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  1. Eternal Guild Contest
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  3. hardest contest ever
  4. three things contest
  5. new guild
  6. Guessing Contest
  7. The name of this book is secret... Find out what it is
  8. Exiled Angels Contest
  9. my motto contest!!
  10. Quick!!
  11. clothing contest
  12. clothing contest
  13. BTW means contest !!!
  14. CTF tournament hosted by Bloody COT is now LIVE
  15. Design My Sig - Rinzler Edition! For free plat!
  16. <Gods> Signiture Contest
  17. Best shot ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Clothing Contest
  19. 2012 Twitter Contests
  20. AoC Haiku Contest!
  21. Vote For Clothing Contest!!!
  22. contest pvp
  23. Schools Out: 100k Giveaway
  24. Guild Name contest.
  25. come up with a name!
  26. contest
  27. Guild battles
  28. Creative TShirt Contest! (Winners picked!)
  29. Kriegberg Boss Challenge!!
  30. My Youtube Channel Contest!
  31. Im richer than you contest.
  32. Character Art Contest w/quote! (Congratulations Winners!)
  34. DL's First Tournament: Level Three Sign-up
  35. My Pic
  36. AoC Contest Event: End the journey!
  37. Free Vanities Contest
  38. Fashion Contest TOMORROW!!!
  39. AoC Double Trouble Challenge.
  40. The Double Trouble Event! We need your vote!
  41. 100k contest :)
  42. AoC Horror Movie Contest!
  43. Angels of the Apocalypse - Survival Challenge
  44. AoC Horror Movie Contest! VOTING!
  45. Dark Legends Halloween Costume Contest!
  46. A Godlike Challenge
  47. 2012 Halloween Costume Contest! VOTING! DL
  48. Dark Legends Contest: Best Couple in Carvina
  49. Dark Legends Quick Dress Event!
  50. Salad Fingers Contest >:D
  51. Ultimate Binder Challenge
  52. Salad Fingers Contest WINNERS!!
  53. 150K Assassins of Today Competition
  54. Nominate your guild master to win!!
  55. Angel Of The Apocalypse - Guide Battles
  56. Spin to WIN - an AOTA contest
  57. The Royal Rumble !!!!!
  58. Be My Blood Valentine!
  59. BST in-game names..!!(free DL vanity contest!!)
  60. Sandthia
  61. pvp punch contest
  62. DARK MANIC MASK RAFFLE! 100k giveaway!
  63. 12k give away
  64. getting bored lets get a pvp contest going or something
  65. DL PvP CTF Tournament
  66. DL Crazy PvP Tournament
  67. Make me a sig 50k
  68. Lets have a friendly wager
  69. Druidic Mix & Match Fashion Contest!!
  70. VOTING! Druidic Mix & Match Fashion Contest!!
  71. Spooky Greetings Card Contest!
  72. Mixed vanity
  73. plTinum
  74. New Awesome PvP Tournament
  75. Dark Legends Mr. & Mrs. Bloody Claus Contest!
  76. Ctf for level 15 !!!
  77. Mr. and Mrs. Bloody Claus Contest Community Voting Thread!
  78. Winners Announced for the Mr. and Mrs. Bloody Claus Contest!
  79. Blue Druidic Set Giveaway
  80. best signature contest
  81. Can someone give me a dark manic and gamer top
  82. Free Gamer Top Giveaway
  83. make me a sig
  84. best sig
  86. Gamer Legging+ Giveaway Contest!
  87. o.o
  88. Dark Manic Mask Giveaway Contest!
  89. Best Welcome for Doom Contest
  90. The Biggest Give Away Event [by Asafiokab]
  91. black bandana contest
  92. Spacetime Studios' Comic Book Spectacular!
  93. The Apocalypse Guild hosts EPIC DM PVP TOURNEY WITH A 10 million gold REWARD
  94. 'Lost Prophets' Contest and Event Schedule!
  95. One Skill Challenge - AK 47 Section 13 Challenge
  96. monthly Contest DL
  97. The Legendary Trailer of Epic Proportions Contest!!!!!
  98. Satans Cheerleaders vs. PVE Leaderboards Kill Contest
  99. Fashion competition
  100. ^,..,^
  101. Ultimate DL PvP Tournament!
  102. Battle Of The Genders: CTF!
  103. The "A Night to Undie For" Costume Raffle!!!!
  104. Simple Contest (Kinda, more like a giveaway maybe) I don't know lol
  105. The 1st annual low level pvp bash
  106. A Jolly Undead Holiday Song Contest!!!
  107. Christmas Contest giveaway
  108. 100k for a selfie
  109. DL Player Run Events!
  110. No Christmas Giveaway This Year From Exol :(
  111. Ring in the New Year with Spacetime - A Raffle for All Legends Gamers
  112. The Winners of the "Jolly Undead Holiday Song Contest"!
  113. Our New Year Raffle Winners!
  114. Satans Cheerleaders Deadliest Duo Contest
  115. Your Story, Your Legend, Your Hero, an STS Legacy Games Contest
  116. Dark legends pvp tournament 33-36
  117. Dark legends tri legend
  118. Dark Legends Birthday Raffle!
  119. The May Dark Legends Spot-the-Mod Raffle!
  120. Dark Legends Birthday Raffle | Winners!
  121. Dark legend give away
  122. Contest
  123. Toughest contest ever!!!!!
  124. Love forŁv€r pvp championship
  125. The Black Market guild contest info!(HOST)[Goldguy]
  126. Covered in blood August PvP knockout
  127. 1m events and 100k events all are welcome to participate
  128. my Death rakes + 5m gold for arc saber
  129. PvP Tournament
  130. Pvp Tournament lvl 51
  131. Happy Belated BIRTHDAY Dark Legends!
  132. Paying players to honor pvp
  133. Loving the idea of St Patrick's Day Individual Leaderboard Event!!
  134. Dark Legends Birthday 🎂 Celebration kicks off... starting Sunday,11th April 2021
  135. Great News for all fans of Vampires!SPREAD the word about the competition..💗
  136. 🌈 Who WOULDNÂ’T feel amazing strutting down the street in @rainbow styled look?! 🔥
  137. Let the Halloween Costume shopping BEGIN Dear Moderators! ..🎃
  138. What better way to celebrate a great year (2021) of Dark Legends?