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  1. Blackstar Webpage and Facebook
  2. Beta?
  3. What is there to discuss?
  4. PC version?
  5. Age Expectations?
  6. Screenshot
  7. transfer plat to blackstar game??
  8. Will the launch of a new game effect pocket legends development?
  9. Blackstar FAQ ( What we know as we find out )
  10. True open and persistent world?
  11. Will platinum be transferable between games?
  12. Target Devices?
  13. Video!
  14. Any plans for multi-threading support?
  15. Suggestions based on Pocket Legend experience
  16. I Plan to Dominate this Game ^_^
  17. Blackstar!!!!
  18. when will blackstar be realished in market????
  19. Ground Combat vs Space Combat
  20. Blackstar Hands-on preview
  21. What will PL-players do when Blackstar is released?
  22. A few more images from Blackstar
  23. Will PL - Blackstar trading be illegal?
  24. question???
  25. classes?
  26. Cant wait for blackstar!
  27. Similar games
  28. Wait WT*?
  29. Games Effects On Eachother?
  30. The abbreviation is B*
  31. Laquint will be on BlackStar
  32. Request re: our names in B*
  33. What names will you register on the first day?
  34. What happened to graphics?
  35. Who will leave Pocket Legends first?
  36. Can we transfer data between games?
  37. What class will you register?
  38. Blackstar and overuse of one class
  39. B* Spoilers and Easter eggs!
  40. Pure epicness!!!
  41. will it be......
  42. Anyone know about some video gameplay/trailors?
  43. Blackstar Guides?
  44. B* PvP: How should it be done?
  45. Bkackstar Tab!
  46. What will blackstar be played on?
  47. Did Anyone Get Anything from Email Subscription?
  48. B* Ask Questions!
  49. Which character would you choose??
  50. Blackstar Press Release - A good read
  51. info please.....
  52. Beta Problem
  53. Plat for Revive?
  54. which will be first...
  55. GCD in Blackstar?
  56. when is release date?
  57. What Song is This?
  58. Xperia Play Optimized?
  59. Blackstar Wikia Link: http://www.blackstar.awiki.org
  60. Anybody really excited?
  61. B* PvP
  62. I love the elevators at Spacetime Studios
  63. Would You Guys....?
  64. Loooool
  65. Black star is awsome
  66. Some Question
  67. Will Tapjoy be in Blackstar as well?
  68. Blackstar Waiting List
  69. Blackstar comes out...
  70. Are we able to reserve names??
  71. Question!!
  72. Leaderboards
  73. Blackstar Interview with MMORPGItalia
  74. Name Reservations for Blackstar Are Coming
  75. The Costs!
  76. B* Level Cap
  77. Guardians in blackstar??
  78. players at partys!!
  79. Black star opening date?
  80. A Month and a Half Left in Q2.
  81. Sorry for dumb question (if it is dumb??) 0.0
  82. Blackstar: What are you most excited about?
  83. Level Cap:25?
  84. Terror (whos Afraid?) check this thread out
  85. Which Class Will You Try Firts?
  86. Clarification?
  87. Question About Blackstar
  88. How many character slots?
  89. why not telling us the exact day?
  90. Dev incentives -post what you would give the devs to get them to work better?
  91. Name reservations are here! (That's right, u can't steel my name!))
  92. Blackstar melee weapons?
  93. Will this kill Pocket Legends?
  94. Ipod 3gen compatible?
  95. Blackstar questions
  96. If you banned in Pl you can still play black*?
  97. im back at last!!!!!!
  98. your character skin from b* on pl and vise versa
  99. Which class would u pick?
  100. Suggestions on what should be in Blackstar
  101. beta testers???
  102. Weapons drops system
  103. ### ALERT ### System error ###
  104. Your theme?
  105. Funny caption for this pic ?
  106. another opening day thread?!?!
  107. star legnds apk fie
  108. Name
  109. So is operative a bird or a mage?
  110. The Class choice that Tanks the most? Commando vs Bear
  111. B* forum expansion looks promising
  112. Over-Reporting?
  113. Buffs in SL.
  114. guardians...????
  115. Want to reserve a name
  116. Platinum in SL
  117. Ingame incentives to use a name we reserved?
  118. Anyone want to loan me a Custom Set for my Bear to play around with for a while?
  119. I would love to design the B* Logo
  120. Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles on the Screen at E3
  121. help??
  122. What are you doing to pass the time in June waiting for Star Legends ?
  123. Idea for SL before it comes out!
  124. Star Legends E3: PRESS LINKS! [Unofficial Thread]
  125. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
  126. When will Star Legends beta start?
  127. A really Important Question
  128. Storyline?
  129. release of blackstar will be in august?
