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  1. Dark Legends
  2. new guild for a new game
  3. Pocket Legends, Star Legends and Dark Legends cross-over
  4. When is DL coming out?
  5. OMG OMG OMG STS is on a run
  6. Here we go again!
  7. Dark Legends - What we know so far & Follow on Facebook
  8. when will beta be out?
  9. New Legends
  10. setting for DL
  11. Can you give a lil more info?
  12. Doh! Spent money on SL and now its obsolete!
  13. Sword vs. Arrow vs. Magic. PVP Looting. Personality?
  14. Empire of the Night
  15. What is Dark Legends?
  16. Dark Legends
  17. the classes for dark legends!
  18. Name Reservations
  19. Why another game? Dark Legends Discussion.
  20. Ive heard alot about Dark Legends...
  21. DL WILL BE AWESOME if....
  22. Fantastic Idea. Worth reading!
  23. Will Dark Legends be awesome?!
  24. Dark Legends ideas
  25. Dark Legends ideas
  26. Post your Dark Legends Ideas here
  27. Hyper secret stuff i found
  28. Dark Legends Ideas
  29. The anticipation is killing me!
  30. We must be FIRST!!! :)
  31. making a guild once dl comes out
  32. will this be able to play on computer and will it be worth it?
  33. Palringo Group Chat for DL/PL/SL
  34. Are you ready?
  35. Ideas!
  36. A Suggestion
  37. This is intense!! Wow!!!
  38. so what new news do we know so far?
  39. Why must we wait???
  40. Rushing.
  41. Dark Legends
  42. how to get job
  43. when will it be done?
  44. new website
  45. Just another skin...?
  46. bosses suggestion for DL
  47. im starting from day one!
  48. vampire theme
  49. Facebook update
  50. A quick idea
  51. Will I Still be "Vampire"?
  52. A Look Back at 2011 and Forward to a Rockiní 2012!
  53. DL game
  54. What will you be? Vampire? Werewolf? Hunter? Hypothetical speak.
  55. w000t
  56. is there any pics yet for DL!?
  57. From the Quote File
  58. What is DL????
  59. Do devs read these?
  60. New Facebook Image?
  61. before u releas plz make it for ALL apple product (ipod)
  62. what if sts added.. lets just say a more customizational setting in dl??
  63. Epic.
  64. Introducing the very first DL fan art!
  65. My Dark Legends Art
  66. sig
  67. DL Guilds
  68. May be coming back to STS games/forum at the release of this game but..
  69. what's up with the DL shield
  70. Can you guys clarify this for me? Plus, chrome beta announced!
  71. When is dark legends coming out?
  72. Release Date? And Art Style?
  73. Dark Legends - The Werewolf Nation Rises
  74. Not going to be behind here
  75. Idea lunge attacks
  76. Beta questions (lookin for dev answer on this)
  77. Dl needs a sneak preview video true? ;)
  78. Dont make this game
  79. Vanity
  80. name reservation problem (for me at least)
  81. Dark times ahead
  82. Who are u in Dark Legends?
  83. Name reservation vanity?
  84. Clues to when beta for DL will be coming out?
  85. May Form a Guild... Black Project D2. O_O
  86. What is Dark Legends?
  87. DL Healer Weapon Suggestion
  88. one question???
  89. DL Tanker Armour suggestion
  90. DL fan art: Rogue Vampire?
  91. Hardware Requirements
  92. DL classes
  93. Something different this time please
  94. DL Fan Art & Speed Drawing: concept fan art
  95. Any word when Dark Legends will be out for iPhone?
  96. What everyone wants to know: When can we see more of, or play Dark Legends?
  97. Will the beta only be available for Android?
  98. Hey guys, found a few Dark Legends sites you may want to check out...
  99. DL Staff
  100. Dark Legends Pre-Launch FAQs
  101. If I go buy a droid devise...
  102. Dark Legends shield added to pocket Legends and Star Legends!
  103. fans of dark legends
  104. DroidGamers FAIL!
  105. First Generation of the Dark Legend Guilds
  106. is this a game
  107. Show off your Dark Legends Shield!
  108. A freaky Chill
  109. New Vampire Smilies }:-E
  110. Apple users! What POSSIBLY to expect.
  111. Valentines Day or Vampires Day
  112. When is dl comeing out i need to know???????????????????? :vcry:
  113. Something Wicked This Way Comes... Check in tomorrow (Valentine's Day)
  114. Will DL work on 1st gen iPad?
  115. Minimum Requirements For Running DL?
  116. Dark Legends Video Exclusive on G4TV!
  117. Age Requirement for Dark Legends?
  118. Can we get a list of devices that are known capable of handling DL?
  119. Dark Legends Website Updated - includes new descriptive text and video
  120. What Dark Legends Would've Been
  121. What will you do?
  122. Its dark legends turn
  123. Who wants to win a Dark Legends Shield?
  124. This weeks Twitter competition.
  125. Twitter Contest 02/16/12 Results
  126. Plz vote
  127. [Incineration]
  128. Most important question yet.
  129. my take on a Dark Legends shield.....
