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  1. Dark Legends for Android users without Google Play
  2. Samsung Galaxy S not compatible?
  3. DL, Chrome, and You!
  4. DarkLegends.apk now available.
  5. Please help on this?!?
  6. Got stuck in tutorial
  7. Please help me...
  8. Shortkeys for Dark Legends Chrome
  9. Wont let me download :(
  10. PLAT
  11. camera distance resets
  12. Sound cutout
  13. Power points
  14. Not Receiving Reward for Re-Completing Area
  15. Energy Timer Issue
  16. auto mute not working
  17. Can't download the game on chrome
  18. Continuous crashing
  19. Bringing me to PL?
  20. Free Plat not working?
  21. cant click special attacks keeps taken me to download SL
  22. ability and sound issues
  23. Trade Bug
  24. DL Friends List Scroll
  25. sound issues Xperia play
  26. cant download...
  27. Scroll for Inventory?
  28. So what's up with not buying plat if you are from tx?
  29. Link overlayed on the bottom part of screen..
  30. Hendriksen Bug
  31. Aculeas's guide to reporting bugs!
  32. powers issue
  33. Chrome Web Store links.
  34. Keyboard cuts out.
  35. items falling through walls
  36. power points keep resetting
  37. Known issue - respecing powers inside a 3D mission causing them to reset
  38. 2 issues :p---->I had a rename issue and premium toon issue
  39. Power points after a mission....
  40. clipping issue-The Outskirts-The Underground
  41. DL Chrome Not Working? (Here's a solution)
  42. Small Tutorial Bug (Chrome)
  43. Adds Preventing Quest Comepletion
  44. CTF bugs I have noticed
  45. One Bug Maybe?
  46. Spamming "Q"
  47. Xp Bug
  48. Elixer Bug (Big IMO)
  49. Control bug with google chrome
  50. Teleport to beginning
  51. its appreveiw:azichea is my in game name
  52. How to play Dark Legends on the chrome browser
  53. Push notifications
  54. Problems buying Plat with google/paypal
  55. Bug in chrome (weapon+drain)
  56. Arkuz' Typo
  57. Energy Timer Bug
  58. Big issue!
  59. issue with power still...
  60. Dark Legends on Kindle Fire??
  61. Stuck in Club Zombie Tutorial
  62. Zombie Bug
  63. Elixir Bug
  64. map barriers a little off in the outskirts levels.
  65. Re-doing skill points & un-leveling
  66. Glyph Bug
  67. Stats Bug
  68. Servers up but cant connect???
  69. Not leveling up on 100% XP
  70. Hoarder achievement bug
  71. PvP/CtF Bug - FCs
  72. Problem connecting to server
  73. any ideas?
  74. No scroll for stash
  75. Sound bugs
  76. [Video] walk outside a level in a multiplayer mission
  77. Captain Rowner (mini-boss) glitch
  78. Hellppppp me please
  79. Important Bugs Need Fixing ASAP
  80. Predator achievement not working.
  81. Gamepad support in android
  82. Bonus Exp Awards
  83. CtF Team Chat Bug
  84. Full inventory redirects to vanity
  85. items still drop outside of map
  86. Issue with options
  87. Impossible to get all achuevements if u didnt buy premium character at start
  88. Elixir not counting down
  89. Powers achievement bug
  90. stuns in pvp last tolong
  91. Help! stuck in tutorial!
  92. Unable to enter PvP
  93. buttons to use skills not responding
  94. Game crashes Samsung galaxy 2
  95. energy counter reset on usage, bug?
  96. my chrome app not workin on desktop windows
  97. CTF Bug-Double and Triple Kills
  98. Plat Issues
  99. What do you do?
  100. ctf bug, map start without proper teams
  101. Exp bug. 373/373 then jumped back to 300/373...
  102. downloading the android001.pak
  103. Power Points
  104. [CHROME] Icon for Shadow Dance changes to gold coins.
  105. My review of the game
  106. Inventory Item Amount Bug
  107. Screen Timeout Bug
  108. Gold icon glitch
  109. [BUG] Crash to homescreen
  110. Is anyone having problems with their password?
  111. No sound at all....(chrome)
  112. No warning when entering PvP with a full inventory
  113. BUG?
  114. Bug Power skills
  115. Bug - 3 players NOT required to start a PvP match...
  116. Bug - Killing yourself/teammates in PvP counts as "kills" on leaderboard...
  117. Minimap
  118. Strange bug: Server disconnect after fighting stage and connection force reset
  119. "Muted" for nothing.
  120. Amount of friends online. Chrome.
  121. Not sure which one is bug...
  122. Servers are up, but cannot log in
  123. Cant connect
  124. experience bar bug
  125. Bug with energy
  126. ctf font bug or change?
