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  1. color bug of platinum gear.
  2. NPC Killing in Blackstar
  3. Explosive bug
  4. can't get arbiter chest at 41
  5. Commandoes seem to shoot mulitple targets with one shot
  6. cant map my newest skills (force field and suppression)
  7. SL Freezing
  8. Mouse Look
  9. its a bug?
  10. Messaging someone else?
  11. A bug I can't squash...?
  12. Fullscreen any one? :)
  13. if possible please fix!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Nexe crashed during startup. Linux.
  15. the server is up but i cannot connect!!!!! check our forums
  16. Problem wid forums
  17. Bug Report Lev 2 Numa
  18. Chrome Bug...glitch...thing?
  19. Awaiting email Confirmation?
  20. My text shows up as small boxes on android.
  21. Slouch O hovering cameras bug
  22. THE HARM BUG.....LOL o_O
  23. Bugs, things to please look into
  24. bug: Android tablet interface layout. A tablet is not a big phone
  25. Bug Report
  26. Is this a bug?
  27. Possible bug on Voleria 5 boss
  28. Red Beard McGreg bug
  29. -Bugs, bugs, and more bugs-
  30. The Weirdest Thing Happened...
  31. Bug? or just hysterical?
  32. it won't let me connect
  33. Found a bug
  34. SL kills my battery
  35. Team chat stopped working after update
  36. Having problems logging into sl!!!
  37. Screen lags when I play in Delta- 7 mining facility
  38. Voleria Start up Issue Bug
  39. Request for funtion: AFK
  40. Invisible targets on Numa Prime - Uncharted ruins
  41. Weird thing in Inner core
  42. Typo
  43. registering account
  44. Miner's lix broken in numa?
  45. I can't access my account! Please help!
  46. my character kneels back down after I disarm mines or pick up keys...
  47. server down?
  48. Bug on my Stats *look at my dodge*
  49. Chat Bug (Please Help...)
  50. Voleria sticky grenade
  51. New Chrome Beta 19.0.1041.0 available.
  52. Uh-oh! Message
  53. username wrong
  54. Google chrome crashes with Application error? Now no problem
  55. Look at this lol is it a glitch?
  56. A question, and... Has this happened to you?
  57. Quest details (the words) are cut off from the screen. Can someone look into this?
  58. Purchasing Platinum
  59. A glitch in the leaderboard
  60. Red Sun lvl1: enter teleporter to secret op area after boss forces game to close
  61. keyboard for movement
  62. anybody have myTouch 3G slide or know if this game will work for that device?
  63. Is this a bug?
  64. Error!
  65. cant login to my game. my email was hacked. what do i do??
  66. bug: Mark III DuraSteel Helmet looks akward at the jaw-line
  67. Server issue: chrome and mobile worlds seperated
  68. [Chrome OS]Massivly Slowed Down Gameplay?
  69. New client. Extra guild name on avatar screen (iPad)
  70. bug: lost guild members and guild ranks with client update
  71. Video Plats issue(maybe only for me)
  72. bug: guildhall is broken, we can not longer meet each other in guildhall
  73. Paying Fee When Reporting
  74. If you are having problem connecting to server then check this out!
  75. Watch Videos Says Loading or Watched...but last 'watch' was from 3/14...
  76. Bigger Luck Bug
  77. Log In Information
  78. Log In Information
  79. White Scorn WIngs
  80. Whose line is it anyway?
  81. i need a way to check a user names in game stats, and soon!
  82. Bug: Numa Prime-The Outer Limits
  83. Issue with DuraSteel
  84. Help me all!!!
  85. minor bugs
  86. bug: meganaut chest with transparent body
  87. bug: desert rat pack and back vanity colision
  88. free video for platinum not working
  89. Missing my lvl 40 commando! ( again! )
  90. bug: pvp ctf death by teammate
  91. vular ticker quest.
  92. Skills don't fire properly
  93. no more unregistered account?
  94. Huge PvP Fall Down Bug
  95. New update:pvp/pve knockdown EPICFAIL!
  96. Issues with game?
  97. Numa Prime: Can't Find Chief XenoBiologist
  98. Chat prevents movement
  99. Arrow keys?
  100. Permission denied when using /g
  101. Random threads will cuase S.T.S Forums to Force close
  102. PvP bug.....
  103. Little bug
  104. can't download
  105. Easter hunt quest bug
  106. bug: half xp instead of double xp!
  107. PING for me sucks...
  108. Bug: Quest "Ticky Business"
  109. best resolution and easy of pressing skills on tablet??
  110. sound issue
  111. How do i shrink SL game screen?
  112. Sound Issue
  113. Missing quest dialog.
  114. bug: new vular pet goes upside down, like rivet...