  130. Secong Generation Of DL Signatures
  131. Dark Legends Digital Painting Fan Art
  132. DL droid
  133. Pvp for dl
  134. Woot got a free Razr Maxx
  135. Dark legends
  136. Twitter Contest 02/21/12 Results
  137. Is Dark Legends a Hoax?
  138. So i got a question about name reservations
  139. Y u no answur qweshun we all wanna know?!
  140. Game play vid
  141. Gameplay trailer's here.
  142. 17?...
  143. ##Important## Drop-Rates in DL
  144. What's your DL back story?
  145. Download the Mobile World Congress Application
  146. *sits and waits* :bull_head:
  147. quick review from MWC 2012! pocketgamers has it
  148. MWC news about DL
  149. Skill Trees announced!
  150. Mobilarena.hu have a snippet of Cinco playing Dark Legends at MWC2012
  151. Dissection of DL
  152. Announcements?
  153. Twitter Contest 03/1/12 Results
  154. Immigration
  155. You vote your opinion!
  156. Will Dark Legends have a founder's helm?
  157. i n f e c t e d . . .
  158. DL release date!
  159. Found a tiny bit of news about DL from the GDC
  160. DL released on March 15th
  161. Twitter Contest 03/6/12 Results
  162. Premium Characters?
  163. What happens when you visit the chrome version of Dark legends? + more infomation...
  164. An Excerpt from the Journal of Dr. Eli Kreigberg
  165. Dark Legends: Might not be a beta and 15th Update
  166. Some information on DL from GDC
  167. The full Article regarding the Amazon Release.
  168. DL emotes, more advanced and mature?
  169. Tentonhammer.com on DL from GDC 2012
  170. One more week!
  171. "Energy" in Dark Legends
  172. Amazon Early Access
  173. Added Dark Legends Announcement section - news going there now
  174. spend some time one Grafic
  175. Faces behind the legends.
  176. News, news, and more DL news
  177. When will we get new DL avatars?
  178. Just in case you guys didnt see the gameplay screenshots...
  179. What will your guild/alliance/clan/coven be called?!
  180. Dark Legends Achievements!
  181. What was your first 'pink'?
  182. Droidgamers article on GDC 2012 DL
  183. shadow figure detailed
  184. A New Way to chat with other Dark Legends Players
  185. DL release???
  186. Slidetoplay has new article
  187. Recent News on Dark Legends!
  188. Vampires from PL and SL!
  189. Accurate Dark Legends Release Dates
  190. Pets behind the Vampires!
  191. Open Letter to STS about Dark Legends
  192. A New find
  193. Awesome...nuff said
  194. Can it be?
  195. Is D.L a Kindle fire exclusive or will it be released simultaneously on android
  196. DL comes out tomorrow
  197. DL Age Requirement
  198. Thur?
  199. guys look at what I found... I recommend looking at this
  200. Just found this on a website about Dark Legends
  201. Place your bets now before it is too late!
  202. Be safe if you're going clubbin this weekend
  203. Blood Pack Purchases Confirmed!
  204. Regarding energy
  205. Dark Legends Facebook Cover Updated
  206. Eclipse: The next chapter..
  207. Dark Legends Skill Tree Guide
  208. I feel like...
  209. Hate to say it....
  210. DL Age Check On Website
  211. inlog screen v0.0.2.0
  212. It must be soon...
  213. Guns
  214. Dark Legends Press links, all in one place!
  215. Dark Legends Teaser Video - The Thirst
  216. Feed and Blood Drain Video
  217. I call it, the dreaded truth
  218. PvP Maps First Look
  219. Question
  220. Dark Legends Teaser Video - Charging Up Powers
  221. New Skill and Charge
  222. Dark legends information
  223. Give it!
  224. Asking for help!
  225. Dark Legends for Google Play Tommorow!
  226. Ahh the calm before the storm....(release)
  227. DL Hype Causing Mental Illness?
  228. Started a new blog! Dark Legends!
  229. Vampire Nutrition
  230. Behold, all the secrets to DL. . .
  231. Seriously?
  232. STS has been quiet on the forum today...
  233. Thoughts on Stat-less Armor
  234. somethings id like to see from my PL&SL experience
  235. Dark Legends
  236. Update: Dark Legends launch being held back to April!
  237. DL Release!!!! Check the appstore now!!!
  238. Dl release in a few days!!!! Pics for proof!!!!!!!!
  239. April Fools!
  240. Kindle Fire Early Release Exclusive?!
  241. New Dark Legends contest?
  242. I found this interview!
  243. my favorite thing about dark legends
  244. Dark legends order of release announced!
  245. DL Forum Avatars
  246. Pocket legend maintenance... DL COMING??
  247. Unhappy with STS...
  248. I think I may of just found out iOS Dark Legends release infomation!
  249. I Got Some Hands-on with Dark Legends
  250. Vampire Songs