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  1. Numa Prime Feedback Thread
  2. Suggestion: Make Auction House Fees Commensurate with Level / Rarity
  3. Feedback: Engineers are fighting on the playground
  4. Suppression Feedback
  5. Last Online Guild Function
  6. Guild option to let guild know if a member has logged on
  7. Suggestion: Ways to Improve Quick Responses
  8. Suggestion for guild logs of who joined, who left, who got kicked, and when
  9. More Decors? And gears suggestions?
  10. Suggestion - guild officer tiers
  11. Suggestion - guild stash, with logs, possibly restricted access
  12. Suggestion - "go to" for guild hall
  13. Suggestion - built-in screenshot function (only for game screen)
  14. Suggestions by Eyeless :3
  15. Why is Exitium a featured iOS game for the very thing SL is supposedly delayed for?
  16. Deal of the Day
  17. Guilds - Ideas and Suggestions here!
  18. BUG: cannot respec skill points
  19. The new client.. and something isn't right..
  20. I prefer Guild Chat the way it was, all green. What about you?
  21. Ability to invite non-guild members to the guild hall temporarily
  22. suggestion for skill tabs
  23. Better Character Creation Options
  24. Opinions on Daily Deal and Special Items Brought Back!
  25. protection
  26. Notification when friends sign on
  27. A report guild name button.
  28. Sub-classes
  29. Songs
  30. Auction Terminal
  31. Platinum button on the play screen- is In a bad place.
  32. New tutorial
  33. When you shut down SL
  34. Guild invites available to offline players
  35. Guild Name reservation please
  36. Kudos on the new "Rivet" tutorial
  37. Please add a "Quests" button and an "Inventory" button to the "Menu" drop-down list
  38. PLEASE find a way to move the movement joystick below emotes on iPad layout
  39. Engineers and Operatives need compelling reason to use their class-specific weapons
  40. More Skill depth - Choose your Cool-Down/Mana Usage
  41. Suggestion: Bring back engineer skill stacking.
  42. Option to decline guild invitations
  43. Suggestion: Taunt needs to guarantee aggro.
  44. Ok this "buying for PL gold" stuff has to stop.
  45. CS Listing price is too high.
  46. Ability To Create Your Own Chatroom
  47. Suggestion: Skill Changes
  48. || Passive Skills ||
  49. Temporary price drop on stims
  50. Suggestion: Move the emotes pop-out menu on iPad UI.
  51. Suggestion, Guild chat tab
  52. question about platinum on android
  53. Afk tag?
  54. Guild Suggestion: Make Guild Bulletins
  55. Guild Leaderboard.
  56. How do i advise a player for the ban hammer?
  57. Star Legends Weapon Ideas Thread
  58. Loadout button
  59. [Suggestion] Double Skill Bar option.
  60. Auto Advance Problem!
  61. Deal of day?
  62. Serious auto-target annoyance
  63. commandor fix
  64. Daily Bounties? And Bounties for other Players!
  65. Little quest checkmark above skill map tab
  66. Continue map
  67. Suggestion--Contest Reward Idea
  68. Chat Channels and Hide chat.
  69. I'm Sorry, I Was AFD. ;)
  70. Batch selection of items.
  71. Suggestion: Consignment Shop within guild halls.
  72. I STILL think Pocket Legends EMOTES
  73. The Op.
  74. The Order of the Leaderboards
  75. Allow hard keyboard users to just type chat text
  76. Suggestion:zombie mode
  77. Vanity - Full Set
  78. Achievements?!
  79. Suggestion: Guild Party Music.
  80. Game is full and can't enter
  81. Voice
  82. Towards the future
  83. PvP Assault/defence
  84. A few guild ideas
  85. Auto Sell Feature: Please Read On...
  86. A Few Suggestions
  87. PvP Implementation
  88. Suggestion: make it easier to get to the guild hall on game startup
  89. Google+???
  90. Suggestion: Guild Stash
  91. iPad Joystick
  92. Suggestion: Using the terrain to your advantage
  93. Suggested Changes to Engineer's Skills Protection and Force Shield
  94. share your insane suggestions, so crazy it just might work!
  95. Toggling Door/Equipment Status Pop-Ups
  96. Radii Markers - Skill Range
  97. Would it be possible to increase the maximum capacity of the tier 3 guild halls?
  98. Back Button Function on Android is Blah...
  99. Star Legends PvP?
  100. Suggestion: class specific weapon changes
  101. Display Trash Mob Names
  102. guild master talk
  103. Forum Suggestion: New Posts by Forum
  104. Virtual joystick and whispers
  105. not receiving my gold in SL...
