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  1. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - Actions and Energy Mechanic
  2. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - First Five Minutes of Gameplay
  3. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - Items
  4. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - Missions
  5. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - Vampire Powers
  6. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - Player vs. Player
  7. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - Combat
  8. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - User Interface
  9. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - Outfits and Costumes
  10. My thoughts about purchasing xp
  11. My First Hour
  12. My thoughts about energy and platinum pricing
  13. Awful, so disappointed.
  14. My personal Dark Legends feedback
  15. Dark Legends Game Play!
  16. My thoughts on energy
  17. PL+DL
  18. Amabassadors for DL?
  19. Escape key should close active window
  20. Vampire District feedback
  21. My recombination ☺
  22. The Option to Change Skin Tone
  23. better way to identify stash, bloodpacks, and cs
  24. I think the curse filter should be put back in
  25. My view on Dark legends
  26. a differnet name?
  27. DL Feedback
  28. Things id think would be good at DL
  29. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - Achievements
  30. Joining friends in levels and buffs wearing off in club sanctuary.
  31. I <3 the drop percentages...
  32. Snapping necks anyone?
  33. Has anyone else experienced this while playing
  34. I think the game favors kids over adults
  35. Keys in Chrome - keys for turning around moved to an awkward place
  36. One possible solution to the Energy dispute.
  37. Charge speed
  38. Blood packs!
  39. Energy is not the issue.
  40. XP: 'Quests' vs Dungeons
  41. Suggestion: Official how do you feel about the price of platinum, thread.
  42. suggestion for energy usage
  43. High cost of DL means i am just visiting the game
  44. Crafting idea, when implemented
  45. Buffs wasted in Sanctuary...
  46. Suggestions to make Club sanctuary funner!
  47. Official Dark Legends Feedback Thread - Energy Mechanic (increased drop rates coming)
  48. A lack of friendship.
  49. How Can DL Be Better?
  50. kind of a late suggestion
  51. Suggestions for Everything
  52. 9 hours to wait?
  53. Enemy counter
  54. Exp for PVP!
  55. Random quest rewards, if you can call them that.
  56. Suggestion: Customizable UI
  57. Regarding Timed Buffs
  58. new hang out qnd class vanities for guilds.
  59. Suggestion: V:tM Class-like System
  60. Suggestion: More Titles
  61. Energy and farming items
  62. Suggestion: Guild vs Guild PvP w/Achievements!
  63. Possible in game recording?
  64. execution achievements
  65. Abilities and Organized PVP
  66. Buffs
  67. Suggestion: Vanities for our weapons?
  68. New clothes shades!
  69. Livemaus professional opinion
  70. Premium characters
  71. My Suggestion!
  72. New idea
  73. 5 skills...
