Update, Need Answers from Developers.
  147. 1 trophy for 100% win???
  148. Are the new trophy rewards bugged?
  149. Change to PVP... AGAIN
  150. Recent change to trophy awards
  151. New trophy system - current high trophy player
  152. Shout out to devs
  153. Stop screwing up the game developers
  154. i want chinese
  155. I've reached a dead end....
  156. Game over
  157. I like the update!
  158. Trophy payout update
  159. STS This is what you guys should have done.
  160. Trophy Updates Today 2/11/2014
  161. Thinks in Satcom under construction
  162. To the great folks at MI & MI2
  163. Look at base by player name
  164. All your funny base are belong to us.
  165. Satellite Strike Price Hike
  166. base layout stratergies!!
  167. Able to recruit allianceless players from the search/leaderboards
  168. Walls vs. Mine
  169. BC New Patch - Positive Critics Video and Gratitude!
  170. Dev Blog: Satellite Strike Adjustments
  171. Free 300 cristals, any1 know why?
  172. Game time-out / disconnects / phone calls = immediately attacked
  173. How much stealth cannon's damage is?
  174. How To Fix The game
  175. How to respond to mods privately?
  176. Crystals
  177. Please help me understand Win vs Defeated?
  178. Double crystal weekend
  179. When will there be a new UPDATE? Need response from G-M
  180. Small changes, huge impact
  181. Free Crystals every win
  182. IU and friends
  183. Feed the top players!!!
  184. Insanity of current trophy system
  185. Current Event Issue
  186. Manni's BC - Critics and Suggestions Video - Part 3
  187. SHIELD SHELL after each server restart
  188. SHIELD after each server restart
  189. Un-Blocking people
  190. Little Suggest. All Players And Developer Check this
  191. Top trophys cant fight for defense rank
  192. we need more specialized defensive towers
  193. Attack Choppers
  194. I'd give my left pinky for any of these simple common sense changes...
  195. Feedback Wanted: Trophy Leaderboard Idea
  196. Just got attacked by an other forumer !!!
  197. Poland Flag
  198. Completing updates with crystals
  199. Shield Exploit
  200. Boost & Donations counting problems
  201. Only one trophie for not losing defense battle??????
  202. Grace period for defenders
  203. awful method of weekly raffles!!need response from G-M
  204. Is it worth it to upgrade to HQ 9?
  205. Private Message
  206. How to keep the game running without timing out
  207. Where my cristals?
  208. catching app?
  209. Questions about freezes
  210. alliance revenge/hitlist
  211. Where are my 300 crystals? G-M
  212. disappointed
  213. Looking for an Alliance
  214. Show the alliance in the PvP list
  215. embassies and reinforcements
  216. pvp for higher lvl trophies is pretty lame now
  217. How to transfer my base to another phone
  218. Crystals?
  219. crystals GM reply
  220. public chat
  221. Faster recruiting
  222. my suggestion for fixing PvP
  223. Planning Room / Base Edit - Any Comments?
  224. Some suggestions to make base edit mode beter! Need response from g-m
  225. Will there be any PC version?
  226. SPACETIMESTUDIOS: they are breaking the rules of the game that made
  227. Suggestion for base edit mode
  228. FYI
  229. Pvp insanity now- gm please read
  230. Game improvements
  231. Battle Command Base Edit Mode Challenge!
  232. guyz add more EVENTS ! NEED RESPONSE FROM DEV.S
  233. embassy suggestion
  234. Money Back?
  235. daily updates....
  236. Available Resources Bug
  237. Question for BC devs.
  238. To GM & other players: Battle command units comparison chart.
  239. A trophy payout and pvp solution.
  240. PVP Arena
  241. boost glitch
  242. BC and resources
  243. Desperate Measures
  244. Flawed Competition issues
  245. VOTE for the Winner: Base Edit Mode Challenge!
  246. I'M Goin Back To Call of Duty
  247. Pvp battle arena
  248. Weird PVP matching
  249. Talking to a player in ally chat in a different alliance
  250. Multiple Devices?? WHEN????