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  1. Reduce consruction timer..
  2. Its using tons of phone memory
  3. Embassy Can Become Overfilled
  4. Starter crystals bug
  5. Resource Collection Icons Not Appearing
  6. Storages look empty when full
  7. Building Production Boosts
  8. Wall upgrades
  9. Shutdown for hours? Server issues?
  10. Barracks bug. :D
  11. Players with same names.
  12. Dc
  13. First 100 bases?
  14. Assault Bike Recruitment Cost
  15. farming
  16. Counting donated troops
  17. "Range" information is missing in the college
  18. the hq is too weak
  19. Where do i can download this game?
  20. Building price bug.
  21. Isn't being logged in the same as having a shield?
  22. The patriot
  23. The medic
  24. Can't deploy troops near one flag
  25. M10 Description vs. M10 Specs
  26. When will this game be fixed?
  27. Server Issue?
  28. Unfair
  29. Latest Update borked the back button (11/18)
  30. Strange resource counting after battles
  31. Update confuzzled
  32. Problem with lost Base
  33. Achievements and Facebook
  34. Never played before, already have a city ?
  35. Miscounting Troops
  36. Waiting for purchase of crystals
  37. introduzione della lingua italiana
  38. Incapable of Buying a Vehicle Pool
  39. Game Crashes immediately upon launch. NEED HELP
  40. Not received crystal reward
  41. After joining an alliance, the Alliance Chat did not work until i logged off
  42. How to reestat
  43. bug with attack log tab
  44. Was up
  45. Can't accept players
  46. Can't accept players
  47. Someone is logging on my account.
  48. I want to reset my account
  49. Why are the servers constantly down for maintenance?
  50. HQ attack lvl bug
  51. Minimum range on M10 and Mortars not happening
  52. Some building upgrades can't be boosted
  53. Clear-cutter achievement not obtainable
  54. Event Missions applying to achievements
  55. Satellite strike is no longer working correctly
  56. Heal spell is broken by 2013-12-17 Content Update (136845)
  57. The new rebalancing makes it difficult to farm for upgrades
  58. Please fix your networking glitch
  59. Boost counter does not work correctly
  60. matchmaking fix and other improvements
  61. Please increase the idle timeout
  62. can't connect with WiFi only 4G
  63. bad scans for attack
  64. lv2 drone research cost bug
  65. How do I transfer my account
  66. HQ5 can attack HQ8 !?
  67. Please revert PvP back to the old matchmaking
  68. Problem Receiving Crystal
  69. Indonesian flag has a protection zone, others do not
  70. Nano-Machine keeps healing
  71. Starting the game at half the screen!
  72. PvP matching system
  73. Polish Flag
  74. a small exploit that is really painful
  75. SATCOM Level 3 Upgrade screen is incorrect
  76. WiFi Connection Issues
  77. Boosting issues
  78. fix connection issues please
  79. Tank upgrade lists wrong resource
  80. Missing Crystal
  81. Help!! Lost profile in battle command
  82. Please such a little thing.
  83. Increase Embassy HQ, please.
  84. Bike favorite target issue
  85. Something went terribly wrong with PvP for HQ8+ players
  86. What happened to my steel and oil?
  87. turret's damage is strange
  88. perdi minha conta
  89. Bugged (unable to enter game)
  90. Pvp :0/
  91. Please fix the disconnect message
  92. Moderators / Devs Change my alliance's name
  93. Annoying AUDIO bug... PLEASE FIX!!!
  94. Dont change your Google+ name..it will effect all acounts
  95. Apologies
  96. Downloading Apps Did Not Earn Crystals
  97. Most annoying bugs in this rocking games!!!!
  98. Developers took away a mans account. Help please Devs.
  99. Unable to log in to BC!
  100. unit preference AI bugged?
  101. Recovering Battle Command game data...
  102. Battle Command doesn't run on Droid X?
  103. Ios012.pak
  104. Attacked by my own alliance member
  105. [New Patch] unable to queue boost when satcomm is upgrading
  106. Unable to login - stuck at "Contacting Server..."
  107. Issue with alliance messages
  108. PROJECT Snowblower is back
  109. crystal promo ??
  110. Can't login BC on iPhone
  111. game closes when alliance chat
  112. game was corrupted during download
  113. Notifications not coming for successfully defended attack.
  114. Where my 2210 crystals for registration on secret game cheats?
  115. Wired bug on "revenge"
  116. Unable to accept alliance requests
  117. What has changed in the latter days of the competition!!!???
  118. If the game chrashes or disconnects, I should not be attacked immediately on login
  119. Why do I get one trophy for winning defense?
  120. Game crashed during an attack
  121. Can't take screen shots of STS games
  122. disappointed
  123. steel raided not properly awarded
  124. Mission "PROJECT Man Of Snow" showing up
  125. Bug in tanks
  126. Glitch in coding..doesn't effect game play but thought I would let u know again
  127. boost bugs. .
