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  1. To Have Your Guide Moved to This Section...
  2. Dark Legends Legendary Weapons - Stats, Pictures!
  3. Ghostly tips for DL--->By Octavos
  4. Best experience for the energy spent.
  5. Log Your Execution Achievements!
  6. Guide to energy usage and leveling
  7. Dark Legends- A Collection of Guides, Indexes, General Information, & Helpful tips
  8. DL Pinks Table
  9. Analysis of Health Regen
  10. Money Making Guide
  11. Mission Experience Data - A Guide
  12. Guide: Farming kill/gold/execution achievements
  13. Deciphering Stats and Skills in Dark Legends
  14. All LvL21 Droppable Pink Gems Locations & Stats
  15. Allies Experience & Gold Breakdown - A Guide
  16. Dr. Kriegberg Strategies
  17. All the new vanities
  18. Lvl30/31 Pinks and Relics Guide
  19. Scammer Alert - Look Fors
  20. DL Side Mission Guide
  21. Item Packs weapons stats
  22. Updated drops and executions list, searchable
  23. Cute lil gold guide
  24. Critical Hits Guide:
  25. Powers Guide
  26. How To Avoid Being Cheated When Buying Or Selling Items