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  1. Find Posts by the Development/Community Team
  2. Welcome to the Spacetime Studios Websites and Forum Discussion Board
  3. Creation of a common Off-Topic Discussion area
  4. Group integration
  5. Forum Features: the Bar
  6. Updated Fansite Kit and Created Fansite List
  7. Player Blogs - Anyone interested?
  8. Creation of a Player Guide section
  9. A Notification if:
  10. Technology Roadmap Status & Details Page?
  11. Mobile Forum Style Feedback
  12. Customize Your Own Forum Profile With NEW UPDATE!!!
  13. how do create my own sign?
  14. Forum Suggestion: lower minimum search word length?
  15. New mobile site
  16. Removed the 10 character limit for posts
  17. Facebook Connect enabled
  18. Android Forum App Feedback
  19. Glitchy Forum?
  20. Website update links for B*
  21. Editing Signature Issues
  22. Mobile Forum Problems
  23. Stuck in Forum Mobile View!, help???
  24. New Spoiler Button
  25. 'Tournaments Joined' & 'Tournaments Won'
  26. New Text Editor coming soon
  27. Forum update suggestion
  28. "New Posts" button added to Mobile Style
  29. Tap-a-Talk Activated for Spacetime Studios Forums
  30. Banners at the top of the forum
  31. events section
  32. Google +1 Added to the site
  33. Problem posting on ipad
  34. New header for Pocket Legends and Star Legends sections - might need to clear cookies
  35. New Forum Rules
  36. Updated Website Terms of Service
  37. Images on our profile page?
  38. 20 posts to a page now?
  39. Last Post By, not showing in mobile.
  40. Let's do some math to prove you are human
  41. feedback on Android forum app and new mobile format
  42. Recent posts removed?
  43. Quick guide to vBulletin discussion boards
  44. New Spacetime Platinum Webstore
  45. How do u post attachment pictures?
  46. Forum Suggestion
  47. posting problems
  48. Boards bit messed at the moment
  49. Added some Star Legends Avatars to the Forums
  50. Updated Star Legends website
  51. I'm having trouble uploading my signature pic
  52. Cant get a search done without logging in
  53. Mobile theme of boards, few missing things.
  54. Spacetime App Issues
  55. StS not receiving email,?
  56. STS & a Future Prospect Idea
  57. Subscribe to Threads and Posts and stay up to date with the conversation!
  58. AoA new ownership and more
  59. Some slight changes to the look of the Star Legends forum section
  60. Please inform me
  61. New Forum Graphics?
  62. Im on my iPhone/iPad and cant edit my sig and avatar.
  63. What's up with the forums? Is it just me or...?
  64. Forum maintenance July 22, 2011 complete
  65. Cant open thread?
  66. iOS and Android App to Access the Spacetime Forum Community
  67. Forum Reputation Feature Enabled
  68. Comic Con Super Heroes help out a lost child
  69. fortified set!
  70. All animation short cuts aka colon banana colon (:banana:)
  71. Web Skin Stuck On Mobile
  72. Forum Reputation Level/Titles
  73. forum app is missing things...