  127. Bug: Daily Deal Mystic Robe makes character "naked" when worn
  128. Stash
  129. Plat Sword Pink But No Fire and Brand Name?
  130. Infinite Zombies...in tutorial
  131. Hoarder achievement bug.
  132. blood fountain map tear
  133. Loading bug from last nights update.
  134. Samsung i500, Galaxy S, Bug/Sound glitch
  135. I didn't get the plat I bought =\
  136. auction and chat issues tonight
  137. Few bugs
  138. err...bug?
  139. Bug and a issue.
  140. Friends List Unorganized
  141. Game joining bug??
  142. Word spelled wrong
  143. 2 deaths in one sequence
  144. My name dont "stick" and im level 11
  145. Half screen problem when I try to play the game on my computer
  146. ASWD moving around problem
  147. Drops out of map
  148. still curious about armv6
  149. new phone!
  150. Plat prob
  151. Camera view always change to default
  152. Game play issues
  153. Possible Feeding Bug
  154. Push notifications still enabled after being disabled
  155. Guild leaving bug
  156. Sound issues with Dark Legends
  157. wall blocking view of guild hall
  158. Dungeon Name Discrepancies
  159. Ability icons don't appear
  160. Guild icons don't show
  161. [Bug] Lose some sounds after completing mission
  162. [ChromeOS] [R20] Loading into Black Screen
  163. [BUG] Loot drop bug still affecting players.
  164. Freezes, FCs & DCs After Patch
  165. % of getting firebrand weapon in itempack?
  166. Joining games late
  167. Login Methods Not Linked
  168. Game Crashing Losing Power Points
  169. no offers at all in "new offers"
  170. [BUG] graphical clipping
  171. Skills bug
  172. HELP needed..
  173. DM stats dosen't show
  174. Invert mouse??
  175. (bug?) Warlock attacks never miss
  176. What does Q button do?
  177. Cant see bottom or top of game
  178. Tired waiting to load the game everytime.
  179. PINK Loot clickable area in Missions is Off
  180. [Android]Unrespinsive Controls
  181. Description not matching title
  182. My two iOS issues.
  183. Dark Legends doesnt work on my ipod touch :(
  184. im lost
  185. Black bar
  186. hi, just wanna ask
  187. DPS stat in INVENTORY but not in Auction
  188. Found a Join Dungeon Name not Matching Map Dungeon Name
  189. issue with new energy/mission notification
  190. Skill icons have become too big on Chrome
  191. The congregation timer doesn't work when you shadow dance into the ring
  192. Disconnections = lose real life cash
  193. Virtual joystick on iPad
  194. Too Much ping and lag on Google Chrome
  195. Stuck!
  196. Wheres my Sock!
  197. Touchscreen events not registering.
  198. PC version
  199. Game instance forks and game joining is broken
  200. Ghost appeared in CTF
  201. feed feature doesn't always work
  202. FREE Platinum Offers
  203. Featured Offers
  204. Epic Starter Bundle: Issue!!!
  205. No new news-----> *Chrome issue*
  206. double kill bug
  207. Dead players pick up hearts
  208. Cultist with personality disorder?
  209. No item-reward for playing a 3D mission??
  210. Bug heartbeat
  211. Old Quarters Fanged Face-off
  212. XP went down?
  213. Placing items not showing
  214. Forced to leave after boss is killed--->Chome
  215. Avoiding Lag
  216. 3-3 tie?
  217. Skills not firing when close to death but the skill's animation shows?
  218. Minor Store Bug
  219. Shadow Dance brings me to the beginning of the map
  220. Bugs on iOS version
  221. K/d glitch.
  222. Not Gaining XP
  223. BUG: "Randomly receive 2 gems and 1 weapon" that's not what I got...
  224. Store Bug
  225. Eliptic moon gem 19 tries?
  226. New Video Offers
  227. An Elliptical Bug :p
  228. Can't accept free offers for iso
  229. Bypass exiting time bug
  230. experience points
  231. Glitch When Drinking Blood?
  232. still no notifications on iOS version...
  233. Website issues: profile/error message
  234. Cannot connect over 3g
  235. Req: level 1 - recieved: level 3 wep?
  236. Cant do missions
  237. stash box not showing
  238. Not recieving plat from free offers
  239. Lag spikes at zone change
  240. Gem bug?
  241. weapon not stashable, bug or not?
  242. New CTF bug
  243. game crashed.
  244. Electric Headsman procs ice in PvE but not in PvP.
  245. eclipse pack glitch....
  246. Misleading description for Dark Binding
  247. Patch Issues: Missing Items
  248. moon gem missing?
  249. new update
  250. Updated Client 5/23 Still PVP bug exists