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10-14-2010, 08:39 AM

I'm fairly new to PL been playing about a month all together.

wanted to raise a few points / questions

1. From reading other threads, aggro (threat) seems to be damage based period? Taunt helps somewhat, but has a cooldown. Is this true? or is it more complicated than this?

I ask because I seem to have a hard time holding boss aggro, and I spam taunt and my damage dealing specials constantly.

2. I wanted to toss this idea out to see what people thought about this scenario.

I play on my iPhone and at times have troubles targeting bosses (think Mynas when you have 20 shadows surrounding him) I would like to see some targeting macros and "lock target" functions added so you don't accidentally lose target of the boss

The other night I was tanking Mynas and when I would spam my specials, I would target a mob that was underneath the screen of my special. (losing Mynas, he would then target someone else, they would die...you get the picture)

Anyone else have this problem? Have any solutions ?

10-14-2010, 08:44 AM
About the only thing you can do is rely on your team not being too quick to damage. Tank runs into the room (or pulls out), immideatly debuffs x2, then taunt, then becon him to you. Toss a few stuns. debuff again, have a mage come in and weakness. Then the group start unleashing on the boss. You could also try to kick him into a corner to get some "alone time" with the boss for a bit.

I only lose aggro when the group goes insane with damage as we pull the boss, and with the debuffs avalible thats not too much of a problem after the first 10 seconds of the fight.

If the mage wants to live longer than 5 seconds into a boss fight, instruct them to wait until you have aggro, and lead with weakness and a heal.. then damage.

10-14-2010, 10:53 AM
I can usually get in weakness, nightmare, lightning and ice then heal. If I go in first, I try to run off past tank. A good tank will pull (beckon) whatever's chasing me. Then I just have to stay away a bit (maybe require running around) or put up a shield or damage faster. For boss, of course, one waits for the tank to go in first.

I am now starting to see level 49 and 50 STR bears hiding behind mages, waiting for the mage to go in first... The mages look at each other here and wonder what's going on with the chicken bear, who usually then yells a lot at the mages when he finds himself squishy and the mages are dead from the sniper...

10-14-2010, 11:44 AM
A group's like a box of chocolates.... I play both a tank and a Mage. I've played with mages that never throw a freaking heal and have been "yelled" at for beckoning a D'Jinn off them (they were "handling" it. Yeah, okay Little Miss/Mister Level 36. I'll remember that.). And I've played with tanks that are addicted to Stomp and seem to have a positive talent for shoving snipers or aliens with blasters right next to me. They're also the ones who yell "hurry!" the loudest as they lay like a lump waiting for a rez. Yeah, I got your "hurry" right here.... The only answer, I suppose, is to play with a core group so you learn one another's style and can anticipate what members want or need.