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  1. Star Legends General Attributes (STR, DEX, INT) Guide
  2. Star Legends - Guides, Indexes, Helpsheets & all other wonderful stuff in one place
  3. Star Legends Crafting Guide
  4. Platinum Spending Guide - What Real $$$ Buys You
  5. A Classes / Skills Analysis (and comparison to PL!) Guide
  6. DO's and DON'Ts of Star Legends
  7. Star Legends Quest Guide
  8. To Have Your Guide Moved to This Section...
  9. Star Legends Item Compendium
  10. OOD Tutorial - Vular Egg Boss
  11. {Guide} How to Defeat Director Bot in Slouch-o
  12. Keys for Survival (any map, any level)
  13. Guide: How to stick with a successful PUG/fixed group, without the friend list.
  14. A Guide to be Successful Guild Master of Star legends (version 1.0)
  15. Trade & stash guide
  16. Question: Vanity Drop Locations
  17. [GUIDE] Ultimate Level up guide by GAZROAST
  18. Guide: Educated Spending / Amassing Wealth
  19. Want norification when spacetime tweets in sl/pl (ios users)
  20. OOD Tutorial Video - How to find Vular Ticker
  21. A guide to "Pulling" on Outer Limits
  22. A guide to the shipyards horrible boss.... The mysterious figure.
  23. A guide to "Reactor Core Deck"
  24. SL Boss Compendium
  25. Aculeas End Game hosting Tutorial: SY2 and SY5
  26. How to Maximize XP Runs in SY2: Biosphere
  27. Star Legends Talent Calculator + Skill & Stats Guide.
  28. Comtrix“s Credit Guide - How to get rich!
  29. How to be an efficient Partymember
  30. A Guide To Farming
  31. A Guide to Hunting Down Developers
  32. Exp LvLing guide for all classes
  33. Trollee's Guide to Miner McGuirk
  34. LonelyKDOp's guide to build a zero death leaderboard alt
  35. Guide: Solo Farming the Sci-fi Vanity Items in Redsun Pirates
  36. All in One : How to be an effective team ( EXP Gain )
  37. Jblazer's Guide to avoiding scam attempts
  38. STS-25 Tarasa Colony Guide
  39. Victordemelo's Guide to lvl 1-46. Includes Video per lvl, narration, descriptions
  40. Star legend: how to use emote without emote button(touch screen device only)
  41. Star Legends Index of Guides
  42. New Players Guide!
  43. How To Merch
  44. Guide: Being a Successful Guild Owner
  45. Guide : How To Farm Xray Visor In Numa
  46. Evicted's Guide : Farming Vanities in Red Sun : Secret Labs
  47. Guide: Set Zyra Roh
  48. How to be safe of scamming
  49. Happy Halloween For New Space Player [Guide]