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  1. Meet the Spacetime Dev Team at the Big Android BBQ - Oct 1 & 2, Austin TX USA
  2. Antenna: What Are They and How to Get Them?
  3. Next Guardian of Alterra / Star Guard be chosen from Support.Spacetimestudios.com
  4. Want to make video games for a living? Article from the Austin Statesman.com
  5. Spacetime Studios is Hiring! - Austin, TX Customer Service and Testing Jobs!
  6. Spacetime in the News - Thoughts about F2P on MMORPG.com
  7. Introducing New Spacetime Community Team Members Moderator42 and Moderator7
  8. Spacetime Studios in the Google booth at Game Developer's Conference
  9. Want to play on PC or smartphone? Spacetime Studios has you covered!
  10. Spacetime Studios Ushers in the Future of Cross Platform Gaming
  11. Halloween Events to Turn Off on Thursday, Nov. 3rd
  12. Welcome South Korean Players!
  13. The Spacetime Studios Community Team is Growing to Better Serve You!
  14. Spacetime Games Join the Heyzap Network!
  15. The 12/5 Recap - Dev Feedback on Level Access, Heyzap refinements, Bug Fixes, Holiday
  16. Interested In Testing Our Games At Our Offices And Giving Us Feedback? READ THIS!
  17. World’s First MMOs to Unite Desktop and Mobile Devices
  18. Spacetime Studios Chromebook Giveaway - Log In Via Chrome and You Could Win!
  19. Spacetime Studios Platinum Giveaway - Log In Via Chrome and You Could Win!
  20. Moderator13 is now Firead! (Not fired, Firéad!)
  21. Spacetime Studios, Pocket Legends and Star Legends are all on Google Plus!
  22. Spacetime Studios on the Local News
  23. A Look Back at 2011 and Forward to a Rockin’ 2012!
  24. Playtest Time!
  25. Hey, what's in there? Servers!
  26. Spacetime Studios Sires Vampire Themed Mobile and Desktop MMO: Dark Legends
  27. Star Legends wins 2011 BEST MMO APP EVER
  28. Log in and Play and you could win a Chromebook! Now through Feb 7th.
  29. Log in and Play and you could win a Phat Stack of Platinum! Now through Feb 7th.
  30. Win Free Platinum on ACSyndicate.net!
  31. Spacetime's Legends Mobile MMO Franchise Surpasses 100 Million Play Sessions
  32. Deleting Level 1 Characters on Accounts That Haven't Played in 90 Days – Tue. Feb 21
  33. Forum Contest - I Don't Always (X) But When I Do (Y), because of (Z)!
  34. Picture from the Award Wall
  35. I Don't Always (X) But When I Do (Y), because of (Z) FINALISTS!
  36. Spacetime Studios at Mobile World Congress 2011
  37. Spacetime Studios Wins Top 50 Developers Award from PocketGamer.biz
  38. I Don't Always (X) But When I Do (Y), because of (Z) WINNERS!
  39. Coming Soon: New Game Client Features - New Video Ads (FREE PLAT) and Revenge
  40. Spacetime Studios at the 2012 Game Developer's Conference
  41. Spacetime Studios at the Tech Career Expo March 9 & 10 - HIRING PROGRAMMERS!
  42. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Pocket Legends and Star Legends with Bigger Luck!
