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  1. YAY!
  2. General pvp
  3. PvP Thoughts
  4. It was fun while it lasted. XD
  5. I keep killing mysef lol
  6. What Level?
  7. PvP gameplay!
  8. CTF is actually CTF!!!!
  9. CTF Question
  10. Just a question
  11. Pvp Tip Compilation:)
  12. Player vs Player, what levels can play with each other, now?!
  13. How do you stun in PVP?
  14. Chilango's Assassination Build(s)
  15. Wheres Pvp?
  16. Level range & pvp Q's
  17. PvP rewards?
  18. PvP Suggestion
  19. Yay! Vermin Swarm got nerfed...
  20. diversity?
  21. Defense or Health?
  22. What is this level 20+ killer combo?
  23. healing tree?
  24. Seriously loving CTF!
  25. Is plat gear contributing to longer queue times?
  26. Points to PvP
  27. Dev's PVP
  28. Can we 'pass the flag/ cube'?
  29. any advice for skills points?
  30. computer looking objects
  31. Team stacking and switching teams
  32. How to deal with players that drop out of matches?
  33. is there anyone out there?
  34. PvP rewards and more competitive game modes
  35. vitallity,assault and protection Hidden bonus gear
  36. Post your most dominating PVP performance!
  37. Assist the flag carrier!!!
  38. Morons and switches
  39. Do's and Dont's: Capture the Flag
  40. Feeding on zombies...
  41. Just looking for a bit more organized people to PvP with
  42. Anyone use curse?
  43. How do the leaderboards at the end of the match work?
  44. Best magic/power combo
  45. We should have attribute information
  46. PVP Rewards: Energy & Buffs
  47. CTF tournament
  48. New PvP Death Match, what are your thoughts?
  49. Any twinks out there?
  50. Super combo got nerfed.
  51. Dying as the king
  52. Have you Played the new King-of-the-Ring PvP Deathmatch?
  53. Can we get the option to tilt the camera in pvp?
  54. PvP Suggestion - If other team fully forfeits end the match!
  55. Pandamoni kills pandamoni
  56. Does no one like DM?
  57. Having the other team drop out is better than a win
  58. damage and attack questions
  59. What are your KD's?
  60. Frustration
  61. What is going on with CTF
  62. I'm beginning to get the feeling that I'm getting focus fired
  63. Stat Balance
  64. Is stacking really an argument in DM?
  65. Opt-in auto team
  66. Tips for lvl 7 pvper
  67. The real POLL! - What tournament you would like? Chose yourself! CTF or DM!
  68. This is teamwork! ;P
  69. I just had to do it :P
  70. PvP Videos
  71. Lvl 21 very soon :D
  72. need help in 10-15 pvp? I'll help!
  73. *Twinks*We Will Own You*
  74. tell me ur secret combos!
  75. Need Help On Adding Skill Points
  76. shadow gear is different than others?
  77. def, damage and dps questions. input will be much appreciated.
  78. Dare to Post your Full Lair Page
  79. Attack vs Passive Abilities
  80. Where are our pl pvp pro's??
  81. I want to pvp but omg still waiting
  82. Attack Type PVP?
  83. Add Shadow Dance?
  84. Don't make a twink while waiting for bug fixes, better play items, game tweaks, ect!
  85. Skill Tree?
  86. Top 5 dm pvp vampies
  87. leap,swarm AND shadow dance?
  88. PvP wait times
  89. Ultimate pwning build!
  90. Can we have a Ready button?!
  91. OMG, Snipers. They're everywhere!
  92. Wanted: Strategical Team
  93. CTF tournament hosted by Bloody COT
  94. 0h g0d n0!
  95. Suicide:
  96. Looking for good lvl 6-10 pvpers
  97. Thoughts on running
  98. Anyone have a pvp guild?
  99. whats ur guys ign :) ?
  100. Expensive PVP Elite Gear Concept
  101. Best Players of All Times(!)
  102. Rawriloveyou's PvP Build and Gear Selection Guide Thingyyy!!!!!
  103. what are you guys using for your build at 25/26?
  104. I Present "Punishment" A PvP video! :D
  105. plz help me burst fatal skill...
  106. invisibilty?!?!?!
  107. Best ctf team and best dm team... You build it here :-)
  108. I want to meet and play against some LEGIT PvP'ers. :)
  109. 1v1??
  110. Tragic people
  111. "PvP Video?"
  112. Major disturbance
  113. Players who run during pvp!
  114. Lvl brackets
  115. SO ANGRY WITH SOME CTF PLAYERS!!!!!! (But in a nice way)
  116. Who got the best stat to show off? :)
  117. Zombie dudes in CTF
  118. which of the following set ups would you pick?
  119. Inslavers pvp teams - guild wars!!!
  120. what's a good level for low level pvp?
  121. Amazing Match!
  122. Post Your Highest PVP Kills here :D
  123. the future of pvp?