  106. On-screen quest button
  107. devs read
  108. If It Ain't Broke....(chat)
  109. Join Friends says Level Up and I can't join
  110. Feedback on Several Points
  111. expansion idea
  112. Liquidation prices
  113. Tutorial Suggestion
  114. Guild Hierarchy
  115. Kicking at boss
  116. Rolling/Rotating skill button!
  117. Damage Ratio and Armor Camoflauge
  118. Interface hinders play! Please fix! Community please support!
  119. New chat (9/16 patch) isn't thumb friendly on smaller screen devices
  120. Name change delay or bug
  121. Quest flow suggestion
  122. Drops?
  123. Stash suggestion
  124. Skills suggestion
  125. Please read this
  126. PLEASE READ, auto liquidate!
  127. DEVS PLEASE READ - XP Gains and Enjoyment Factor
  128. Feedback: Reply to private message via notification feature.
  129. Engineer skill Decay
  130. Feature request: include full games into Full games
  131. Annoying notification icon.
  132. Skill Description
  133. Director Bot is a Cheater...
  134. Emotes
  135. Allow different classes to perform actions faster.
  136. Challenge Arena
  137. auction sale notification
  138. Guild Boot Notification
  139. more option to buy gold with plat
  140. Idea: daily bounty quest
  141. Moving the iPad directional controls
  142. Combat Simulator & Challenges
  143. Selling recipies above the ingame price
  144. map color in sloucho
  145. Locking a saved gear layout
  146. Suggestion: Make a confirmation screen for recipes
  147. Face Paints :).
  148. DPS Meter!
  149. Different coloring for your damage/heal indicators.
  150. Cut scenes and VR joystick
  151. Pets???
  152. Bounty Hunting... After other players?
  153. Guild Section thread count limits.
  154. Vanity weapons :)
  155. New Helm Idea Vanity Or Not
  156. suggestion on personal stash
  157. New Area/Campaign Idea
  158. Melle! Light swords!
  159. numbered bases - blackstar/numa
  160. Feature Suggestion: Data Capture/Export
  161. Update scroll button!
  162. PVP!
  163. From 'Weapons Creator' to 'Crafter' or something.
  164. Making an alliance in game
  165. Friend Request
  166. SL idea
  167. Daily enhancer/elixir
  168. PVP suggestions
  169. 'Heroic' Dungeons
  170. suggestion regarding guild halls, and the cs/ah
  171. Suggestion/Discussion: AOE change from Heavy Weapons.
  172. Feedback: Last line of 9-line chatbox and pop-out display.
  173. Hutt Ball!!!
  174. Guild visibilities
  175. Categorized Stash
  176. Crafting items - Overstocked?
  177. I really like.. [add your favorite here]
  178. Needed
  179. Allow Op's flames of insanity skill to spread?
  180. Xp points
  181. Increase Director Bots drop rates.
  182. On Sloucho and Numa, and a few other things to consider for the next one
  183. Armor dyer!
  184. re-customise custom items in future updates
  185. Operative Dual Pistols Animation & Rifle Hand Placement
  186. Online players - More HS Stats etc.
  187. just a thought
  188. randomize sandbags in slouch-o?
  189. Riot Shield!!!!!!
  190. suggestion, guild common box and msg board
  191. no life refresh
  192. Suggestion: Refresh Protection [Buff Timer] On Each Cast
  193. Your feedback
  194. Suggestion: Ability To Toggle Load-Outs On HUD
  195. Future event thread {ongoing}
  196. Suggestion: Simple Icon Next To Enemy Health Denoting Damage-Giving Type
  197. [Suggestion] Single class full party bonus
  198. chef hats
  199. A Simple Thank You!
  200. [suggestion] Reset button
  201. Suggestion (MORE System created levels) to limit booting in public games w/o Password
  202. PVP Ideas2
  203. XP allocation...
  204. Stackable crafting itemsss
  205. Notification system add-ons: sold items, off-line messages and guild bulletin board
  206. Guild tabards
  207. Suggestion: drop the crafted orange implant level requirement
  208. Suggestion: Carry Buffs Over, Level-to-Level
  209. An upgrade for the female players of the game!
  210. Gold weapons,and gears :)
  211. Cooperative door opening and making it faster in general
  212. Better visibility of recharging power
  213. Ability to take screenshots on Android
  214. Multiple sets for each class.
  215. Dodge issues
  216. Implement skill tree
  217. a "not accepting friends button" plz
  218. more character customization?
  219. Suggesion: Rename Guild Name
  220. Suggestion: Crafting Craft Items??
  221. Suggestion: Can there be a guild job board
  222. SUGGESTION: a co guild manager
  223. Suggestion: A guildies only button
  224. Custom Craftable Weapons :)
  225. Emote Ideas
  226. Suggestion, ingame clock.
  227. Customize HUD for Personal Play Style
  228. Suggestion: Jetpacks
  229. SUGGESTION: Jetpack
  230. Suggestion: Joystick
  231. Suggestion: Credits-platinum
  232. Suggestion: Platnum prices
  233. platinum
  234. Guild Improvement
  235. SUGGESTION: Auction Notification
  236. Guild MOTD and Other Guild Add-ons
  237. awsome armor and higher level characters
  238. *SUGGESTION* More Guildie info for GMs.
  239. Some sort of talent tree type implication.
  240. To Development
  241. Suggestion: Increasing Forum Population & Activity
  242. Suggestion make new vanity slot? ( vanity back )
  243. New campaign ideas [phoenixking's idea]
  244. suggestion for a new addon to blackstar
  245. Alliances for guilds
  246. Deal of the day - auction bays
  247. Buy Sell Trade spam
  248. Suggestion: Buy Orders in the marketplace
  249. SUGGESTION: Skill Menu Auto Switch
  250. Star Legends EXP Feedback!- Originaly For PL Thread, (Please Thank, If You Agree)