  115. Cycorp Consumer Testing Bug
  116. Operitave must be there to complete Level 1 of Delta-7
  117. SL on Galaxy Note?
  118. Wont give me platinum i payed for
  119. Platinum Logo Bug
  120. PVP bug
  121. XP system issues?
  122. Free Platinum issue on Galaxy Note
  123. Naked Healing - Is it Wrong?
  124. 4.5x shield
  125. Problems
  126. What is going on here???
  127. Chrome screen formatting
  128. Keyboard bug
  129. cant log in for more than 5 seconds
  130. Cant login
  131. Red Herring mission
  132. Ticky Business mission
  133. a random misplaced object in cycorp
  134. Key bug in Cycorp Industries- Product Development
  135. quest hints running off page
  136. bug: decay animation only goes in 1 fixed direction
  137. Missing percentage symbol
  138. Red hair
  139. quest complete and diyng bug
  140. Store Light Pistol Looks like repeater glitch
  141. Swindler's Infinium Tech Back Bug?
  142. Women Plat Battleshell Back Armor Bug
  143. Cycorp Box in a Bench
  144. problem?
  145. Camera Effects
  146. That is a bit wierd..
  147. Bug or not?
  148. Random floor under the BlackStar
  149. Got another for ya sts <3 Auction Terminal bug
  150. Enhancer Notification Bug
  151. Typing Bug.
  152. Can't Access Earn Free Platinum (Android Phone)
  153. Wasted Money
  154. Quests
  155. play button
  156. 2.0.0 Start-Up + Login Issues (Mobile iOS/ iPhone/iPod Touch)
  157. cant update the game
  158. Skill points been reset and redistributed.
  159. Chatwindow locked on the largest setting
  160. A few Chrome shortcuts stopped working
  161. Xperia issues with the new client.
  162. holding a heavy weapon in one hand...
  163. Oh, R.I.V.E.T. mk II! Where are you!?
  164. Issues in pvp with new UI
  165. meh
  166. no exp from infested for me. :(
  167. chat window arrow moved
  168. bug: private game leads to public game at infested deck
  169. well this is a bug
  170. Hello devs, i have some more bugs to report
  171. Engineer + Commando combo not working?
  172. broken wielding torches
  173. issues in new release
  174. Skill Issue
  175. full tactical gasmask vs tactical gasmask
  176. bug: loosing a visual on chatline (not chatbox)
  177. No custom armor effects on the avatar and inv screens
  178. Issue with Chrome Ver. after update
  179. No effect while using razer+electro-blocker on avatar and inv screen
  180. platinum issue
  181. Auction Terminal bug.
  182. bug chrome client: shortkey-R doesn't switch skills
  183. reporting for bad names, doesn't show correct msg after reporting. bug?
  184. Need your character name - affected by Skill Reset Bug?
  185. Missing Stash Items
  186. Crashing Issues - Patch Later Today
  187. 49%
  188. Can't get items from stash
  189. Cant stash and unstash items
  190. Chat box issue
  191. pet bomb fix
  192. Guild chat not working
  193. Daily quest
  194. requesting software for us for making new items!
  195. CTF Bugs (2)
  196. cycorp bomb bug
  197. New Legnday Gun Bug
  198. legendary bio neural phased injectors bug
  199. A few more bugs
  200. Intro animation bug
  201. Two annoying things that need to get fixed..
  202. Epic boss drop bug in hive
  203. quest bugs.. or otherwise?
  204. Locked icons show
  205. Numa Teleporter Bug
  206. Another join base bug
  207. Arcane Legends shield bug
  208. a bug noticed with miner's luck in hive
  209. Hive Miner luck bug
  210. Possible Hive Bug
  211. Little NPC bugs
  212. Server cearch bugs
  213. When Can We Expect Respecs
  214. Tutorial bug.
  215. Lots of hive bugs.
  216. Joystick overlap
  217. ALOT of blackstars?
  218. 7 Man PvP
  219. password bug on some maps.
  220. Game doesn't work anymore on my HTC EVO LTE phone after update
  221. Re-Roll at Blackstar (Base)
  222. bug: delay is gone when opening doors, chests, planting bombs
  223. Am i being teolled ot what?
  224. Super lag in pvp
  225. Crashes on load after last update
  226. "Had" a level 15 Operative
  227. world record of lost pets
  228. Towel bug
  229. I think there was a bug with receiving my plat?
  230. "Auto" in chrome does everything but attack first
  231. Skills/Auto attack mapped to onkeyup in Chrome
  232. Rover bug
  233. Timer annoyances with crates and mines
  234. bug: revive after finishing map, freezes game
  235. Enhancers displaying sale price charging full price
  236. bigger luck vanity broken?
  237. Special Effects and Engineer Gloves
  238. Dynastar Mercenary
  239. Frozen Boss?
  240. bug: party split up after continuing to next level at usc savant
  241. Scorn Unchained slightly bugged
  242. I cannot see the characters what i am typing..
  243. Its too crowded in this run!!
  244. Can't play Star Legends on Chrome
  245. Bug in auction terminal
  246. 6 people in a dungeon
  247. No longer with my group
  248. PvP Bug
  249. window chat normal again
  250. Dungeon full?