  130. Operative movement
  131. I can not log on I need a real person
  132. Question regarding this upcoming game
  133. My B* Pet Request
  134. "B* Elite"
  135. Release the game!
  136. Ideas of what should be in Star Legends
  137. blackstar in a nutshell please:P
  138. first players
  139. BlackStar General FAQ -- Ask Away
  140. What generation devices will work for Blackstar?
  141. Character slots
  142. Can PL platinums be used with SL?
  143. Just how big of a gun do you need to blast Aliens?
  144. Probably been asked before, but how do you sign up for beta?
  145. Cut the Devs some slack.
  146. Star Legends Close to Release?
  147. Hidden Blackstar Concept Arts -- I Think?
  148. So when exactly will the release be???
  149. Star legends beta >=[
  150. Idea for a city in Blackstar
  151. Beta Question
  152. Just downloaded Star Legends from Vcast Apps.
  153. Is your V Cast Apps Working.
  154. First Feedback!
  155. ATTN VERIZON users
  156. update?
  157. Class with best AOE abilities?
  158. Two Star Legends Screenshots to Whet your Appetite
  159. What versions of iOS will Star legends run on?
  160. 2 More Screenshots
  161. Class question
  162. ZOMG!!#$@##
  163. Beta and release question
  164. Star Legends and Pocket Legends account synergy?
  165. quick question...
  166. Verizon VCAST help!!
  167. guilds in beta?
  168. Any news yet?
  169. July 6th beta opening
  170. My thoughts after an hour of play
  171. Wheres teh gameplay videozz?
  172. First 30 min
  173. Exemplify's thoughts on SL
  174. Suggestion for the in game forum button
  175. Line of sight
  176. Suggestion for enter guild hall button
  177. Race choice for beta...
  178. Beta here I come!
  179. cant find beta :(
  180. Suggestion allow guild chat to start with "I"
  181. Keep stuff after beta?
  182. gameplay + enhancements
  183. Keep 'em off me!
  184. V Cast Appstore malfunction
  185. Star Legends In Game Name Database
  186. V Cast doesn't have Star Legends
  187. Please, have mercy on us IOS users...
  188. Day one review of *legends
  189. Wondering....
  190. Am i missing something?
  191. Methinks verizon was a bad choice.. here's why.
  192. Pinks with Stats and Pictures - Dynastar Labs to Delta 7
  193. Please post SL reviews
  194. List of Improvements Requests
  195. Well...
  196. How on earth do you kill the last boss the Miner
  197. I didn't get a key :(
  198. Registering accounts inactive?
  199. engineer skill changes
  200. Does pvp exist in star legends currently?
  201. Character Upgrade
  202. Hurry! First 200 get keys!
  203. engineer abilities question
  204. Pinks in beta (devs confirmation please)
  205. 270 degree rotation
  206. Next Weapons Contest?!
  207. hmmm, yes star legends.
  208. Miner Mugurk down.
  209. can i please get
  210. Suggestion and question involving guild icons
  211. Maybe a desktop wallpaper? Star Legends Launch Graphic
  212. Shadow' s Thoughts on SL.
  213. Too Many Login Attempts
  214. Some SL Questions
  215. Skills?
  216. What makes Star Legends so epic! Please don't change!! :(
  217. Class Question
  218. Guild Member Counts
  219. Player Petition -- Add Potion Global Cool-Down; Prevent Inflation & Keep Credits Low!
  220. Someone help me
  221. Mind Wrack -- MOT&HOT for Operatives
  222. this is what i have to say about SL
  223. Looking for screenshots.
  224. Player Discussion -- Potion GCD & Ideas to Keep Inflation Down
  225. Prefix/Suffix Compendium for Weapons and Armors
  226. Should be able to access Stash and Auction through Guild Halls
  227. Open the flood gates! we need more Sections!
  228. Minimap...
  229. Ingredients Storage Group
  230. Clever equipment descriptions!
  231. Beta Gameplay Videos
  232. Haikus' Feedback.
  233. Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Short Video Guide
  234. Quests
  235. Win a Key! (I have to stop getting these things...)
  236. Stash/Inventory Giveaway
  237. To All Non-Beta Players: Read this to gain the upperhand.
  238. What gets added each time u put a skill higher?
  239. 50 Plat Premium Character pack question?
  240. Buyback Program
  241. Artemis Thank You
  242. Free key!
  243. where is back armor quest
  244. Everytime boot
  245. Anyone started any guides yet?
  246. Skill page flipping: Please, it has to go
  247. Estimated release date?
  248. Guild Stash
  249. Least Popular Class?
  250. is it possible to have stash and inventory slots forwarded like plat??