  74. Forum Upgrade - New App Tags, Smiles and Bug Fixes
  75. Platinum
  76. cant open threads using my computer
  77. Star legends website
  78. Want a Private Forum for your Guild? Check out the Forum Group Feature.
  79. Spacetime Studios Forum App
  80. Newsletter suggestion
  81. star legends news typo
  82. Screen shots
  83. Consolidated Class discussion forums
  84. The reputation system, too big?
  85. I want to be able to access MY GROUP forum also on The App
  86. switch chatbox back
  87. Filtering Forum
  88. swearing
  89. Merchandise Store Promotion - all items 15% off!
  90. If you're stuck in the MOBILE forum View, here is how to get out of it
  91. Added new Support button to Spacetime Studios
  92. Change in status
  93. New top level forum layout and chatbox everywhere
  94. Forum Nav Button Changed to a Drop Down
  95. Added section selection to the What's New Button
  96. Anyone using TapaTalk and having problems?
  97. Twitter Questions?
  98. Did you delete the Chatbox?
  99. A bit aggravated - Reputation System
  100. Does anyone else keep getting signed out?
  101. Have problems posting new threads with the iPhone Spacetime Community App? Read This!
  102. Twitter Contest at 2 PM (3 PM Central) - Win 30 Platinum!
  103. forum app crashing
  104. Can't use quotes in forum signatures anymore?
  105. Forum Reputation Not Displaying Properly
  106. Home Screen Refresh Button
  107. Testing testing 1 2 3
  108. Push Notification to iOS for Star Legends
  109. Latest e-mail send: Invite to play Slouch-O Productions
  110. Cyberspace Rules of the Road:
  111. Will split plat purchases ever be allowed?
  112. Double Posting No More!
  113. Keys to Surviving the Forum
  114. New Thank Button
  115. Suggestion: reputation and mobile forum app
  116. Star Legends Website Art Updated
  117. Edit Your Profile Picture?
  118. Spacetime Studios Website and Forums Updated
  119. No search in the andriod forum app.
  120. How to put an image into your forum's signature
  121. Forum Bug
  122. Guide: Reputation system
  123. Frontier Legends?
  124. Extensive Reference to the Site Leaders!
  125. Question about Database Error @11PM CST
  126. Introducing Moderator13!
  127. New User Titles?
  128. Please? :'(
  129. Guild forum title?
  130. Forum Bug
  131. A cool example of what is possible with HTML5: www.thewildernessdowntown.com
  132. A new look for Spacetime Studios
  133. Tapatalk functionality
  134. What do you guys think about the new Google+ pages for business?
  135. links
  136. Reputation Rating Needs Removed
  137. Problem or glitch
  138. Forum sub-section titles suggestion
  139. Other way of payment.
  140. Can we have a bigger inbox capacity please?
  141. How do I make my Signature Size Bigger?
  142. Why can't I use the Forum Chatbox?
  143. Forum Chat, Display Error
  144. iPod spacetime app
  145. Alright I used the search button....
  146. Signature help
  147. Ideas for the Spacetime Community app for IPods/IPads/etc.
  148. Did you know you can host a Photo Album?
  149. Is the server unstable?
  150. Typo in the rules?
  151. problems with my PC and STS games...
  152. Spelling error on DataBase Error Page
  153. How to: post pictures to your forum posts using Photoshop Express!
  154. Jan. 4th Style Update
  155. oh WOW
  156. HELP! Forums do not display on Samsung Galaxy Tab
  157. Forums are a Wite Page on Droid 2
  158. How to?
  159. Congrats Drewcapu on 1,337 posts!
  160. Mobile version of the forums currently disabled
  161. Website upgrade for www.SpacetimeStudios.com
  162. Community app force close
  163. Tapatalk Forum App Backend Update
  164. Chatbox issue?
  165. Randomly logged off?
  166. Chat box
  167. Spacetime App Bugs
  168. How To: Put in a Sig Pic! With Pictures
  169. The "New Post" Tab.......
  170. Who's in favor of abolishing the Reputation system?
  171. dl current requirments
  172. what's new with what's new?
  173. How to Set Up Profile Picture and Account Settings on Spacetime Studios Forums
  174. Latest e-mail
  175. Threads with Stars
  176. Forum Calendar - post your events
  177. New Vampire Smilies }:-E
  178. stop spamming our fourms
  179. Tapatalk Plugin Updated
  180. In game times and spent.
  181. Updated Chatbox Plugin
  182. <Centurion> website
  183. Forums are becoming rather slow lately....
  184. Forum reputation system
  185. Skill Points?
  186. a little bit of help of required
  187. Required client info missing?
  188. Welcome Gambatte and Rinzler!
  189. FAQs Need a Change
  190. Spacetime Studios Forums Hits 50,000 Threads!
  191. The ios 1.1.3 has been released!
  192. How Do You Make A Blog Post?
  193. Got a quick question here....
  194. Happy Birthday!
  195. Forums Updated to Latest Version of vBulletin
  196. Forum posts
  197. Blog posts...
  198. What happened to Full Site view on iOS?
  199. Tapatalk Forum App Backend Update
  200. Reddit!
  201. Thank you fairy at 800 thanks given.
  202. Forums Spotlight [suggestion]
  203. New Android Spacetime Community App version 1.2 - Apple app submitted
  204. Ability to post visitor messages on people's profiles...
  205. Rename forum name
  206. Tapatalk and DL forums
  207. Android Forum App Bug
  208. Spacetime Community App Updated to Version 1.2
  209. DL avatars?
  210. Recent locked threads increased by a lot
  211. Updated imagery on www.SpacetimeStudios.com
  212. A Remark in Regards to the Current Forum Attitude
  213. Fix for rep.
  214. Possibly? quote x
  215. Ahh Forums, How I love Thee and How You've Grown!
  216. Bugs with the Android forum app
  217. Solving the signature problem, all at one time!
  218. TOo may Z0mB13s
  219. Dark Legends Website Updated
  220. Changes to reduce the number of forums - patch notes, platform, in-dev
  221. How do you customize profiles?
  222. The Reputation Problem
  223. What happens...
  224. Virus?
  225. Regarding Trading in sts games
  226. Forum Maintenance Today - Thursday, May 31st starting at 10:30 AM Central
  227. New "latest reputation given" box under "settings"
  228. Spacetime Studios Forums Updated
  229. Tapatalk forum plugin updated
  230. Mitchturbo's instructions on how to upload a signature.
  231. Suggestion : Add the chatbox feature to the Mobile app on iOS and Android
  232. What's your reputation power
  233. The Forum Time Is 1 Hour Back
  234. Just a note to all those applying for AoA AoB or AoC.
  235. Strange Database errors when attempting to open the spacetime homepage.
  236. Just a suggestion for pictures
  237. Spacetime Studios homepage problem?
  238. Idea: Ambbasadors of Forums (AoF)
  239. AoA Shield?
  240. Yay!
  241. Forum Bug
  242. The Daily Dose (Worship's Blog)
  243. Forum Bug: Cannot post polls!
  244. Filter Options on Mobile App
  245. wat.
  246. New Websites
  247. Free custom signature banners!
  248. Quote in signature ?
  249. Forum downtime on Saturday 9/15/12
  250. Forum ranks