  74. DL: The good, bad and the ugly
  75. ability to view kills, pics of char, etc. from website
  76. My overall thoughts on the game.
  77. Idea for future updates
  78. on Chrome - change to B for blood packs
  79. on Chrome - some clue that you can scroll down
  80. An Idea for Locked Games
  81. Elite cap vanities
  82. Character Slots..
  83. Wolf character
  84. An alternative use for energy
  85. Chrome (New Functions)
  86. Vermin Swarm and PvP
  87. Stats Please
  88. Timing out.
  89. New idea for DL: Hotel Carivina
  90. Will the featured vanities be changed soon?
  91. Suggestion: DL Adjustment to UI Phone/Chrome
  92. Suggestions on blood and dungeons.
  93. My 3 beefs so far with DL...
  94. Vanity for level Cap characters?
  95. Suggestion - Have subway take you to a map, not a mission
  96. Allow the ability to rebind keys on PC VERSION PLEASE!
  97. My opinions on Dark Legends
  98. [Bug] Premium account after level 10
  99. Please Fix Starter Set Gem Damage Bonus.
  100. Taunt Suggestion.
  101. Suggestions for Dark Legends pets
  102. Winning CTF gives 3 Energy to each team member.
  103. I accidentally use all my blood packs when fighting :-(
  104. Why can't I rotate my view in DL?
  105. My biggest issue with DL / My suggestions.
  106. Friends' Page
  107. Please allow taking apart the plat outfits to mix and match pieces
  108. New Game Mode (Single Player Time Attack) with rewards
  109. Reset character option
  110. power lock
  111. Bring back BloodPack for trading
  112. Suggestion: Chat Tabs
  113. Suggestion on fountai relocation
  114. Suggestion: a bundle of ideas for future updates
  115. NPC Followers
  116. DL controls
  117. Suggestion: UI Re-Size/Manageability Android/Chrome
  118. Are Featured Outfits gone for good?
  119. Stashable vanities
  120. Suggestion: Stash Premium weapon and Gems
  121. Suggestion: Duelling System (1v1 System)
  122. Suggestion: Add health meter to map screen
  123. Feeding is existing lets make it even better!
  124. When DL Come to APP Store??
  125. Hair Colors
  126. Suggestion: Move Dead Sexy to Wardrobe
  127. Suggestion: Hunting For Player Lairs!
  128. Make vanity items stashable!
  129. Suggestion: EXP Banker
  130. Need an option to disable all [Buy!] buttons
  131. So how about that wombo combo? Oh, and Blood costs are ridiculous.
  132. Suggestion: GAME MODE (PVP Arena To The Death)
  133. better gameplay(notebook player)
  134. Add Keyboard keys for screen pitch.
  135. Target system needed
  136. Dark Legends suggestion - Add Auto Attack back!
  137. Suggestion for Item Packs
  138. DL is too dark on phone
  139. Bring back hide hat please
  140. Suggestion - Disable Guild invite notificatoin
  141. add option to disable guild notifications
  142. Allow us to set our own keys.
  143. Getting More Energy
  144. Add stuff to guild halls..
  145. Can Camera Distance Locked?
  146. Suggestion: Blood packs
  147. Bearing Fangs
  148. DL Suggestions?
  149. Leaving the Level Glyph - cancels harmful buffs
  150. *Tag* pvp mode
  151. Suggestion: Completed Quest (Button)
  152. Pink Upgrading
  153. Server time
  154. Exit application ...
  155. Do we need this in the Future ?
  156. What's next level?
  157. Feedback: Legendary (pink) Items not dropping...
  158. Quest completion
  159. Lairs and raiding
  160. Dark Legends Suggestion to Weapon Upgrade?
  161. Sanctuary Bar, Elixer mechanic for DL
  162. Breakables in Guild Hall
  163. how to benefit Guild Halls!
  164. Guild ranks Feedback
  165. With the lower timers, I believe the energy costs need to go be lowered, too
  166. Disconnecting and losing energy
  167. Looted buffs
  168. Inspect page(for 2 plat) like in Sl or Pl?
  169. My opinions about Dark Legends.
  170. Other paying methods.....
  171. Please allow a way to disable the "Joined the Guild" notifications
  172. Change Lock Screen to Lock X/ Lock Y
  173. Healing tree please!
  174. DL on IOS Feedback and suggestions
  175. Free plat associated with Tapjoy?
  176. New Vanity suggestion
  177. Notification for Full Energy.
  178. Notification when item sold on Auction House.
  179. lvl cup vanity or extra skill point? plz ;)
  180. increase death match total wins from 25 to 100 possibly 50 ....
  181. Selling energy
  182. I have a obvious suggestion that I'm sure has already been made!
  183. Leaving pvp
  184. Shortkeys
  185. Loadouts
  186. Replay Level button?
  187. More customization! Different races and skin tones!!!
  188. Please implement a PvP lobby button!
  189. If cutaways / actions were given by NPCs
  190. Fix the in game platinum promos where you buy merchandise for plat
  191. Lowering prices suggestions
  192. Achievements
  193. When I join a multiplayer mission, I don't want to join one that is ending.
  194. Can I get critter counts and easter egg counts in mission?
  195. Need a private pvp map host feature
  196. Make vanity items "weightless"
  197. friends names show up green
  198. pvp wagers
  199. Guildhall Perk
  200. Late's Vanity Ideas
  201. energy meter suggestion
  202. Poll: Allow premium characters after level 10!!
  203. Move sell button
  204. Suggestion: Allow over fill of energy meter
  205. dual wield
  206. 2nd Chance Starter Bundle
  207. Level Caps
  208. Mailbox & New Chat Screen
  209. showing where your guild members are
  210. Bring back 'featured' button in store?
  211. 500 Plat Pack ''On sale''
  212. suggestion
  213. Make the DL boss spawn after some % of kills
  214. Lower the price for new characters
  215. Turn off auto leveling in tutorial
  216. Pvp "in combat" symbol
  217. Plz bring the 2k plat option to DL
  218. Plz adjust female vampire stance w/ 2h weapon
  219. change "kills" to "slays"
  220. Multi liquidation
  221. Suggestion: Display additional PvP statistics
  222. Add Calendar for daily prize
  223. More control over ability targeting.
  224. Suggestion : see chat when in map
  225. Why did it change??
  226. Suggestion: Method of payment for Platinums
  227. Can we get different vampire skins? Death doesn't cause alabaster skin.
  228. Exclusive Vanities for Super Rare Titles??!!!
  229. Pinks for Plats
  230. Humans for Pets
  231. Mystic Robes - split the the hood/facemask apart from the body clothing.
  232. Suggestion: Add HQ to PVP Maps
  233. half price store sale! booo!
  234. Daily Deal price should also be reflected in the Store
  235. Make platinum items tradable (?!?)
  236. Vanity reselling
  237. Suicides
  238. Good game, yet not quite finished
  239. Free Platinum Help
  240. Level cap.
  241. New Vanity Bug!
  242. Chat system improvements?
  243. Please remove your energy system
  244. General Comments, Observation and Wish List
  245. Can't play good cause of LAG
  246. Suggestion: Option to Save Wep/Gem Builds
  247. Abraham Lincoln Items?:D
  248. DL.. xbox live
  249. Auction house/consignment shop woes
  250. why boys got no wings on cyber set :(