  43. Preview of the Spring Event - Coming Soon!
  44. Save Your Stuff & Register Today!
  45. Game Maintenance April 4 starting at 11:30 AM Central (12:30 Eastern) for 15 minutes
  46. Watching Video Ads for Free Platinum Disabled
  47. Double XP Weekend in Pocket Legends and Star Legends - On Now through April 9th.
  48. 2000 Platinum Option Returned to Android, Chrome and Webstore
  49. Double Damage Weekend in Pocket Legends and Star Legends - April 19th to April 23rd
  50. Construction at Spacetime HQ
  51. Spacetime Studios in the news - Gaming industry becomes creative force in Austin
  52. Arcane Legends - Coming Soon to Mobile and Desktop
  53. We're working hard to make fun for you!
  54. $5,000 Donation to Breast Cancer Research from Mother's Day Bouquets
  55. Design My Sig - Rinzler Edition! For free plat!
  56. Spacetime Support Website Issues - July 3, 2012
  57. Changes to the weekly Twitter Contests
  58. App Chronicles Likes Spacetime's Fresh Content
  59. Flash Version of Spacetime Games Available - We Would Love Your Feedback!
  60. Hello World!
  61. Please Take Our Survey!
  62. Want To Stay On Top Of Arcane Legends News? Read this!
  63. And Now, A Word From Your Customer Support Team…
  64. Keeping Pace with Technology – Updates to the Spacetime Engine
  65. Do you Tumbl?
  66. A Friendly Reminder From Your CS Team Part Deux
  67. Login problems with Pocket Legends, Star Legends & Dark Legends
  68. Friendly Reminders From Your Community Team
  69. Brief interruption with the ability to log into game - 10-30-12
  70. Moving upwards, not downwards! Forwards, not backwards!
  71. Our New Platinum Offers: Seems Legit? They Are!
  72. 2012 Cornucopia Forum Scavenger Hunt!
  73. 2012 Cornucopia Forum Scavenger Hunt!
  74. History of Spacetime Studios - KLRU Capital of Innovation Video
  75. Closing the Ambassador Programs
  76. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
  77. Pocket Gamer names Spacetime Studios top 50 Game Developer - 3 years in a row!
  78. Warning: Do Not Try to Buy Items or Gold for Real World Cash. You'll Only Get Scammed
  79. Double XP Weekend in All Spacetime Games May 24 - 27!
  80. Gary Gattis: Never Give Up, Never Surrender | Casual Connect Video
  81. All Legends Games Offline for Maintenance
  82. Discontinued Flash Version of Legends Games
  83. Google Checkout Retired by Google and No Longer Available on the Spacetime Webstore
  84. Spooky Greetings Card Contest Voting!
  85. Spacetime Studios Support and Community Team Announcements
  86. Let’s talk about scamming…..
  87. Double XP and Bonus Offers in Legends Games Nov 28 to Dec 1
  88. Legends Franchise Producer Letter from Samhayne
  89. Introducing Our New Community Manager and Google Hangout on 1/23
  90. "Meet Your Mods" Google Hangout Official Questions Thread
  91. It's a 2x Weekend in all Spacetime Games!
  92. Did You Miss "Meet Your Mods?" See What You Missed on YouTube
  93. Meet Your Mods | Dragon Enclave Edition | March 19 @ 4:30 p.m. CDT
  94. Meet Your Mods | Dragon Enclave Edition | Official Q&A Thread
  95. Meet Your Mods | Watch What You Missed on YouTube
  96. Spacetime Studios Announces Most Innovative Build & Battle Game: Pacifist Command!
  97. Technical Difficulties With Platinum Purchases
  98. Join Us! 8-Bit Salute: Spacetime Games 24 Hour Gaming Marathon!
  99. Give a Warm Welcome to Our New Mods! Arpluvial and Twjsted
  100. Face Time with Spacetime | 8-bit Salute Edition | Official Q&A Thread
  101. Tune in for Face Time with Spacetime! (Meet Your Mods) this Thursday 5/8 at 6pm CDT
  102. 8-bit Salute Progress & Event Update!
  103. 8-bit Salute | We Did It! | Official Feedback Thread
  104. Howdy Y'all! Seoratrek Here!
  105. 4th of July Carnival - Legends Series! (Event Ended)
  106. Spacetime Games Community App No Longer Supported
  107. The Spacetime Rundown | 8/14/2014
  108. The Spacetime Rundown | 8/27/2014
  109. Our apologies for the Forum Styling... Work in Progress
  110. The Spacetime Rundown | 9/10/2014
  111. The Spacetime Rundown | 9/24/2014
  112. The Road to Necropolis: Arcane Legends Halloween Tiered Rewards!
  113. The Spacetime Rundown | 10/8/2014
  114. Follow Seoratrek on YouTube!
  115. Spacetime Games Official Community Meet-Up @ PAX South! | Details Coming Soon!
  116. A Farewell from Samhayne
  117. Regarding future development on legacy games
  118. Spacetime Studios Reveals Call of Champions MOBA in Development
  119. Hi, I'm RoninMoro!
  120. Hi everyone! I'm Kaylin!
  121. 2018 Letter to the Community
  122. NOTICE: Forums will be down for ~ 4 hours on Monday, 3/5...
  123. 2019 Letter to the Community
  124. 2020 Letter to the Community
  125. Forum Data Breach
  126. 2023 Letter to the Community