  124. New cap! yay!
  125. Maps
  126. Problems with the new effect for Serrated Wing Axes
  127. The pvpers of DL
  128. Fatal Burst
  129. PVP Help Please!!
  130. double XP for whole week
  131. The angers of PvP in DL
  132. stat decrease in pvp
  133. Best ctf & dm pvper's... You build it here 2.0
  134. No clue which game this is from but..
  135. Tips in CTF
  136. 2v2 competition? :D
  137. Want to share builds with ppl? Share here :D
  138. The CTF Arena: What You Should Know
  139. Stealed Kills in CTF. What?
  140. Runners in CTF. Huh?
  141. 2v2 battle success!
  142. spawn kill
  143. Defense 101
  144. Bloodbath!!
  145. Relic Axe Effect Sucks For Ctf/Dm players
  146. guild masters only!!
  147. POST HERE ---> About What The Longest Ctf or Dm game U Played Before
  148. Blood children is lookin for ppl to lead pvp teams
  149. I'm Not A Pro But Here What I Use For Relic Axe !!
  150. Can Anyone Tell Me Why I Suck In CTF AND DM ;(
  151. Relentless Use of Windows
  152. Death Match: The Basics
  153. goals
  154. Stop KS Gettin ANNOYING !!
  155. Angels Of The Apocalypse - Recruiting CTF Squad Players
  156. DL Twinks
  157. New plat weapons and gems
  158. PvP matchmaking
  159. My DL PVP Story tbc..
  160. I'm getting slaughtered in PvP!!! Help please!
  161. Are the gates removed yet
  162. 666
  163. drop list and better build
  164. Best cappers of all time
  165. Active PvP lvls?
  166. Want to be better at ctf?? Learn from Not a pro but still good at ctf ;)
  167. DoA PvP Tournament
  168. Apocalypse PvP Tournament structure and guidelines
  169. Be a Team Player aka There is No "I " in TEAM
  170. apocalypse pvp tourney registration
  171. True king of the ring player vs player death match tournament!
  172. Stop Team Stacking
  173. Can attributes be changed? And other questions.
  174. Level 20 PvP
  175. Brimstone and Ghoststrike
  176. Pro PVP guide
  177. New 36 cap PvP in relation to 21 cap PvP...
  178. Getting a few less deaths :)
  179. Spawn kill. Am i correct?
  180. help learnin combo
  181. High PvP Kills
  182. Level 3 PvP, who's interested?
  183. DL PvP CTF Tournament
  184. y do people dc when u about to kill them
  185. Is this a common guild rule ?
  186. pvp death match pics
  187. LvL 25 Twink Respec and/or Strategy Help :(
  188. hunter
  189. Lvl 21-23 pvp
  190. PvP Combos
  191. hi all:) pvp feedback...
  192. need pvp team!!
  193. Pvp Help
  194. New to DL. Use to pvp in PL. Questions-please help
  195. Fatal Burst + Brim way overpowered / Cheap?
  196. FB + Brim combo over powered and cheap?
  197. best lvl11 combo?
  198. Team Speak Guild?
  199. Want to get stronger
  200. My pvp experience
  201. Detailed Analysis of Platinum Weapons( for low levels)
  202. Death Match Leaderboards?
  203. CTF kills
  204. Annoying teammate in ctf!
  205. best passive and gems and weapons and spells for pvp to have at level 31
  206. Which Build is BETTER! for (Lv36)
  207. Best. Pvp. Ever.
  208. i dont even play dl but i wanna know some stuff about it
  209. Endgame Pvping
  210. ghost strike combo?
  211. Hopefully a good Build
  212. Best twink level?
  213. What Should my build be?...(P.s got tired of brim lol)
  214. 10 things that Pvpers might find annoying?
  215. 5 things PvPers might find annoying?!
  216. Who are people you mostly see in PVP battles?
  217. best lvl 36 weapons
  218. A weapon i want but don't know how to get >.>
  219. Which is better?
  220. Best Build For 36
  221. I need help with a Build for Ctf and DM :P
  222. Level 33 pvp master
  223. Icy Talons (Lv36)
  224. Brim vs Leap question
  225. Ghoststrike or shadow dance
  226. Ghoststrike faster movement
  227. Stealth flag skill...@_@
  228. PVP Build help
  229. Ultimate DL PvP Tournament!
  230. Best build for lvl 20?
  231. Just wanna know.....
  232. Finding lvl 36 hard to play pm me for advice
  233. i want to start pvp at lvl 36
  234. Pvp skills and powers
  235. idea
  236. PvP CTF Guide: How to Play and Code of Conduct
  237. PvP Guide: Builds
  238. PvP Builds ( Level : 20 -26 )
  239. How to kite/run in pvp from fire or non fire user.
  240. Fire Aura+Leap?!
  241. 5 Annoying things that can happen in CTF
  242. Gs build
  243. What items
  244. Please read it :>
  245. Lvl36 fire build
  246. Hybrid 36 build
  247. Question About New Level 41 Gems
  248. Powers Buffs and Nerfs
  249. Kite
  250. beware of silentkarma