  128. Nano Medicine Issue
  129. I want to restart my game. HELP PLEASE.
  130. Farming needs fixed!!
  131. game restart every 30second
  132. Air Strike Creating Cost issue
  133. embassy troops SHOULD NOT dissapear if they are not killed by an attacker!
  134. boost bugs:-) :-)
  135. account problem
  136. Account problem
  137. can only connect using WFi
  138. Revenge
  139. The revenge list
  140. Problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  141. Please fix my account
  142. Screen blacks out
  143. jogos de cozinhar
  144. jogos de cozinhar
  145. Existing account
  146. Update Issues! Several players can not do the update as usual
  147. Misaligned caption of Next button
  148. Land mine real strength
  149. Juego
  150. lost insane amount of resources to revenge attacks
  151. No log on keeps saying down for maintenance
  152. getting my character on both my devices thru game center
  153. Account Transfer
  154. Receiving a phone call kills my battle
  155. No survey crystals & no pm
  156. Boosting problems
  157. [HELP] Battle command account: motmot
  158. I found abnormalities
  159. Tanks misbehaving once again
  160. I am unable to login at the login screen for my ticket #249232 not sure why.
  161. I do not get the crystal
  162. 'Revenge' Doesn't work!
  163. Remiem, I cannot PM the staff
  164. The ignore button... Can I un-ignore?
  165. The "spend crystals" button is in the same location as the "build Drone" button.
  166. NativeX free crystals: I'm not getting them.
  167. Donation Request Notification Icon
  168. Loading issue
  169. Alex....
  170. unable to watch videos for crystals
  171. Game Crashes Randomly
  172. Lose account
  173. Please help. I made a boo-boo :-(
  174. used my crystals by mistake
  175. Screen ransomly goes black for a few seconds?
  176. Can't connect when using certain wi-fi
  177. Accidentaly clicked on an instant building and lost my cristals
  178. lost master position
  179. Public Chat Ignoring or Reporting
  180. Bug on 40% discount
  181. My mines keep disappearing, why don't they stay in place?
  182. alliance vs alliance
  183. 52 crystals
  184. Lag
  185. Shield
  186. I used my crystals for mistake
  187. Chopper Problem
  188. tanks problem
  189. Serious lag...
  190. error on attacking timer
  191. tanks got destroyed
  192. Crashed on the edge of 2K trophies! PISSED!
  193. Ppl
  194. Donated troops change from 5* to 1*
  195. crystals never recieved
  196. Command! Test Client failure to open
  197. Receiving attack notifications when shielded
  198. Contacted Spacetime support, still no response, need my account fixed please!
  199. No gifts... no resource boost.
  200. Maintenance shutdown
  201. Being attacked while under the shield
  202. Attacked for 10 minutes?
  203. lost resources after patch.
  204. disappoint...
  205. game freezing and reloading
  206. troop capacity
  207. stealing resources
  208. HTC One Max, cant type or send messages/ troop lag
  209. (GM) I have found an issue with the new update
  210. Found an bug with darium
  211. Dev Response On IOS 5 Support Please
  212. Unable to see troop requests
  213. ??????????????
  214. Game Crashes after new update
  215. Lost all existing "boosts"
  216. Freezing problem..
  217. Lost an old account.
  218. Loosing 300k of each resource after clearing any base in PVP
  219. Screen goes black for about 10 seconds at a time.
  220. General bug
  221. Dear Spacetime! Are you working on solving the freezing problem?
  222. troop lost in donation
  223. My troops suck can u help. I swear there slow first aid lvl 3 don't work but once on
  224. Battle command
  225. How can I save my account after getting a new phone?
  226. Your wack if your crew is not the baddest.
  227. combat issues
  228. Problem with freezes
  229. Hello Gm. BC FREEZES .
  230. Defence loss???
  231. Sync 'Play store account' to 'App store' ??
  232. Randomly disconnected????
  233. lost my original account ajay2807 but it is still there in alliance Kwatro kantos
  234. wifi connectivity issue?
  235. freeze issue just went up to a whole new level.
  236. Stuck on Contacting server
  237. no alliance and 1/2 upgrade
  238. BC still experiencing freezes
  239. Trophie count
  240. One star troop glitch?
  241. How to switch alliances
  242. please create Malaysia flag..
  243. Lags
  244. instability, excessive resource consumption and heating
  245. utrata konta
  246. log in problem
  247. Darium Armada Drones Bugged
  248. Bug on forums
  249. Problema en Facebook (invitación amigos no recibo el premio)
  250. Recover account!!!