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  1. Pocket Legends Play Guide
  2. How to: post screenshots using ONLY your Iphone.
  3. Equipment Prefix/Suffix Compendium
  4. Weapon proc index.
  5. super awesome stuff
  6. Dual Spec Guide.
  7. New PL Players Guide Version 1.0!!!!
  8. In-Depth Guide to Farming Alien Oasis 3 (AO3): Victory Lap!
  9. Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.
  10. Void vs. Sentinel vs. Sunblessed Sets: An Unbiased Analysis
  11. Guide to Advanced Mechanics in PL: DPS, Crits, etc.
  12. Pocket Legends Enemy, Boss, and NPC Compendium
  13. How to Craft Lv 55 Gear
  14. Balefort Sewers guide
  15. New and Improved Balefort Sewers Boss Killing Guide
  16. Guides, Indexes, Helpsheets & all other wonderful stuff in one place...
  17. How to: Upload a Signature Picture
  18. Gold Harvesting in Plasma Pyramid - Optimal method
  19. GUIDE: Alien Oasis Quests
  20. A Pocket Legends Quest Guide
  21. GUIDE: How To Use Emotes Without the Emote Button.
  22. Lovenus - Platinum Guide
  23. In-Depth Guide to Farming Balefort Sewers
  24. Different Build types - Uncovered
  25. Complete Combo Guide
  26. the / command
  27. Sandstone Cave Boss Strategies
  28. town guides
  29. Done 1000 snowball Quest today
  30. How to get kdr in low levels!!!
  31. Tips, Hints, and Tricks to Overall Gameplay
  32. My leveling way
  33. Favourite map for fast level-up
  34. AOE Mage Skill Point Allocation by Platycow
  35. Android Screenshots
  36. Level Guide 20-30!
  37. Massive update of item stats on wiki
  38. Orbs-What they do
  39. Guide to Being a Good Player (Not the Best) by Platycow
  40. How do i get pl on Android HTC HERO
  41. Level One Twink PvE Guide
  42. Where to find The lvl 56 pink crown
  43. Fastest and most efficient way to earning money?
  44. Tips For soloing (and farming) Silknight in FH lvl 5
  45. im looking for help im balefort sewers and farming in ao3
  46. Level 10-15 twinking guide
  47. Please Help... Stomping!
  48. how many questts fr shadow quy...
  49. Enikazie's Merchanting Guide:)
  50. Tips/Pointers on how to make good money!
  51. The Forum/ Forum Posting Guide
  52. The UPDATED Level One Twink Guide! (Finally)
  53. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
  54. Survivability is key
  55. Guide to level 10 and 16 twink avian
  56. Guide: What is worth Reporting
  57. Behaviour and Conduct Guidelines
  58. Survivability is key 2.1
  59. Money,Potions,Elixirs and Farming Guide.
  60. To Have Your Guide Moved to This Section...
  61. The general guide on end game team-mechanics
  62. Set Bonuses
  63. How to thread!
  64. How Drop Rates Work (Simplified) and the Factor of Luck Elixirs
  65. A Guide to Making Money!
  66. A Guide to Farming Ancient Swamps- Bayou Boss Brawl!
  67. New Player Guide
  68. DTFs Guide: Giving back to the Community
  69. A Complete Guide to Farming Sandstone Caves- Underground Desert
  70. Stat build guide!
  71. A Guide About Ping!
  72. Crown of Persistence Dual Spec Guide
  73. Town Guide :: Getting Around Addition
  74. Da Crafting Code Guide
  75. Character Faces: Stats and Pictures
  76. Hunzzz Guide to Merching!!!
  77. Hunzzz's Price Checking Guide!!! (MAIN PAGE)
  78. Guide: How to stick with a successful PUG/fixed group, without the friend list.
  79. Guide: How to use elixirs effectively in a group
  80. Buubuuftw's Beginner Guide
  81. Dagger Bird Guide by OmiGodANinja
  82. When to choose crit over damage and vice versa.
  83. A Comparative look on Rings
  84. Mini-Guide: Aggro Priority Order when fighting bosses
  85. Definitive Guide to PL
  86. Guide About weapon procs+skill Combo's!
  87. All Towne & Dungeon Map
  88. How to play Pocket Legends on the Chrome Browser
  89. Guide/Tips to "Full Party PVE Mob Runs"
  90. A general guide to being good at what you do
  91. GUIDE: Keep my K/D intact!-Soloing and not Dying!
  92. ==== Can't Find the Right Class? ====
  93. A Guide to Hunting Down Developers
  94. Guide: How to Survive your First Week of Pocket Legends!
  95. *Guide* To have a Good PvE Ratio! (Archer)
  96. YouTube Video Guides
  97. "How To Look Like" - Guide Compilation
  98. Guide : Calculate the Distance !!
  99. :D THE official Devs Profiles Place ! :D
  100. The mega GUIDE PvP : Gears, Skills, tips, for all LvLs
  101. Calculate your damage per second! (The equation)
  102. Entertainings Guide to Twinking
  103. A Guide to Farming Green Ice
  104. Hooch Hat Farming Video Guide
  105. GUIDE : Consignment Store in 6 Questions (For Newest and Oldest)!
  106. Current Humania Pinks and Stats List with Analyzation!
  107. Achievement and Title Guide/List
  108. GUIDE : Promo Codes, LIST!
  109. Blacksmoke Mountain- Pinks and Elites Stat List with Pictures
  110. GUIDE: Nuri Mini Dungeon Farming
  111. Blacksmoke Mountain- List of Pinks and Stats
  112. Guide to Elite Level Cap and Dragon Vanity Bonuses
  113. elite red dragon tanking guide
  114. Towne NPC's
  115. Guide to the all-confusing /
  116. How To Be Rich.
  117. Guide: W3i, Trialpay Offers, What works?
  118. Merching Guide.
  119. *GUIDE*~ To the complete History/Timeline of the GOA.
  120. Continuation of "A Pocket Legends Quest Guide"
  121. Guide to XP Elixir Stacking
  122. NEW PLAYERS: Pocket Legends leveling guide!
  123. Acronyms, Definitions and Terms all in one handy dandy thread
  124. Pocket Legends Index of Guides
  125. Guide to understanding EXP
  126. Level 1 items with stats and pictures.
  127. 30 bird in depth
  128. Relationship between threat level and xp
  129. Divine's Guide to Twinking
  130. The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide To Alterra, Part One- Nub
  131. The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide To Alterra, Part Two- Elixers and Blessings
  132. General List of Guides to Making Gold, Merchanting, and Farming!
  133. Ancient Caverns- Pinks/Elites with Stats and Pictures!
  134. How to: Make a password to avoid hackers.
  135. Common slang in pl
  136. Level 77 Ranger Guide
  137. GUIDE Level 85 cap - Zone Rifts
  138. Level 80. Psycho seller vendor and Engineer guide
  139. Guide to Halloween Quests 2018
  140. Sets with Bonuses and their Details
  141. Guide to unlocking Map 1 : The Isle of Night in The Legend of Ebonthrax campaign
  142. Guide to level 110 Sets
  143. Gold N' Gear - Farming and Strategy Guide - 2022
  144. Vanities N' Gear - Deeper Dive for Gear Sets and Combos - 2022
  145. Prep for New Endgame Cap - Experience Guide - Max XP Gear & Strategies - 2022
  146. Guide to crafting 115 equipment
  147. Guide to awakening and enchanting gear
  148. Guide in understanding the loot table
  149. Guide to Level 80 - The Overlord Returns